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Latest Product Reviews


2013 Kona Entourage Bike

“Great bike for short money”


The Good: Short stays, a great flickable park bike.

The Bad: Fork, pedals and tires.

Overall Review: For a base model bike, it is a great value. nice part spec aside from the fork and pedals, I was also sad to see thin sidewalled non-full DH tires. Good place to start, with room for upgrades you would likely make anyway.

2011 Santa Cruz Nickel All Mountain Bike

“Awesome Trail Bike”


The Good: Tapered Head tube,<br /> Geometry,<br /> Best Bang for your Buck,<br /> Simpleness

The Bad: Apparently Santa Cruz will no longer be making this frame.

Overall Review: I'm reviewing the 2012 model although I don't think there is anything different from the 2011...

Park Tool GP-2C Glueless Patch Kit

Featured Review

“The best self-adhesive patch on the market”


The Good: Sticks well, doesn't slide or leak. Lasts as long as a traditional patch. Fast and easy to apply.

The Bad: Only one size available (as far as I'm aware)

Overall Review: Everybody should have a package of these in their saddlebag or backpack. They're far faster than a traditional vulcanizing patch, and they last just as long. I have tried other brands of glueless patches with poor results (one brand almost left me stranded) but Park Tool's patches have never failed me. The box is tiny, and if you suffer multiple flats on the same ride, it could get you home. This patch kit is one of my essential items for any ride.

Park Tool BB Install Spanner & Tool HollowTech II

“Too short for intended use”


The Good: Bites well on Shimano and Truvativ external bottom brackets.

The Bad: Handle is too short for removing tight bottom brackets. The HollowTech installation tool on the end of the handle makes this problem worse.

Overall Review: I've used this wrench many times to install and remove bottom brackets, but every time I find myself reaching for a piece of pipe as an extension - the handle is just too short. The included HollowTech tool is great for Shimano Cranks, and works as intended, but it's right at the end of the handle. I removed it pretty quickly. This tool has the right fit and strength for its purpose, but it doesn't have the leverage needed for the job.

Panaracer Rampage Tire

“Panaracer Rampage 26x2.35”


The Good: 1. Very little rolling resistance<br /> 2. Grippy shoulder knobs<br /> 3. Can be run at either end of the bike<br /> 4. Supportive sidewalls<br /> 5. No punctures<br /> 6. Wears slowly even on the road

The Bad: 1. Slightly heavy for its class

Overall Review: The Rampage resembles the Kenda Nevegals in many ways. This is a good thing because the tread...

WTB Bronson Tire

“Awesome trail tire”


The Good: Corners like it's on rails. Beefy knobs track well in the mud.

The Bad: Slightly high rolling resistance. Tubeless set-up can be troublesome.

Overall Review: This is my current favorite front tire. The side knobs hook up well in every corner, and the tread design works well on everything from hardpack to sticky mud. I don't like using this tire in the rear, because it's a little bit slow-rolling. I prefer to pair it with a faster tire in the rear, like the WTB Wolverine or something similar. That allows me to get up to speed more quickly, and then make use of this tire's excellent traction and cornering ability. If you're buying the TCS version for a tubeless set-up, your experience may be mixed. I mounted two of these tires tubeless on identical rims, and while one sealed up instantly with just a floor pump, the other forced me to drag out the compressor. Other than that, I love these tires.

WTB Wolverine Tire

Featured Review

“Fun tire for XC/trail riding”


The Good: Corners well. When it does break loose, it's very predictable. Rolling resistance is decent - not on the level of a pure XC tire, but low enough that it won't feel like you're dragging bricks.

The Bad: Does not track well in muddy/wet conditions

Overall Review: This is one of my favorite tires for riding dry, relatively firm terrain. I've used this tire in...

2011 Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon

Featured Review

“Fantastic Plastic”


The Good: Stiff // Light // Grease fittings for the lower pivot // Free pivot bearings for life // Drop dead sexy lines

The Bad: Price // Exposed lower link

Overall Review: When I first saw an ad for a Carbon Nomad, I thought to myself, "This must be a joke, carbon is...

Deity Dirty30 Handlebar

“Great handlebar at a good price”


The Good: Quality finish. Familiar shape. Strong. Good weight for a dh/freeride bar.

The Bad: Not wide enough for some (760mm)

Overall Review: The Dirty 30 handlebar is damn good looking, strong and has a comfortable shape. The 25 mm rise is just spot on for most downhill setups.  If 30 inches is wide enough for your tastes, get this bar.  I think at $80 the Dirty 30 is a better choice than a lot of the after market competition.

Deity Decoy 2.5 Flat Pedal

Featured Review

“Excellent pedal. Amazing Value”


The Good: Incredible grip, great concave shape, narrow profile, perfect size, rebuildable

The Bad: not easy to find at bike shops

Overall Review: If you are in the market for a flat pedal, the Deity Decoy should be on your short list. The...