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Latest Product Reviews


Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evolution Tire

“Still Undecided....”


The Good: I run a 2.1 on the rear & it's light & fast.

The Bad: Very loose in corners at high speeds in unpacked areas. Doesn't have much of a footprint. Might try a 2.25 in the future.

Overall Review: Still undecided on this tire. Seems it would be fine on packed surfaces w/ minimal sand, rocks or pine straw. I run a 2.25 Nobby Nic on the front & this on the rear. It's definitely a fast combo, but trying to stay in control at speed, on loose terrain, is a challenge all in it's own. Gonna try a wider version to see if the problem persists before putting a Nic on the rear.

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evolution Tire

“Like em....”


The Good: I run a 2.25 on the front. Seems to hang on good, no wash outs, tolerable weight & width.

The Bad: A little squirrely for a front tire but other than that, no complaints.

Overall Review: Overall, seems to be a good, gripping tire that holds the corners & slings some dirt. So far it's all I expected. Would like to add one to the rear to see what that changes. Recommended.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO Bike

“great trail bike”


The Good: pedals uphill as well is it descends. more slack head tube makes it downhill really well. dropper post is nice (not the best but it works)

The Bad: fox fork isn't great. i can't get full travel out of it. pretty bad vibration out of the back from the brake.

Overall Review: overall impression of the bike is awesome in my opinion. on the trail the bike feels awesome. steep downhill and steep uphill is when the bike finds its limits (as with most AM bikes) one of the best trail bikes i've ridden

Crank Brothers Multi 17 Tool

“All the Essentials”


The Good: Has everything you might need

The Bad: Tad bit heavy but you would need to have all these tools anyway...

Overall Review: Great product, I have been using it for years with no issues, perfect to slip in your pocket on a short ride or throw int he pack for longer rides. Has all the tools you would ever need.

2013 GT Force 3.0 Bike

“Incredible trail bike”


The Good: Bike has great trail geometry, good components for the price, and rides amazing

The Bad: A little squeaky, but nothing a little grease and some time won't fix, some what complicated suspension linkage

Overall Review: This bike has awesome trail geometry, is pretty light for its size/purpose, has good components for the price. I pretty much listed everything in the pros/cons. This is  a much better bike then the older Kona Coiler i was riding before and is much lighter.

2013 Cannondale Scalpel 29er 4 Bike

“A Great Budget-Friendly XC Bike”


The Good: Compact XC geometry results in very snappy acceleration and handling. On smooth, flowy trails this bike really shines with its sharp handling. 29" wheels means the bike keeps its momentum going over the rough stuff and its lightning fast! 685mm handlebar and 90mm stem proved ideal for XC, although not too much for more aggro riding.

The Bad: Avid Elixir 3 brakes are not too great. Swapping to Shimano SLX brakes has greatly increased power and modulation. Stock tires are too slick for proper trai riding, but most people will swap the tires out anyways.

Overall Review: Budget-friendly XC bike with fast acceleration, lightning speed, snappy handling and an ideal cockpit. Big wheels steamroller over over trail obstacle and it retains speed very well. Stock tires and brakes are not very spotlight worthy, but it can be swapped out quickly. Overall, it is a great XC bike for beginners.