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Chromag MTB Chainring

“I want to put this on all my 1 by's.”


The Good:

amazing build quality, solid ano, solid weight, graphics are good without going over the top

The Bad:

Wide narrow? Maybe? soon? please?

Overall Review: You can tell the paid attention when designing and making this ring. The ano is strong, it's light and the graphics looks solid. Once they make this is in wide/narrow I'll pick one up to replace the sram one on my 1x11.

Chromag Moon Saddle

“Grey and White - I have them both”


The Good:

Ti rails, solid finish, slim slim slim, comfy, closeout price

The Bad:

Hate getting it dirty

Overall Review: My grey saddle is on my Rune which I pedal for extended periods of time. My white one is for my Legend which I'll sit on riding to the lifts. What can you say? It has Ti rails, synthetic leather (durable) and has excellent graphics without being obnoxious. I sit on this thing for hours on end sometimes without a chamois and only after an all day w/ few breaks does my tush start to ache. I say thats pretty rad for such a slim saddle. Oh did i mention I bought both on closeout for $50.00 each. Chromag's service kills too. My grey one was lost by USPS. I emailed Chromag and they had a new one to me in 3 days. From BC to Read More »

Deity Fantom DM Stem

“Not my 1st direct mount stem”


The Good:

looks great, solid machining, stiff, holds my bars trouble free, 2 positions, not expensive.

The Bad:

A whole lot of none

Overall Review: I hesitated when this came out and didn't buy one. In fact it took my until the Locust stem was teased to pick one of these up. Here was my situation. I fit right between a medium and a large Legend. Because it is a DH bike i opted for a medium. I probably should have gotten a large. I felt rear heavy a lot with little to no room for adjustment in my body position. It was either front heavy or rear heavy. I decided to get a longer stem to see if that made a difference. Luckily for me this made a good excuse to get the Fantom DM stem. I bolted it on in the 55mm position and haven't looked back. The bike feels great. Thanks Deity for helping me fit into my DH frame all the better.

FOX 36 Talas 180 R Fork

“Have 1 bike? Like gnar? Need to pedal? This is your fork”


The Good:

Adjustable, light'ish, surprisingly stiff. Looks good.

The Bad:

Sticky travel adjust

Overall Review: I had this fork on my Banshee Wildcard after a rebuild of the bike. It used to be 41lbs when I had a Totem and other bricks on it. This fork was a key part of the build because i needed to drop weight, have travel adjust and still be able to have 7 inches. The fork was great. I would pedal up the hill at Post to session certain sections. I even took it up to Whistler and had a kickass time. My only issue was the travel adjust. It worked sometimes it'd get stuck down and i'd have to put my foot on the tire and lift up on the fork. If i still had a Freeride bike still I'd make sure this fork was up front.

Chromag Ranger Stem

“Have money? Give it to Chromag.”


The Good:

Stiff, solid finish, variety of lengths, looks solid.

The Bad:

35mm? Probably in the near future

Overall Review: Got one for my Rune when I was trying to save weight without compromising on performance. Holy cow! The guys at Chromag hit the nail on the head. I have the 45mm in red. I was going to get a Thomson stem but I'm glad I didn't. This thing keeps my bars close in a light package. The quality is excellent so i'm never worry about anything going wrong. The company does a kick ass job with their service too. I bought a saddle from them directly and USPS lost it. I shit them an email and BOOM they had one to me in 3 days with a boarder crossing. Most companies wouldn't probably get back to me in the time it took these guys to get me a new saddle. Hard to beat that kind of attention.

Straitline SSC Stem

“Best 35mm Stem Out There!”


The Good:

Strong, light, clamps on solid, slides on steerer tube without any resistance, many colors available, looks good.

The Bad:

The 2 bolts that clamp the stem to the steerer tube have rusted on mine.

Overall Review: This is one of the best stems I've used. I basically installed it and never had to even think about it again. I like short stems, so the 35mm option is why I got this one (I had a Thomson 50mm that was great also, just too long for my liking). The only issue is the rust on the inside of the two steerer clamp hex bolts, but it doesn't concern me (just figured I'd note it here). I'd highly recommend this stem, mine has lasted years and is still going strong. Actually, I'd recommend all Straitline products, I have the De Facto pedals too and they're as solid as this stem!

Renthal Strata Duo MTB Stem

“Renthal stem review”


The Good:

Light, stiff, design, quality

The Bad:

None after 3 years

Overall Review: Been rocking this stem for three years now and i still have nothing bad to say about it. It is a nicely engineered two piece design with all excess material removed to bring it's weight down to 150grams with the bolts. As stiff as some other brands big blocky stems that weight 250g. It is very easy to remove and put back since you don't have to disassemble it to remove from the fork steerer. The price is a bit steep but you get the proven Renthal quality and a component that gonna follow you on more than one bike build. By the way, Thompson stems are highly overrated...

Black Market Bikes Underboss Stem

“Sweet Stem!!”


The Good:

Rise and Length are spot on! Graphics are legit!

The Bad:

The bolts are weak, damaged 2 of them in a nasty crash!

Overall Review: The Blk Mrkt Underboss Stem is a good stem for it's price, maybe not the lightest nor the best, but it's good looking and cheap! Will do the job if your not a weight weenie and if you're on a budget!

Troy Lee Designs Ace Shorts

Vital Review

“Tested: Troy Lee Designs Ace Shorts”

Review by Joe Schneider // Action photos by Shawn Spomer and Brandon Turman As trail bikes become more popular, many people from all sides of the sport are upgrading their daily ride to one of these pedal friendly, downhill capable machines. Troy Lee Designs answered the calling from these people who want that classic TLD style in a pedal-able package with the Ace Shorts. Ace Short Highlights 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex material Full waist and hip height adjustment using TPR adjusters Pedal friendly inner side pockets with revered zippers Permanent crotch ventilation via welded intake and exit vents Read More »

DT Swiss FX 1950 Tricon 26" Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: DT Swiss Tricon FX1950 Wheelset”

by AJ Barlas Wheels. The simple round devices that bring so much joy into many of our lives. It doesn't really matter how light, what size, material, or even whether they're perfectly round, so long as they allow us to rally down the trail with a grin on our faces most are none the wiser! Most. At some point just having hoops that work becomes the need for hoops that are in a certain weight range and can withstand a large degree of punishment. We all have, or will, arrive at one or more of these conclusions some day, but the most important element is what advantage they garner over the terrain and the Read More »