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2013 GT Force 3.0 Bike

“Christmas Wish List: GT Force 3.0”


The Good:

Price, components, shred-ablility, fun-ness?

The Bad:

Not amazing pedal efficiancy

Overall Review: I demoed this bike at Canyon's resort, Utah. I actually first used it to downhill.  It was fine going down hard blues and blacks. My friend was on a more expensive downhill bike, and I was beating him down and getting bigger air.  The only time I had a slight problem was when I went off of a big drop, but hey! This bike wasn't made for that.  Then I took it all-mountain riding.  Again, it was super fun downhill, it was great uphill until I hit this really steep scree field, and the forks don't completely lock out, so I could really feel my pedal efficiany failing.
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Vital MTB member Lilshredman
27553 Lilshredman,27553/all 09/17/13,27553/setup 1 2 1

Yeti 575 Bike

Featured Review

“The Ultimate All-Mountain Single-Pivot?”


The Good:

Short wheelbase provides excellent maneuverability; Suspension travel feels longer than its 5.75”; Carbon rear triangle dampens vibrations and reduces weight; Quality components, no house brand stuff; Reasonably light weight for an aluminum bike with this much travel.

The Bad:

Front end can feel a little light on steep climbs; 32 mm fork stanchions can feel a little wobbly on really big hits.

Overall Review: [Bike reviewed: 2010 Yeti 575 Carbon "Race" build, size medium.] [About me: 5’10” 205 lbs. 30” inseam.] I’ve always been a huge fan of Yeti bikes, a company with roots dating back to the genesis of the sport and an enthusiastic, if not cult-like, following. After years of ogling I finally threw down the dough for a 575. My impressions of the 575 are overwhelmingly positive. I even entertain the possibility: is this the ultimate single-pivot all-mountain bike? Read on to find out. Why the 575? This isn’t Yeti’s most advanced 26” suspension platform. For that you would need to look at the SB-66. Still, the 575 is Yeti’s longest Read More »
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Vital MTB member Arkstorm
26789 Arkstorm /images/default/avatar/c50.png,26789/all 08/08/13 2 4

Loaded Precision X-Lite Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: Loaded Precision X-Lite Wheelset”

by Kevin Shiramizu The Loaded Precision X-Lite wheels are something of a rarity these days. They do not employ a fancy lacing pattern, they use a normal number of conventional elbowed spokes, and the rims are made out of 6066 T6 aluminum. While other companies are out there clambering to reinvent the wheel, Loaded has gone the other direction, making refinements to their craft along the way. X-Lite Wheelset Spec Highlights 32 Hole X-LiteTrue Bead Technology (Tubeless Ready)Rims 6066 T6 Aluminum Rim Material Flash Welded Rim Joint 21mm Inner Rim Width Shot Peened Finish Quad-Butted Seamlessly Drawn Spokes X-Lite Read More »
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Vital MTB member k.shiz
14 k.shiz,14/all 07/24/09 75 23 52 591 101 165 1 260 18 12

Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves

“Solid, simple glove”


The Good:

Great feeling palm, strap on top of wrist, color choices

The Bad:

Seems a little bigger than other gloves, but not an issue yet

Overall Review: Picked these up because I saw them in a video I believe and thought they looked cool. My current gloves were starting to fall apart after almost 2 years. I wanted a basic glove this time around, and something about the look of these gloves stuck out to me. I really like the palm, and it seems thick and durable, but not so thick that you lose feel. I also like that the strap is on top of the glove, because my last gloves had issues with the straps getting messed up in crashes and when pulling on the glove. These gloves even have a slightly extended palm and rubber grips on the bottom of the wrist to make it easier to Read More »
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Vital MTB member StuLax18
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2013 Giant Glory 0

“...entering pursuit mode”


The Good:

good geometry (at 176cm body height)
good bottom bracket height and chainstay length

The Bad:

cabelrouting is a bit funny and cables slaped (noise) against the downtube (is gone since I mounted a rockguard downtube protector)

