2010 Rampage DVD Trailer 3

Red Bull Rampage 2010 was an event we will all never forget! Topped off with
Cam Zink's dramatic win, the world's best pushed the limits of what is
possible on a bike.

On December 1rst 2010 Red Bull and Freeride Entertainment will release a limited edition DVD documenting this
historic event. Experience what it is like to make the "Ram-pilgrimage" following The Claw, Kyle Strait, Cam
Zink, and the Coastal Crew on their way to the scariest event of the year.

This DVD contains a completely different perspective to what we've
seen so far featuring hours of heli, phantom super slo-mo and RED footage
not included in the webcast.

So if you thought you have seen Red Bull Rampage The Evolution "The best is yet to come!"

The official DVD trailer seen here gives us only a small glimpse into what's in store for us on December 1st.

For more information and to get your hands on the mountain bike world's coolest Christmas present.


Credit: Freeride Entertainment

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