Awesome or Overkill? Oakley's New High Tech Airwave Goggles 11

While this isn't a mountain bike specific goggle yet, we've got a hankering that similar technology could make its way into the bike scene in the future.

The new Oakley Airwave combines the company's best goggle technologies with a heads-up display developed by Recon Instruments, integrating GPS, Bluetooth, and more with a host of onboard sensors.

You can view jump analytics, pinpoint location on a resort map alongside navigational information, and even locate and track others in a group. Additional sensor information includes distance traveled, altitude, speed and vertical descent data. Pairing with a smartphone allows immediate viewing of incoming calls and text messages, and music playlists on a Bluetooth-enabled device can be easily accessed and controlled by the glove-friendly wireless remote that can be strapped to the user's body or goggle depending on their preference.

Integrated within the goggle, the heads-up display uses innovative prism technology to display information perceived by the wearer to be the size of a 14-inch screen that is five feet away, so refocusing the eye is not necessary.

Specs aside, awesome? or overkill?

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