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Bryson Martin | The Finishing Touch 7

DVO Suspension has been testing the Emerald, their revolutionary inverted downhill fork, for over 8 months now. Through rigorous riding and athlete input they have been able to tune the fork to perfection. Whether it was Cedric Gracia pushing the Emerald down numerous UCI World Cup courses, the Arma Energy/Evil Bikes team getting tuning dialed, or Bryson Martin Jr. finding just how far he could push the technology he helped create, the Emerald has been tested by racers and riders alike.

Of all the places to put the finishing touches into the masterpiece created by the originators of gravity oriented suspension, WHISTLER was the one destination we felt culminated every aspect of riding in one mountain. Check out the last testing and get ready for the release of the Emerald this September.

For more info on the Emerald, visit www.dvosuspension.com.

Credit: Rider | Bryson Martin Jr. Edit | Norcal Productions