ONE LAP: Nephi's Twist - Hurricane, Utah 8

If you're looking for knife edges, roll-ins, drops and plenty of pucker factor then Nephi's Twist is for you. Brandon Turman and Joe Schneider hoot and holler down their first attempt at this rampage-esque trail during Vital MTB's 2013 Test Sessions. One wrong move could mean falling off a cliff!

Credit: Butters' massive chest
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  • KitchitiKipiti

    1/31/2013 8:27 AM

    Is that as sketchy in spots as it looks? i.e. as in where he clipped that pedal?!!

  • brockkeith

    1/31/2013 7:29 AM

    When should we expect to see the 2013 Test Sessions? Or even a list of bikes and components we should expect to see??

  • bturman

    1/31/2013 8:15 AM

    Soon! Good things take a little time to brew. Expect some goodies to start dropping next week.

  • MattPatt

    1/30/2013 8:54 PM

    Wow, awesome trail and riding guys!

  • Scott_Townes

    1/30/2013 7:42 PM

    That is a really sick trail.

  • cofattire

    1/30/2013 5:06 PM

    Nice riding! Can you do this trail as a loop, or is it a shuttle?


    1/31/2013 8:16 PM

    Just a shuttle, unless you want to ride back up on a rocky dirt road.

  • KingDnuts

    1/30/2013 4:36 PM

    Wow! Conditions looked great. Good view of Utah from there.

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