Blow-ups, Bails, and 30-foot Ragdolls at Rampage 2013 Qualifiers 1

If this was the opener, we hate to think what's gonna go down when the main act comes on! The lines are bigger than ever, and the conditions seem perfect - it is far from sensationalism to talk about mountain bike history in the making, when that is exactly what we are witnessing right now. Watch 19 invited riders battle it out for 12 spots next to the 13 prequalified riders in the main final - throwing down like there was no tomorrow. Except of course there is, and it's today! Watch Rampage go down live shortly, right HERE!

1. Graham Agassiz
2. Pierre Edouard Ferry
3. Thomas Genon
4. Mitch Chubey
5. Mike Hopkins
6. Garett Buehler
7. Brendan Fairclough
8. Paul Basagoitia
9. Mike Montgomery
10. Kelly McGarry
11. Nico Vink
12. Ramon Hunziker
-------------------------------(top 12 went on to finals)-------------------------------
13. Brendan Howey
14. Ryan Howard
15. Tom Van Steenbergen
16. Anton Thelander
17. Sam Pilgrim
18. Makken Haugen
19. Mike Kinrade

Pre-Qualified Riders (in no particular order)

1. Andreu Lacondeguy
2. Antoine Bizet
3. Brandon Semenuk
4. Cam McCaul
5. Cam Zink
6. Geoff Gulevich
7. James Doerfling
8. Kyle Norbraten
9. Kyle Strait
10. Logan Binggeli
11. Thomas Vanderham
12. Tyler McCaul
13. Wil White

Credit: Red Bull

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