Cam McCaul - When It Counts 8

Cam McCaul knows a thing or two about this tagline, and being a local guy for us, it made him the perfect choice to execute this theme. Actually, we'd go anywhere to spend a day hanging out with Cam. In fact, we may even need to go down under and catch him in the new Nitro Circus tour this summer.

This was our second ad shoot in just as many weeks and after a full day of shooting Cam, it was the last click of the day that was the money shot. The schedule included a morning shot, sand pit playtime, burritos at the local Taquería, a fresh bike build and the final afternoon shot. Cam's pimped out Trek Scratch that arrived late in the day, made its maiden voyage off this 45-foot gap. We had been shooting with the bike he used at Rampage all morning in anticipation of the Scratch's arrival, and it was worth the wait as Cam busted out not only the 'fly' shot, but pulled off some sick bar spins.

Credit: Fox Racing Shox

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