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Life Behind Bars : Bearclaw Invitational and Shifter Kart Racing

He has a rough life. So brutal. Shred bikes and then go ride shifter karts. Psssshhh.

Brandon is looking to stay undefeated on the year at the Bearclaw Invitational, a slopestyle event at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. After a solid first run, he looks to keep his winning streak alive. After competing in six contests in a seven-week span, Brandon finally gets some time off his bike, and decides to take his Shifter Kart for a spin.

Previous episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQUqGKEc9xk
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Song List:

The Doughboys - "Break Out" 0:00 -- 0:13 http://goo.gl/SHZqG
The Doughboys -- "Sidetracked Again" 0:46 -- 1:43 http://goo.gl/5nxRa
The Doughboys -- "Twelve Bars and I Still Have The Blues" 1:52 -- 2:40 http://goo.gl/SQYbR
Tom Caruana -- "Falling In Love" 3:46 -- 3:49
Slowride -- "Ten Dashes" 6:38 -- 6:40 http://goo.gl/exRJ5
H1 -- "Backwash" 7:32 -- 7:38
Silver Bullets Music -- "Primal Rockabilly" 8:27 -- 8:34
Slowride -- "Smoke Cigarettes" 10:25 -- 10:42 http://goo.gl/2W4Jw
Credit: RedBull