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Si Parsons in Sunny Spain 2

From rocky to loamy to dusty - Si Parsons takes advantage of a beautiful sunny day in Spain to shred the bike machine. Good tunes and great filming!

From EpicTV,

Si Parsons is about to show you a world of sunny winter mountain bike riding you'll be more jealous of... than a jealous thing.

When the days get shorter, colder and wetter in the UK, many mountain bikers crave to smash out sunny laps on their bikes, just like they did over the summer, and now thanks to www.roostdh.com they can do this.

Always wanted to ride a massive variety of MTB tracks in the winter - but in the sun? Ever wanted to finish off a downhill run on the beach? Get in touch with the RoostDH boys out in Malaga, Spain. Here Si Parsons gives you an idea of what you've got at your disposal..

Director: Gee Milner
Producer: Gee Milner
Athletes: Si Parsons

Si Parsons Rides EVERY TERRAIN in Sunny Spain | To the Point, Ep. 5

Credit: EpicTV