Rapid Fire: Jeff Herbertson Corking and Whipping 9

When you're R-dog's roommate, ridiculous corked 360's are just part of your every day routine. The super-duperman tailwhip, however...WHOA!

Credit: John Reynolds / gordo
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  • Big Bird

    12/8/2014 10:42 AM

    Amazing shit Herbs. Somehow I missed this when it first came out.

  • Scott_Townes

    12/6/2012 5:20 PM

    When I hear r-dog I think of Romaniuk haha... that superman-can whip is insanity and even though I'm not the biggest fan of dj's, dumped/corked 3s can never, ever get old. So damn steezey.

  • CamMcCaul

    12/5/2012 2:00 AM


  • Sven Martin

    12/4/2012 4:59 PM

    spomer plus woodward. Always a winning combo (just add riders)

  • Carson Storch

    12/4/2012 4:47 PM

    YEAH HERB!!!

  • hectorsaura

    12/4/2012 2:41 PM

    Really good! Liked that unique style.

  • sideshow

    12/4/2012 1:05 PM

    Pause at :40. That's ridic...

  • Jeremy

    12/4/2012 12:05 PM

    That's awesome! Crazy fricking whip!

  • John Waldron

    12/4/2012 11:56 AM

    Ya jeff

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