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Dirty Jane 3/4 Sleeve by Royal Racing Jersey

“Dirty Girls Love Dirty Jane! Get your chica some for Christmas!”


The Good:

I absolutely love the 3/4 sleeve of this jersey, keeps the trail weeds and branches off the arms, also added protection from the suns rays. I have a love/hate relationship with the color. Love it because it's cool in summer. Cute detailing down the side.

The Bad:

The only downside I see is the color. My jersey was white about ten minutes. It cleans up nicely with some Dawn dish detergent though.

Overall Review: I wrote a more in depth full review on my blog. There is a bonus review of another T-shirt made by Dirty Jane .com.  Get shopping! Review is here.
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Vital MTB member Sasha
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Shredly BLACK HOLE Riding Jersey

Featured Review

“great fit and design”


The Good:

not bulky or loose. Fitted and designed to look great on a variety of body types. material ventilated, repels sweat and dry's out fast. Durable and can be machine washed and machine dried while still looking great.

The Bad:

no pockets

Overall Review: For the price this is a great find. I use this jersey a lot in the summer time when I really do not want to wear anything to bulky. The Shredly jersey offers a lightweight and comfortable fit. This is especially nice when i am on a long ride with a camelback. It dries out fast after you have been dripping sweat for hours. I love the way it is designed, its as close as I can get to throwing on a t-shirt and riding. The material of the jersey keeps the black color looking as it did right out of the box for months. I have washed it and dried it many times and it still looks pretty new. The material does not hang onto Read More »
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Vital MTB member mtbfemme
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Geigerrig Rig 1200 Hydration Pack - 100 Fl. Oz.

“Best Hydration pack made!!!!”


The Good:

The good is this, its pressurized so when needed it can act more like a hose then a regular hydration pack. I can use it to give my dog water, spray the blood off my leg from peddle slap, and about 60 other things. The other thing that makes this bag awesome is the fact I can wash it without even thinking.. I just put it in the dishwasher!!! Thats a big deal seeing as I like to use carbohydrate powder in my bag when I ride. It stays clean and works well... I have owned a LOT of other bags as well and the fact is they all wear out. Me being a biker occasionally I use my backpack is a landing pad for when I fall. This bag has withstood the test of time. It's possible I never own a different bag again!!!

The Bad:

Im sure there are things that could be down to make a bag a little more bike specific, but honestly I have nothing to complain about!!! It just works...

Overall Review: It's a perfect bag!!!! Buy it, you will love it.

POC Trabec Open Face Helmet

“Maximum protection with comfort and style?! SOLD”


The Good:

Easily adjustable. Maximum protection without feeling bulky. Extremely durable and stays looking clean even after some Gnar and carnage!

The Bad:

uh is there a multi colored one yet?

Overall Review: POC started showing up last season on my friends heads and I loved how they looked! I knew I wanted something different then whats been on the market year after year, not only did they all start to look the same, but after having a good crash in my previous helmet and experiencing the lack of protection it had for me I was in search of a new piece of open face head gear. I had picked up a Trabec and after just one ride I was sold. I have a few different colors in this specific style because, I have found no other open face helmet that has great coverage and still feels light. You name it and I will be wearing my Read More »
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Vital MTB member mtbfemme
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Urge 2014 Veggie Archi-Enduro Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: Urge Veggie Archi-Enduro Helmet”

by Noah Sears The Urge Archi-Enduro bridges the gap between traditional full-face DH helmets and all-mountain half-lids, call it the "tweener" helmet if you like. As the name implies, it's designed for Enduro racing where full face helmets are often compulsory. The granola-friendly Veggie model reviewed here features a 100% natural linen fiber in place of the fiber glass more commonly used in this and other helmets. On my scale, the size small weighs in at 820g. The Veggie model tested here will set you back $224.95, a $35 premium over the standard (fiberglass) model. Urge Veggie Archi-Enduro Read More »
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Vital MTB member NoahColorado
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Canfield Brothers DH Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: Canfield Brothers DH Wheelset”

Review by Ian Collins // Photos by Ian Collins and Fred Robinson When it comes to wheels on my downhill bike, I'd have to say I'm a bit of a creature of habit. For the last decade or so I haven't really strayed from my tried and true Hadley hub/Mavic 721 rim combo. Whether I ran them tubed or ghetto tubeless they've treated me well and as long as I don't put off the occasional hub rebuild or truing I usually get a few years out of them. I like utilitarian things. But when I got a chance to test out the new Canfield DH wheelset I was pretty excited just to try something new on my bike. At only Read More »
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Vital MTB member Ian Collins
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Canfield Brothers Jedi Frame

“Absolutely insane!”


The Good:

Bottomless suspension, lightning fast, jumps great, tight turns, sexy

The Bad:

Can't think of one..

Overall Review: I just started riding this past summer and this bike has dramatically accelerated my progress. The Jedi is such a smooth ride, the build quality and attention to detail the Canfield brothers put into this frame is incredible. Whether you're blasting through a flowy section and hitting jumps or destroying a rocky technical section, the Jedi inspires pure confidence. Nothing slows this thing down, it just wants to go faster and faster! Nothing feels better than trusting this animal, letting off the breaks and blazing past friends that have been biking for years. Props to the Brothers for this one, definitely a customer for life.

Avid HSX Heat-Shedding Rotor

Featured Review

“The Finest Rotor Avid EVER Made”


The Good:

~160mm rotor is a scant 99g
~Titanium bolts are just 7g total
~ No noise
~ Powerful bite, at lever pull
~ Alloy rotor hub carrier is a one large heat sink
~ Thick, standard 2mm steel rotor surface
~ Perforated surface effectively sheds water and heat

The Bad:

~ Not cheap, but true QUALITY never is!

Overall Review: After making hydraulic disc brakes for over a decade - Avid has finally collected all their years of research and race-inspired wisdom to produce what I call their finest rotor. The HSX is silent and stops on a dime. I realize there is lots of Avid hate out there....but this rotor simply does not warrant such product animosity. Avid took an already fine-performing rotor(HS1) and increased its descending ability threefold. The new hub carrier acts as a huge heat sink and "floating" type rotor construction(ala' motorbikes) makes the disc stop with ruthless efficiency, under all conditions. End of story....
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Vital MTB member Zachariah
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Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal

“Canfield Crampon's Magnesium”


The Good:

Everything! Can't find a single thing bad...

The Bad:

Just wished I was able to give these away to my bro's as Christmas stocking stuffers..

Overall Review: incredibly Light, beefed up where needs to be, just the right amount of pedal surface area, well-thought out pin placement and choice of pins, superior bearings, ultra thin, sexy look, can take a beating, and most importantly, they work amazing! Tried all other pedals. Canfield has the midas touch, their products are top notch! You won't regret investing in a pair of these!
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Vital MTB member theartiist
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Hutchinson Squale Tire

Vital Review

“Tested: Hutchinson Squale Tire”

by Matt Thompson Hutchinson's Squale tire is offered in a couple of different configurations. A 2.3-inch which was originally co-designed by ten-time DH World Champion Nicolas Vouilloz, and a 2.5-inch version which has been subsequently modified by the Hutchinson UR Team lead by Mick Hannah (the latter is also available in 2.6-inch width). With such a storied pedigree, and sporting relatively low weight, we were excited to lay our hands on the 2.3-inch version of this tire with the intent of testing it on both the DH and XC rigs. Would it be up to the task at hand? Squale Highlights Co-designed by Nicholas Vouilloz and the Read More »
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Vital MTB member ballr
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