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Danny MacAskill Revisits Edinburgh 4

Set aside a few minutes to enjoy this catch up, street session, and trail ride with the masterful Danny Mac in Edinburgh, where it all started. When you're done, head over to Lezyne's facebook page and give them a like for helping make this video a reality.

From Lezyne: "Using his new Lezyne Engineering tools, Danny Macaskill re-visits his old job, in the workshop of MacDonalds Cycles in Edinburgh Scotland and chats over his rise to success and how life has changed. Features some new street trials content filmed exclusively for Lezyne by Cut Media's Stu Thomson in the streets of Edinburgh. Danny also takes a mountain bike ride high on to Dumyat in Trossachs hills in Central Scotland and talks over his love for mountain biking.


Credit: CutMedia / Lezyne