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iXS Dagger Knee Guards

Vital Review

“Tested: iXS Dagger Knee Guards”

by Lee Trumpore Downhill, freeride, dirt jumping, enduro, cross-country, park... you name it, iXS has a knee pad to fit your needs. With athletes like Darren Berrecloth, Hans Rey, and Kurt Sorge helping to design and test new models, you know these pads are meant to take some serious abuse. Dagger Knee Guard Highlights Designed in collaboration with Darren Berrecloth Hard plastic, double injected external knee cup Extended shin padding for added protection from pedal strikes and rocks, plus additional thigh padding Squeezebox joint between knee and shin to provides protection while maintaining flexibility and mobility Read More »

Race Face Charge Leg Guards

Vital Review

“Tested: Race Face Charge Leg and Arm Guards”

by Nick Zuzelski A common dilemma facing many riders is the pad situation when throwing a leg over their all-mountain bike. Who wants to run heavy, bulky downhill pads while they grind to the top of a fun descent? Then again, who wants to deal with cut up knees/elbows if things get a little too crazy on the way down? As a solution to the dilemma, Race Face has introduced the Charge Leg and Charge Arm Guards. They took a very minimalist approach with the guards by offering a thin layer of defense while maintaining maximum comfort and flexibility. Charge Guard Highlights Stretch mesh sleeve with second skin, Read More »

Continental Explorer Tire

“I do not like this thing”


The Good: i got it cheap, very grippy

The Bad: Very unpredictable

Overall Review: I bought two of these things back in the day when i used to race XC a little. While this tire climbs really well, when corning its very unpredictable, meaning i could never get the hang of when it would break free. I eventually got so sick of them i gave them away to someone.

Maxxis Advantage Tire

“Solid Rear Tire”


The Good: Similar cornering knobs to the highroller, with center treads that climb better

The Bad: none thus far

Overall Review: Corners similar to the highroller, so it pairs up as a rear trail tire with the highroller real well. Climbs well, and is fairly fast rolling. I have not run this tire in the front, thus far, but i like the highroller up there too much anyway.

Kenda Karma Tire

“Great Dry Tire”


The Good: Rolls fast, climbs well in the dry

The Bad: wears quick, doesnt climb well in the wet

Overall Review: This tire is pretty sweet as a dry XC tire or rear slalom tire, wire the knobs wear fairly quickly, its a fast rolling, quick accelerating tire that you can find pretty cheap

Maxxis High Roller Tire

“Best tire ever?”


The Good: Corners real well

The Bad: expensive, can't ever find them on sale, as a trail tire it doesnt climb too well

Overall Review: What can be said about the high roller, a tire that has been out for a long time? Everything, this tire is awesome! Square profile, hooks up in the wet and dry equally well, and is fast rolling as well. Tons of people shy away from this tire because of the drift zone that it has, but this is one of the most predictable tires ive ever ridden meaning that once youre used to it.... its amazing.

Kenda Nevegal Tire

“Kindof Cheap, Kindof Crappy”


The Good: Cheap, ok as a rear tire

The Bad: doesnt climb too well, ive had the cornering knobs rip off.. not get worn out... tare off the sidewall

Overall Review: I bought two pairs of these things back in the day. 2 2.5 DH casing, and 2 2.35 foldable. I never run these guys in the front, as it is pretty sketchy. The foldable ones are ok, but ive had the corning knobs rip right off the sidewall. Additionally the tire really struggles to climb when its remotely damp. The drift is pretty predictable though, but it doesnt corning too great though. The 2.5 i will pretty much as a dick around tire on my dh bike. There would be very, very limited applications of when i would use these when racing.

POC Trabec Open Face Helmet

“Best Helmet Ive Ever Owned”


The Good: Fits Real Well, lightweight, simple coloring

The Bad: Collects sweat real bad, but i think that every helmet is going to have that

Overall Review: Plain and simple, this helmet is sick. Fits real well, completely around your head. The visor doesnt pop every two off like other trail helmets, and to top everything off, the helmet is pretty light as well. I would definitely recommend this helmet for anyone rides more than a couple of times a week

One Industries Conflict Knee Pads

Vital Review

“Tested: One Industries Conflict Knee Pads”


The Good: Dual straps // Venting // Side Padding

The Bad: Bulky // Bunching // Chafing

Overall Review: by Noah Sears To pad or not to pad, that is the question. All-mountain riders seem to come in three varieties in terms of safety equipment; those who (except for a helmet) forego it altogether, full-time knee-padders, and fully-armored warriors ready for battle or perhaps expecting to hit the dirt at some point on their ride. I'm the in the first camp, unless I'm at a resort, I'm largely unprotected. Given my preference for pad-free riding (a preference that admittedly bites me in the ass from time to time), when the conditions do call for knee pads I'm pretty picky about what I strap on. I want something that Read More »

Shimano M640 Zee Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Vital Review

“Tested: Shimano Zee Disc Brakes - Affordable Power”

by Nick Zuzelski Arguably the biggest star of Shimano's Zee lineup is the brake, which offers riders many of the same technology advancements and features of their big brother Saint. Luckily for us, Zee brakes come at a pretty substantial cost savings of about $140 per pair over Saint. Zee Brake Highlights Servo wave lever pivot Shorty levers High rigidity ceramic pistons for heat insulation Anti-slip dimpled lever blade Radiation fin pad with new metallic compound to improve control and consistency Super stiff high-power 3-layer brake hose for a more consistent lever feel One-way bleed for easy and clean Read More »