Jill Kintner - This Is Home 2

Jill Kintner hauls some serious freight on her home trails as she shows us what makes her tick. Bryn Atkinson, also a professional mountain biker and her main training partner, the art she creates that puts her mind at ease, and the local riding community make this place home.

Check out the complete photo feature and story thanks to Shimano.

Credit: Harrison Mendel // David Peacock // Shimano
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  • bturman

    8/12/2017 2:42 PM

    Yeah Jill! We'll be rooting for you at Crankworx.

  • Kramz

    8/11/2017 9:10 PM

    I remember there was 1 girl ever at the local MTB hill as a kid, and it was like OMFGWTFBBQ. Probably kind of like how army men feel. This is home segments are the best.