Gee Atherton's Qualifying Crash, Lourdes World Cup 24

Gee Atherton, pushing it 100-percent on every inch of the track. This time it got away from him during qualifying at Lourdes. Brutal.

Credit: Fraser Britton
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  • russthedog

    4/11/2015 11:57 PM

    this video is sick - Gee hucks bigger than anyone at the end!

  • bigguns8431

    4/11/2015 3:24 PM

    u just got knocked the fuck out. Got to have been on a run and a have.

  • simooo

    4/11/2015 3:29 PM

    you are an idiot.

  • valch0

    4/11/2015 1:01 PM

    Faceplanting at its best :D

  • kev.1n

    4/11/2015 12:52 PM

    Homie got knocked out!

  • simooo

    4/11/2015 12:41 PM

    Seems to be more of a straight up crash with a bit of a neck twist. A neck brace wont help with that.

  • Mr. P

    4/11/2015 12:39 PM

    "Punch the wall... and feel the world's fist"
    - Henry Rollins

    Bummer he is injured, I read it was a wrist, anyone know?

  • kidwoo

    4/11/2015 11:20 AM

    Yeah Gee! Get a neck brace so you can break your collarbone in a crash that wouldn't have done squat to your neck!

  • Jim-Laden

    4/11/2015 10:49 AM

    Now thats a Gee-out!

  • Andrew_Zinko

    4/11/2015 10:27 AM

    he had the fastest 1st split

  • RobJC

    4/11/2015 10:23 AM

    Looks like he may have been knocked unconscious? Hope he's OK, and kicks ass tomorrow.

  • mbl77

    4/11/2015 11:02 AM

    If he was knocked unconscious, or even concussed, he would most definitely not be racing.

  • willsoffe

    4/11/2015 4:00 PM

    You seem to know nothing about sport/life/neuroscience.

  • willsoffe

    4/11/2015 11:18 PM

    Race runs are over 24 hours later.

  • mbl77

    4/11/2015 10:57 PM

    @willsoffe please explain yourself. Most contact sports have explicit rules disallowing continued participation after a concussion. For the reason that @rwondelly posted.

  • willsoffe

    4/12/2015 12:41 PM

    Yes they do, but those rules don't cover what you do the DAY AFTER the concussion.

  • mbl77

    4/12/2015 12:51 PM

    In rugby union they do. Google GRTP. Most doctors will suggest similar in other sports where there is risk of re-concussion.

  • rwondelly

    4/12/2015 5:29 PM

    @willsoffe So if 24 hours after a concussion, you still have a headache, nausea, vomitting, dizziness, and repetitive questioning, you are concussion free solely because it has been 24 hours?

  • David.Max

    4/11/2015 10:21 AM

    Damn! That looked rough Hope he is alright and able to race again tomorrow. Gotta agree on the neck brace, I'm amazed more WC riders aren't suing them

  • dizzmcfunk

    4/11/2015 10:13 AM

    everyone always seems to get such good shots of Gee eating shit

  • SpokeApparel

    4/13/2015 5:03 AM

    aye. cameras are always on him anyway and he's always pushing it. crazy what the racers have to do to win. hope he was ok. i know he ran the next day but it certainly does look like he was concussed. gives me the shivers to think about riding immediately afterward.

  • sspomer

    4/11/2015 10:10 AM



    4/11/2015 10:09 AM

    Gee, get that neckbrace on! That looked brutal.