Heikki Hall US Open crash 7

Leatt Brace : 1 Neck Injury: 0

Credit: Lucent Productions
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  • Pip3r

    6/5/2010 7:44 AM

    Hank the Taaaank. Glad your allright

  • tmx

    6/4/2010 10:40 AM

    whoa heikks, on the strength.

  • ThePriceSeliger

    6/4/2010 9:38 AM


  • Acadian

    6/4/2010 9:13 AM

    wow...glad he walked way from that one.

  • kidwithbike

    6/4/2010 8:56 AM

    i didnt know Hall was a Jedi name?
    glad you are ok! you better get that same helmet if you replace it, so we still have matching super huge XL helmets. -PJ

  • Lucent

    6/4/2010 8:23 AM

    I'll let Heikki chime in on this with his thoughts on how he felt the Leatt helped in this crash cause I don't want to start a huge "OMG LEATT SAVES LIVES!" debate....BUT, I scrubbed through this clip frame by frame and could see how the Leatt prevented severe hyperflexion (i.e. helmet/chin to chest). Needless to say, Heikki got up super fast and kept on riding!

  • bturman

    6/4/2010 8:16 AM

    good tuck and roll

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