ONE LAP - Enduro World Series Rotorua Stage 7 with Iago Garay 10

Tech, tight, then onto the DH course, then more tech and tight. This massive stage has been squished down to the most important 7-minutes for your enjoyment. View more ONE LAP videos

Credit: Iago Garay's Dome
  • shutter2ride

    3/26/2015 10:09 AM

    to me the tight & technical has Joe Barnes written all over it. The open DH section maybe not so much...

  • Hittheshowers13

    3/25/2015 10:24 PM

    40% DH track. Hill is going to crush this stage. 2:20- 2:29 just sending it and 2:48 he cleans that off camber perfectly. Committing track to start to the season.

  • darrenspink

    3/26/2015 12:21 AM

    Think Barel will do well here as well. Going to be close.

  • ChampionP

    3/25/2015 2:39 PM

    It's so hard to watch POV when the rider chooses a different turn than my own instincts!! I like to visualize myself riding the trail, then it feels like my head is separating from my body and the bike. In my mind I keep holding onto the bars. Such a strange feeling! Kind of like when I flinch after watching skaters bash their nuts on handrails.
    He handled the slow tech stuff much different than me (easy to say viewing from behind a laptop), but I was jealous of the way he was killing it on the high speed sections.

  • Scrub

    3/25/2015 2:02 PM

    That small branch that took him down almost looked like a booby trapped line. 0:30

  • andy_n

    3/25/2015 1:38 PM

    Holy crap, I hope this is the live footage area.

  • darrenspink

    3/25/2015 1:41 PM

    Live footage?

  • andy_n

    3/25/2015 1:50 PM

    This has live webcast in the list.

  • darrenspink

    3/25/2015 2:28 PM

    Superb, thanks... shame i'll be asleep though : (

  • mamath7

    3/25/2015 11:57 AM

    I can't even imagine how top (i mean top top top) riders will kill this.

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