Badass Mtb & Bmx on Kids' Bikes | Play Harder, Ep. 2 2

Mountain bike tire size is a hot topic at the 'mo'. Forget 29ers. Forget 650Bs. BRING BACK THE 16ER!! Watch these guys do the impossible on bikes they've dug out of storage (or stolen from a child). It's time to PLAY HARDER. Just take your old kid bike, change the handlebar (or don't), and go for a ride! Save your cash, get creative with your stash! This video goes to show you can road bike, mountain bike AND BMX ramp ride on your kid bike! Badass MTB & BMX on Kids' Bikes | Play Harder, Ep. 2

Credit: GenepiFILM
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  • KingDnuts

    12/5/2013 11:46 AM

    I saw a 20 inch mtb in there.

  • Big Bird

    12/1/2013 8:00 PM

    Start your builds for the Sea Otter Sixteener Enduro Shenanigans. Poach one lap of the track, one lap of the Slalom and one lap of the downhill.

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