Vital RAW - Mont Sainte Anne Speed Freaks 9

The speed trap was clocking over 70kph and riders had data acquisition clocking 80kph! Mont Sainte Anne 2016, speed freaks.

Credit: Steel City Media and Creative Concept TV
  • Olly1234

    8/5/2016 8:33 PM

    Brayton on the straight.... wtf!

  • Lifeblood-MTB

    8/5/2016 7:01 PM

    Unbelievable!!! Brayton f@#$in' flying..

  • jackalope

    8/5/2016 8:24 AM


  • mamath7

    8/5/2016 4:06 AM

    hardcore fairclough

  • douglas.johnstonbaugh

    8/5/2016 12:51 AM

    Boyz'n'Girlz be flyin'z

  • Ian Collins

    8/4/2016 11:43 PM

    yeah, best raw ever. i'm still just watching it over and over again. monsters just punishing that track.

  • Bigburd

    8/4/2016 11:25 PM

    Oh man what a track, probably the trail I would most like to ride in the world !

  • Ride12

    9/8/2016 9:14 PM

    10x gnarlier in real life mate, definitely a "proper" downhill track haha

  • w4s

    8/4/2016 10:20 PM

    best raw ever

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