DH MTB 'Team Playbiker' - Pila - 2008 7

Team Play Biker in 2008 from Pila, Italy; from the same day as the Ben Reid section.

Credit: Alex Rankin
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  • t.odd

    9/18/2013 12:24 PM

    Rankin's old stuff, still better than almost all the new stuff.

  • DoubleCrownKing

    9/18/2013 4:34 AM

    This just made my day! How I miss those golden days of DH movies... Please Alex, bring this back! Earthed 4 life!

  • sideshow

    9/17/2013 7:10 PM

    That was rowdy. Things we need more of: edits like this, and riding like that.

  • Adam_Schaeffer

    9/17/2013 6:50 PM

    Brayton on a Sunday, very little slowmo, no dubstep - Alex you are and will always be my favorite MTB filmaker. Cheers for all your work, I've enjoyed every bit of it.

  • Rockstar Racing established 1996

    9/17/2013 4:49 PM

    Hey Alex thanks for posting that. Good to see your namesake charging -Nathn Rankin is possibly th fastest guy to never win a world cup! Cheers for using our band on the Ben Reid clip ! Folks can check out more of the palace of wisdom at http://thepalaceofwisdom.bandcamp.com/

  • david.gaskin.921

    9/17/2013 1:41 PM

    Probably the best short video I've seen all year! Shreddddding!

  • jasonvelocity

    9/17/2013 1:44 PM

    Agreed, its a shame they didn't make an Earthed 6.

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