17 Questions: Taylor Sage 8

Love him or hate him, Taylor Sage is a piece of personality who will sell his paintings out from under you for a beer and a ride home. Final note: Taylor sent the following text after I received the footage: "I just wish I would've stated that Clay Porter hates groms."

Credit: Kyle Strait n gordo
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  • veach

    12/21/2010 5:01 PM

    Cash would probably write songs inspired by his pet eagle while it sits on his shoulder.

  • Joey_Wyckoff

    12/21/2010 1:59 PM

    "I was like, dude... no way" Those are the lines I will live my life by.

  • sideshow

    12/19/2010 1:27 AM

    skating mongo full speed down the street" is the new "riding off into the sunset

  • thebyker

    12/18/2010 12:45 AM

    best one yet..

  • corsair711

    12/17/2010 7:02 PM

    Taylor Sage > All Other Bloggers. This guy's steppin' it up; taking blogging to the next level.

  • kidwoo

    12/17/2010 6:05 PM

    Yes! Finally! Definitely my favorite blogger.

  • sspomer

    12/17/2010 3:59 PM

    i hate you cam mccaul!

  • CamMcCaul

    12/17/2010 3:48 PM

    Taylor Sage...? I've heard that name somewhere before. He's a well-known blogger or something right?

    Spomer: if its any consolation, your painting looks really nice on my wall....

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