Hold On Loosely Tour: Episode 1 17

Aaron Chase and Dave Smutok rounded up Cameron Zink, Adam Hauck, Clint McMahon, and Mike Kent for a week long adventure through New England. Motorcycles, mountain bikes, dirt jumps, downhill trails, and the best bike park in the USA. Combine this two-wheeled adventure with fictional drama and you have yourself a not-so-ordinary road trip for the ages.


Credit: Lucent Productions. Pictures by Chris Vanderyajt
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  • Franco_Schenck

    8/29/2010 11:00 AM

    What´s the first song??

  • garnermtb

    8/24/2010 5:03 PM

    at 2:34 there a sweet bike

  • garfield

    8/9/2010 2:26 PM

    Insane jumps, awesome lifestyle! Keep it through your life.
    Please write soundtrack.

  • seth505

    8/5/2010 8:51 AM

    So rad, this came out killer.

  • m3hl

    8/5/2010 7:18 AM

    that was great!!! good work and keep em comin!

  • Lucent

    8/3/2010 10:54 PM

    Hope everyone is enjoying Episode #1 so far, it's 2 am and Episode #2 is pretty much a wrap!! Comment, FB share, tweet, or slip your friends a note in study hall and tell them to get their arse to VitalMTB.com so they don't miss out on the most important video of their lives!

  • sspomer

    8/3/2010 8:24 PM

    @ChaseLife...don't rub it in!!! I wanna see it!

  • ChaseLife

    8/3/2010 6:50 PM

    Oh Yeah! I just saw some of HOLT2 and it looks real good! I love the Ending.....

  • Ahab

    8/3/2010 6:14 PM

    Great! Love to see more of this type of edit.

  • Zoomlinski

    8/3/2010 1:31 PM

    So dope. Reminded me of Goodfellas with that naration. Foogiiit abuuuut ittt.

  • madbull666

    8/3/2010 5:23 AM

    no hander on a cbr.... wow. whole clip is so solid cant wait for episode 2

  • pholange

    8/2/2010 10:50 PM


  • Ruxman

    8/2/2010 9:04 PM

    nice trip the best riders!!!

  • lawrenuk

    8/2/2010 8:43 PM

    soo sick! Zink's narrating is killer

  • RLuciano

    8/2/2010 5:51 PM

    So sick, you guys killed it. Ebbetts jumps look dialed. he must have some friends who are good with a shovel. Haha

  • stod

    8/2/2010 5:33 PM

    sooooo sick!

  • thom9719

    8/2/2010 3:34 PM

    Nice! This is the first DJ/Slopestyle video in a long time that I've enjoyed. Great riding, entertaining story, good filming/editing/music etc. Can't wait for the next one!

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