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Latest Product Reviews


2011 Intense 951 Bike

“Really Good Bike”


The Good: This bike all around has a pretty simple geometry to understand. Stock it comes with okay components but if you decided to upgrade the bike, it is one of those bikes that turns out to look beautiful. The geometry is really noticeable on the trail making it smoother than other bikes. The Head angel is pretty steep looking and there is also a screw which you switch down on the rear shock mount that changes the bikes geometry by a few degrees, this is really helpful and noticeable when you are free-riding and jumping. The bike feels pretty solid and is set up pretty well. It is hand made which is cool to say and also it is made in California, The bikes looks great and feels great. AND also is supper light weight.

The Bad: Some of the bads are hard to think of, but i have noticed a few things. Well one of them is that the bike makes a creaking sound which is concerning to me but i don't think it is anything major. Also it scratches really easy.

Overall Review: Overall the bike is very good, i love it and it is the best bike that i have owned yet. I wouldrecommend the bike to anyone and would make a project bike out of it.

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake

“Reliable & easy to fix...”


The Good: Easy to maintain & reliable at a fair price.

The Bad: Got no complaints.

Overall Review: Easy to fix or adjust on the spot & very affordable. My preferred mechanicals.

Deity Cinch Seatpost Collar

“It's a cinch!!!”


The Good: Stylish, light, durable & all around good looking.

The Bad: Wish the offered a quick release model & blue.

Overall Review: Adds a nice looking touch to the usual blah area of the bike.

Deity Emblem Plugs

“Worth it!!!”


The Good: Nice graphics, extremely affordable & they take the punishment. Won't buy anything else.

The Bad: No complaints.

Overall Review: I've owned a number of end caps over the years & found Deity's to be the best for the price.

Pro-Tec Classic Helmet

“Can't complain....”


The Good: Easily modified to fit just right & works. I use this helmets for mellow days on the trails or test runs while building.

The Bad: No complaints.

Overall Review: Fair priced & reliable.

Deity Topsoil Handlebar

“Number 1 in my book!!!”


The Good: Owned a number of these bars & wouldn't ride anything else. Great quality, great colors, wide, durable & great looking.

The Bad: No complaints. Alot of folks i know wish they had them in blue...

Overall Review: Good looking & functional, Deity bars are right up there with everything else they make, GREAT!

Kenda Nevegal Tire

“Grip like a pit bull!!!!”


The Good: Durable, sticky, great in corners & priced fair. I run 2.1's front & rear on packed freeride trails covered in pine needles & oak leaves or on clay dirt jumps, I have no complaints.

The Bad: Wish they had a little more profile, but other than that, I enjoy them.

Overall Review: Great, long lasting tires with some good dirt slinging knobs & lots of traction when you need it.

Kenda K-Rad Tire



The Good: Durable, look good & priced fair.

The Bad: Can't complain at all.

Overall Review: I use these tires as my street tires. They're grippy & I like them. Alot. Can't beat them for the price.

Black Market Bikes Killswitch Frame

“Worth it!!!”


The Good: Love the hammer link design. Easily accessible shock mounts & linkage area. Stylish. Easy to throw around & extremely functional.

The Bad: Could use a little more travel or another area to mount a slightly bigger shock. Was told I need a medium, but would like to have checked out a large to see how it feels. Needs adjustable drop outs w/a tensioner.

Overall Review: Handles everything you throw at it like a champ. Responsive & stylish. I can't complain. I've put it to the test & couldn't be happier. Great looking & great riding. Highly suggested.

Deity Fantom 31.8 Stem

“Hands down, best stem EVER!!!”


The Good: Well machined & designed, the Fantom stem does the job incredibly & securely, while still being extremely stylish, attractive & light. As with all the Deity Components, their quality, craftsmanship & look is impeccable. Don't be afraid to put on your devil horns & tear up the trails with this. Products designed by riders for riders.

The Bad: No complaints...

Overall Review: I rely on this stem for everything from dirt jumps to freeride & slalom trails & couldn't ask for more. Durable, functional, stylish & reasonably priced, the Fantom is hands down the best stem I've ever owned......