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Look at My Mountain Bike Song Lyrics
Look at my mountain bike
Do me a favor and hit that like
So I can get 1 million views
and show the world mountain biking's cool

Carbon fiber everywhere
Damn right that's Ti hardware
Super slack head angle cup
Perfect for ridin' Crank It Up

Everytime that I see my Vital bike check
I got a thousand more views and mad street cred
'cuz my build is dialed
My build is rad
I made sure to follow every single fad
Thirteen inch bottom bracket height
I spike my pedals but my bike is tight
Modified with a shortened shock
It will pass the test in the parking lot

I just crashed my mountain bike...

Since I crashed my bike it doesn't look so new
Might as well sell it since it's almost june
And put a down payment on a twenty fourteen
Something that no one has ever seen
Maybe a bike with internal gears
Or the brand new model with the carbon rear
Six Fifty B or ride the twenty nine
I just need to have the sweetest bike to show online

Look at my mountain bike
Do me a favor and hit that like...
Credit: gordo n breeck

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