Overall Review: I got the fram only version - so I can not really tell how good the components are. The frame itself is the best I got so far. It took me about 2 rides on the freeride in Leogang to get used to it. After that it was like - wow, that line was not possible before - wow, I went never that fast into that corner before. I do not think that I ride better (until now ;-) ) but the frame and therefore the bike are easy to understand and do what I want without a lot of effort for the rider. On the second day I rode it down the DH in Leogang and it was the same again. It was easier for me to controle the bike and get my lines. Jumping is a Read More »
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Vital MTB member lister_yu
19924 lister_yu,19924/all 11/19/12 4 1,19924/setup 1 80 47 2

2014 Niner RIP 9

Vital Review

“Tested: 2014 Niner RIP 9 - Alloy Strikes Back”

Review by Brandon Turman // Action photos by Courtney Steen The Niner RIP 9 is the company's best-loved trail bike, and has been for a number of years. For 2014, they decided to make it even more awesome. They upped travel 5mm to 125mm, shortened the chainstays 5mm, added ISCG tabs, boosted the stiffness with the addition of a 12x142mm rear axle, and moved to an interesting new tubing manipulation process. They also dropped half a pound of weight along the way, bringing the bike right up to speed for the new year. Not too shabby... We've already reviewed the new full-carbon RIP 9 RDO during our 2013 Test Sessions (and loved it), so Read More »
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Vital MTB member bturman
109 bturman,109/all 08/01/09 1152 92 5810 1055,109/setup 248 1083 2052 122 40

Scott Grenade Pro II Knee Guards

Vital Review

“Tested: Scott Grenade Pro II Knee Guards”

by Ian Collins After three massive (bones visible) holes in the same square inch of my right knee over the last decade, I became a bit wary of most of the run-of-the-mill kneepads I've tried. Last year I saw some pictures of the Scott Grenade Pro II Knee Gaurds and they looked promising. Nothing way out of the ordinary, but a few refinements, techy features and a moderately higher price tag of $139.95 gave it a greater luster than most of the pedestrian offerings. Over the winter I got to check them out in person while trying to keep Brendog in sight during some shuttles in SoCal. I asked him about them and he Read More »
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Vital MTB member Ian Collins
140 Ian Collins,140/all 08/01/09 6 154,140/setup 2 5 147 14 2

Bontrager G5 Team Issue Tire

Vital Review

“Tested: Bontrager G5 Team Issue DH Tire”

Review by Matt Thomson // Photos by Dave Trumpore Downhill tires. Not too complicated, right? Well, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a new set of DH meats - let's roll through them quickly, shall we? Does it hold air when ridden in rocky terrain (not some bike parked-out groomer that looks like the felt on a billiard table)? Is the rubber suitable for riding over roots and rocks when it gets wet? How does it corner? How does it brake? How does it roll? Does it clear mud well? How durable is it? Affordability Bontrager's new G5 tire is a fine addition to their lineup. I've been riding on a set for a Read More »
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Vital MTB member ballr
12 ballr,12/all 07/23/09 3 20 3 1,12/setup 2 19 99 3

Specialized Pitch Comp Bike

“All around shredder!”


The Good:

Nimble, good geometry, pedals like a dream, rips decents

The Bad:

flimsy rear end

Overall Review: I bought a used 2010 bike about 6 months ago and did my own custom build with raceface and sram components. I kept the stock x-fusion shock but upgraded to a Marzocchi 55 to have something a little more beefy up front. The shock has been serving me just fine even without the adjustability that some other shocks on the market have. This bike is awesome! I ride everything from interurban trails with my girlfriend to all mountain to jump trails and even attempted some downhill on it. Overall this bike has taken everything I've been able to throw at it! with the 67 degree head angle this thing just begs to be railed through Read More »
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Vital MTB member millsr4
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DT Swiss FX 1950 Tricon 26" Wheelset

“Solid wheelset that looks great”


The Good:

strong,stiff and looks amazing

The Bad:

Cost, unique lacing design could lead to issue in the future

Overall Review: This particular wheel set was never on my wishlist simply because of the steep price tag associated with them but luckily I was given a sweet deal so I thought I would give them a try. You could argue that there are a lot of other options and at even cheaper prices for high end wheels but these ones truly are pretty unique. Right out of the box you can see that the wheels are a strong quality build while at the same time being super light, plus they look simply amazing. The black/green color design along with the white spokes makes for an amazing looking wheel set, they definitely have a one of a kind Read More »
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