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Latest Product Reviews


Race Face Turbine Stem

“Top Tier Stem”


The Good: This stem is a work of art! Beautiful, strong and lightweight. Also, good range of sizes for just about every rider.

The Bad: Retail price is high, that being said, there are several online retailers that you can buy it from for cheaper.

Overall Review: Bought this stem a while back along with the turbine handlebar (725mm) I went from the stock 75mm stem to this 60mm and I LOVE it! Its very stiff and strong, I weigh 230 lbs and have NO issues with flex the shorter reach was actually pretty dramatic change in feel, but for me it was a good thing, quicker steering response and no noticeable change in climbing prowess. Great looks just seal the deal! I'd buy again in an instant.

2011 Trek Remedy 7 Bike

“I ride it throw alps!”


The Good: incredible while climbing and it does everything you could ask to an all-mountain bike, easy to handle while discending.

The Bad: not that much really, maybe... the zone of the bottom bracket get a bit dirty on muddy days, but nothing you can worry about

Overall Review: amazing bike, ride it in every place and every cconditions and just did everything, i would totally recomend it to those who have just started doing all-mountain or enduro (sorry if there's any mistake, i'm italian, i can't speak english very well)

Straitline SSC Stem

“Strong yet light ...”


The Good: Strong, light and looks great are the good features of this stem. I believe those features came from the the material, design and how it been manufactured. The power transfer from your body to the handlebar and front wheel is effective.

The Bad: There are few features that i dont like about this. those are the tag price ...seller price ... and .take out price..

Overall Review: I highly recommend this as the chosen stem for enduro, aggresive AM, single crown's Freeride, light dh and DJ. So far i really feel confidence to take out berm and fast speed single track, and  i control my bike through this stem not the other around.

Shimano SLX M666 Disc Brake

“Shimano SLX M666”


The Good: compact lever/master cyclinder. easy to bleed. reach adjust. only had to pay 75 bucks for front and rear. very very smooth feel.

The Bad: absolutely nothing

Overall Review: i was running the previous gen slx's brakes and those were pretty good, then both the calipers cracked at the mounting holes and called up shimano and since i work at a shop, the warranty process was very smooth. i recieved in mail two brand new rear m666 brakes, and since they were free and i only need the one rear, i sold the other one which paid for the front so all in all, i only had to pay for rotors. im running them with the avid g3 rotors, 7 inch front, 6 inch rear and after getting the rotors/pads broken in, these brakes are phenominal. all the braking power i need and smooth modulation. Read More »

2012 GT La Bomba Bike

“2013 GT La Bomba, light and snappy”


The Good: beautiful frame, tapered/hydroformed headtube, replaceable dropouts, low standover, short rear end. for the money good parts spec and makes for an overall solid build. comes in at just a hair over 29 pounds.

The Bad: rockshox recon fork, avid elixir 1 brakes (love/hate).

Overall Review: this review might be over the top but i am a stickler when it comes to my bikes and the parts. ive been riding a kona stuff ss dj bike for the last year and for how i ride, ive got the perfect build on that bike. since i can get gt's at 55% msrp, i definitely had to pull the trigger on the la bomba. there isnt much in the way of reviews for the gt and this is only the third year for the la bomba with just a few minor changes to parts spec and staying around the same 1500 dollar price mark. with this being a 4x geo, its slightly different than the p2 and stuff ive been used to riding. the standover is very low, has a slightly longer Read More »

Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“Perfect stopping power!”


The Good: Power, reliability, performance

The Bad: None worth mentioning

Overall Review: Been using this brakes for Downhill for almost 2 years now and I don't think I ever bled them. My setup is 203mm on the front and 180mm on the back and they really have an amazing modulation and stopping power. Of course they are not as powerful as the Codes, but I even ran an 180mm rotor on the back and don't lack power with the Elixir. On the adjustability side you only get the lever reach adjust, but for me it has been enough and don't really miss any other adjusting option offered in higher models. Weight wise they are also very good, and also have the carbon lever option wich is the one I use. Overall conclusion is that they are not expensive and will worth the money, as they will perform great in all conditions and hold up very well, even with little to no maintenance.

GoPro Chest Mount Harness

“Pricey but very cool!”


The Good: Angle of filming

The Bad: Shaky sometimes

Overall Review: The chest mount is probably my favorite GoPro acessory by far, I just love the angle and perspective you get with it. It is not cheap for an acessory like this but I do think it is worth it. The only drawback with it is that sometimes you get a shaky footage if you don't strap it well enough.

Truvativ Hussefelt 1.1 DH Crank

“Does the job!”


The Good: Price, durability, reliability

The Bad: Weight, paint wears off too easily

Overall Review: I used this cranks for 2 or 3 years and did not have a single problem with them, the only reason I changed them was because of the weight. If you are building a bike on a budget you should definitely opt for these, you just put them on and forget them. If, on the other hand, you have weight concerns or if the fact that the paint on them wears very easily puts you out, search for another option. Bottom of the line is, they do their job, and they do it great, if you're on a budget, go for it.

SDG I-FLY I-Beam Saddle

“Excellent DH/FR seat.”


The Good: Weight, durability

The Bad: Confort for long rides

Overall Review: When you are searching for your next seat you may not pay too much atention to the I-Beam options because you can't choose the seatpost and seat independently, but don't see that as a disadvantage. SDG making both the seat and post makes for a better integration and for a very light, yet strong and durable setup. Also, the setting up of the seat is extremely easy, and the adjustability is great. Mine has sustained almost 2 years of riding, with your tipical crashes now and then, and the only thing I can complain is that the graphics are wearing off. Confort wise, if you are into enduro or other similar type of riding, I would advise you to look to other SDG offering, as the I-Fly isn't the best seat for pedalling. But if your thing is Downhill or Freeride I would definately recommend it!

Lezyne CRV 12 Multi Tool

“Great multi-tool to help save your ride”


The Good: compact, strong

The Bad: some tools are tough to use

Overall Review: The first multi-tool I had growing up was twice as big and heavy as this and still only had half the tools the CRV-12 has. Thankfully tools like this have improved over time. This one functions fine and is easy to use with the exception of the size 2 and 8 allen keys. The 2 is just hard to twist around due to the crooked end of it and the 8 is hard to get enough torque on, but maybe that's my own weakness and not the tool's fault! The thing I maybe like about the tool the most isn't so much the function, though it works well enough, but that it has a nice elastic band that fits around it and keeps the tool from opening up in your shorts pocket and poking around where it shouldn't. Or worse, leaving it's mark in your body like a set of keys do in a crash.