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Latest Product Reviews


Troy Lee Designs Air Helmet

“Very good for a MX helmet.”


The Good: The protection of a MX helmet, looks, fit.

The Bad: Weight for DH use

Overall Review: Well, I got to start by saying this is a MX helmet and I'm not going to get on the discussion of the DH vs MX helmet thing. The Air is another great helmet offering from TLD, with the usual great fit and confort. Goggle wise, I used it with Spy and Oakley ones and didn't have any issue with fitment. Being a MX helmet it is not light compared to a DH specific helmet but I gotta say that the few times I used it for DH I didn't really feel the weight penalty at all. If you want the added protection or if you also have a MX bike and only want one helmet then the Air is really a great option for you.

Enve Composites Carbon Riser Bar

“Rides with Confidence”


The Good: Super stiff and relatively the lightest among all hardcore handlebars. Its looks, strength and stiffness provide you with confidence.

The Bad: The only bad thing about this handlebar is the check out price....

Overall Review: So far it is the chosen handlebar for DH, Freeride,Aggressive AM and Gravity Enduro type of rides for its stiff, light, strength and certainly its looks.

Troy Lee Designs SE Gloves

“Perfect gloves!”


The Good: Fit, durability, confort.

The Bad: None worth mentioning.

Overall Review: What can I say, another great product from TLD. The fit and feel on these gloves are simply perfect. Durability, after almost a year they are pretty new and show no real signs of wear. The protection on the back isn't as much as some of their other offerings, but I guess it is just the right amount of protection to still be very breathable and feel very confortable. They also have silicon on the brake fingers to help with the friction on the lever and as of right now it is holding pretty good without any peel. They may not be the cheapest, although I don't think they are expensive, and you really get what you pay Read More »

Troy Lee Designs GP Gloves



The Good: Fit, confort, protection

The Bad: None worth mentioning.

Overall Review: Great overall Dh/FR glove. It fits great and is very confortable, I've used them for entire afternoons without any problem. Don't get me wrong, they are not some lightweight XC gloves as they do have pretty good rubber protections on the back, but you just don't notice them as they fit perfectly. They also have silicone on the brake fingers to help with friction on the brakes and it results great for it, although the silicone tends to peel over time.

Dakine Highwire Glove Spring/Summer 11

“Good quality!”


The Good: Durability, fit, confort.

The Bad: Nothing worth mentioning.

Overall Review: I've been using these gloves for about a year and only have good things to say about them. The fit is close to perfect and so far they have withstand great, and almost don't show any signs of use at all. Feeling of the brakes is pretty good too. One of the best value for money gloves for sure...

Kali Protectives Veda Soft Elbow Pad

“Good elbow protection and long-term durability”


The Good: don't slip, good protection

The Bad: a bit tight at first

Overall Review: To pad or not to pad, that is the question... For my riding style, I don't have a need for the full body suits of armor so individual pads come in handy and can be mixed and matched depending on the riding conditions du jour. These elbow pads start out really tight and I had to keep checking to make sure I didn't accidentally order a size too small. I'm not a ripped dude either so just be fore-warned. After some rides they tend to stretch out a bit and are actually as comfortable as elbow pads like these get, which in reality is not all that comfortable, but hey that's the price of protection. Also, despite the Read More »

Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite Helmet

“The best helmet out there!”


The Good: Looks, fit, leatt and goggle integration.

The Bad: Mostly the high price. Strap system (at least on mine)

Overall Review: What can I say, it really is the benchmark. My previous helmet was the D2 and before that a 661 Evolution Carbon and the D3 is simply the best. It's not as light as the Evolution carbon but the fit is simply perfect, as is the integration with the leatt brace. Having experimented it with Spy, Oakley and Hebo goggles I had no problems. For those that use glasses like me it is kind of tough to put them on, but after you set them up they stay put without problems. Also, I don' know if it was just my specific helmet, but sometimes the strap is really hard to get loose. Price is high, but the consequences of a bad helmet in a crash are also enormous, and if you do a good search on the web you can get some helmets from the previous season at a good price.

Dakine Descent S/S Jersey Spring/Summer 11

“Comfortable SS jersey that looks good”


The Good: super light and breathable, nice styling

The Bad: thin fabric doesn't handle crashes well

Overall Review: Get this jersey if you love a lightweight jersey that dries in an instant and doesn't hold water and smells like a cotton t-shirt. Skip this one if you can't find a good sale on it or you are extra rough on clothing. Bonus feature: glasses wipe cloth sewn on the inside of the jersey.

Specialized Pitch Comp Bike

“For all types of tracks”


The Good: Lightness

The Bad: Headset without sealed bearings
It misses a rear shock with more adjustment options.

Overall Review: It is a semiprofessional cycling, you can climb to the top of the mountain and then down where no one does. The pitch is defended better on descents, its geometry and its center of gravity makes it very stable in cornering and rough terrain, thanks to its 150 mm of rear travel, even if you decide to go into a bike park, enjoy as a child . In short if you want a fun bike, high performance, with good equipment and cheap, this is a good option.

2012 Transition Covert 1 Bike

“Affordable high quality AM bike!”


The Good: Great riding bike with solid suspension. This bike can do anything and comes with a life time frame guarantee! Pretty hard to beat.

The Bad: Slight bob on climbs but it's not that noticeable...it IS a trail bike so you will be giving up something to gain all of the other great features of this bike!

Overall Review: I've used this bike for the past two years (this model replaced my '10 but it's basically the same) and ride it everyday. The weight is a non-factor for me since I do ride it everyday. Where the bike excels is when you point it down hill. Solid design from a cool small company out of Washington.