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Strength in Numbers - World Cup Segment

Get the full film and support the filmmakers: http://goo.gl/53Kes or visit http://anthillfilms.com/strengthinnumbers/buy.

"Broken Side of Time" Alberta Cross: http://goo.gl/bzAbT

Fort William, Scotland is host to the best and most attended event on the Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill circuit. Home to what some say is the toughest track on the circuit, Fort William is the perfect venue to experience the elite members of the mountain bike community in their element. These athletes train the hardest, drive technology forward and act as ambassadors for the sport as they travel the world to compete.

Strength in Numbers is a new community film project from Anthill Films and Red Bull Media House. Presented by Shimano and Trek, Strength in Numbers is being made available for all mountain bikers to experience through free online streaming of individual segments. The vision is to create the potential for every mountain biker in the world to see and share the film. To see the full film uninterrupted, get exclusive extra features and support the filmmakers, order your copy now at http://anthillfilms.com/strengthinnumbers/buy.
Credit: AntHIll Films / Red Bull