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Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal

“Canfield Crampon's Magnesium”


The Good:

Everything! Can't find a single thing bad...

The Bad:

Just wished I was able to give these away to my bro's as Christmas stocking stuffers..

Overall Review: incredibly Light, beefed up where needs to be, just the right amount of pedal surface area, well-thought out pin placement and choice of pins, superior bearings, ultra thin, sexy look, can take a beating, and most importantly, they work amazing! Tried all other pedals. Canfield has the midas touch, their products are top notch! You won't regret investing in a pair of these!
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Vital MTB member theartiist
28605 theartiist /images/default/avatar/c50.png,28605/all 11/26/13,28605/setup 3 1

Hutchinson Squale Tire

Vital Review

“Tested: Hutchinson Squale Tire”

by Matt Thompson Hutchinson's Squale tire is offered in a couple of different configurations. A 2.3-inch which was originally co-designed by ten-time DH World Champion Nicolas Vouilloz, and a 2.5-inch version which has been subsequently modified by the Hutchinson UR Team lead by Mick Hannah (the latter is also available in 2.6-inch width). With such a storied pedigree, and sporting relatively low weight, we were excited to lay our hands on the 2.3-inch version of this tire with the intent of testing it on both the DH and XC rigs. Would it be up to the task at hand? Squale Highlights Co-designed by Nicholas Vouilloz and the Read More »
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Vital MTB member ballr
12 ballr,12/all 07/23/09 3 20 3 1,12/setup 2 20 100 4 1

Deity Decoy Flat Pedal

“Finally a product that lasts”


The Good:

Virtually indestructible. Grip like melted sugar Popsicle on summer day.

The Bad:

Eventually broken pins get tough to replace

Overall Review: I will never ride with clips again. I road clipped in for ten years. Once I made the switch to flats... Life changing.
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Vital MTB member Snoopshomes
22234 Snoopshomes,22234/all 02/20/13 13 4

Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“Adequate all around brakes”


The Good:

1) reach adjust
2) modulation
3) price

The Bad:

1) contact pad adjust
2) braking power (compared to Shimanos)

Overall Review: These are decent brakes for the price... definitely a better option than the Juicys they replaced. Even through the Rs also have Taperbore, they don't quite have the stopping power as the CRs.  Modulation is good, not on/off like the Shimano XT/XTR/Saint brakes I tried in the past. 
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Vital MTB member microfiz
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Race Face Women's DIY Glove

Vital Review

“Tested: Race Face Women’s DIY Glove”

Review by Courtney Steen // Photos by Brandon Turman You know the point when your riding gloves are either so worn and so dirty no washing can get them clean, some of the fingers are torn, or the palms are full of hard little pills rubbing your hands raw on long rides? Well, all my gloves have reached some combination of these stages. My “this pair isn't so bad yet, I’ll keep it as a back up” gloves don’t even work as back ups anymore. Who’s got two thumbs, eight fingers, and is ready for a new pair of gloves – me. One of the popular names out on the trails these days for components as well as clothing is Race Read More »
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Vital MTB member csteen
28416 csteen,28416/all 11/12/13 33 1 234 2 2 13

Onza IBEX Tire

“26" IBEX Onza 2.4 FR 120 tpi”


The Good:

Lightweight, soft but durable, sticky/grippy, all-terrain

The Bad:

Nothing so far

Overall Review: Received a set of these rippers from and these tires from really do climb and descend the roughest terrain better then any tire I've used. Ibex is a good name for these tires because they give you traction and stability just as the wild Ibex goat needs while climbing in the European Alps. I ride a 26"all-mountain style machine and enjoy riding all styles especiallytechnical rooty/rocky sections and fast flowing single track and these rubbers have held up incredibly well. I set them up tubeless out of the box without any problem and havebeen running about 25ish pounds. Before these tires I Read More »
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Vital MTB member Gruitr1
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Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“Good for budget brakes.”


The Good:

These oddly came stock on my sram build 951 in 2010. I used them for a year then upgraded to formula "the one" brakes on the DH bike and bolted these up to my old Enduro. The stock pad life is ok. The weight isn't bad. The power is not great but much improved with ebc DH race pads installed. I spent a few years riding these on the trail bike and have to say they are maybe the best avid brakes but take that for what it is.

The Bad:

These brakes will get hot and fade or pump on long steep descents. The key is to bled them often and use high quality brake fluid with a high boiling point. I would hate these brakes if I didn't own a bled kit. I think most of the avid hate comes from people who don't bled their own brakes. Also you need to learn how to true rotors because they don't retract a lot.

Overall Review: These are not bad brakes. They get the job done. There are far better brakes for DH (formula & shimano = less fade, more power) and there are far better options for all mountain (xtr, xt, slx). If you don't have $300 a set of shimano brakes don't worry, just buy a bled kit, some high quality brake fluid, and some softer pads. These can feel quite good if you do the work and keep it up.
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Vital MTB member GotShovel
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SR Suntour Auron RC2 Fork

Vital Review

“Tested: 2014 SR Suntour Auron RC2 Fork”

Review by Evan Turpen // Photos by Dave Trumpore Last year I had the opportunity to test my first ever SR Suntour suspension product in the form of the 32mm Epicon-X1 trail/XC fork. The fork showed a lot of promise, especially at its $599 price point, and it left me pondering the potential for future SR Suntour products as more time and energy was put into development. When I first heard of the 34mm Auron fork I was excited to give it a try. At 150-160mm of travel it suits the bikes I enjoy riding most these days - they're much closer to their downhill ancestors than XC. Because of this I personally prefer high and low-speed Read More »
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Vital MTB member E.T.
699 E.T.,699/all 08/31/09 4 8 1 5 47 13

Manitou Minute Pro Fork

“Minute Pro 120mm = Excellent fork”


The Good:

Highly tuneable

The Bad:

None so far...

Overall Review: Highly adjustable! Can be as plush or as stiff as you want it to be. Initial compression is handled by the spring (which you can switch out to set proper sag) then the remaining compression is controlled by the MARS system. Reliable and tracks terrain well.  Best buy for the money.  You can pay hundreds more and not get this level of performance.  Very good fork!
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Vital MTB member FreonMTB
26698 FreonMTB,26698/all 08/03/13 1 1

SRAM XX Cassette 10sp

“The Holy Grail of MTB Cassettes”


The Good:

~Spools-up extremely fast
~Sub 210g weight is consistent
~Incredible wear, from machined, inner 8 cogs
~Smooth, instant telepathic shifts, rivals Shimano XTR
~Materials science at its finest
~High resale value

The Bad:

~SRAM lied about replaceable 36t cogs, in their ad campaigns

Overall Review: Upgrading from my hefty, 355g SRAM PG-1070 cassette - the 207g XG-1099 spins up so fast, it's almost like losing four additional teeth on your granny chainring. The 148g difference CAN BE FELT...the moment you spin the cranks. Climbs that normally petered me out can finally be cleared, due to the reduction of rotating axial weight. If you are strong enough to stay away from using the alloy 36t cog - you can also expect 3-4 seasons of hard trail riding, on this cassette. Just be sure to religiously monitor your chain wear and this cassette will easily outlast many lower-end cogs by 3:1...making this component a decent Read More »
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Vital MTB member Zachariah
26432 Zachariah,26432/all 07/18/13,26432/setup 1 6 5