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Leatt DBX Ride Neck Brace

“Leatt DBX Ride Neck Brace”


The Good: Great neck brace, very comfortable, doesn't move around

The Bad: hard to set up the rake on the back piece

Overall Review: Great neck brace very comfortable once set up ! lightweight but lighter ones would be better. definetely worth the money !!

Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet

“I have a big 'old dome”


The Good: Fit, air flow, light weight and style

The Bad: price and some of the designs are ugly

Overall Review: Troy Lee does it right. I've owned a 661 evo, 661 evo carbon, TLD D2 and a TLD D3. I don't know what I was thinking wearing anything but the D3 now that I have one. If i could sum it up into one statement it'd be peace of mind. I have a big, oddly shaped head but the D3 fits excellent. It's very comfortable and secure without any pressure points. When you star riding you notice excellent ventilation. The face opening is solid too. Most goggles will fit without getting their air vents blocked by the helmet. What you need to realized when you buy into TLD is that you buy into a service. These guys would Read More »

Avid X0 Trail Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“AVID's were always ok....”


The Good: Strong but not sneaky strong (stupid ad). No fade, predictable, great modulation and lever feel. Not On/Off.

The Bad: Avid stigma of being garbage.

Overall Review: I like my Code brakes a lot and oddly enough I liked my Elixir 5's that came with my Banshee Paradox. I did have a set of Elixir CR's that were good but not great. They faded, needed bled twice a season and gobbled like a turkey regardless of the weather or season. The XO Trail Brakes however are excellent. Very strong and they don't have the full on/full off feel other brakes in this niche do. My buddies all ride Shimano and swear by it, as they should because their brakes are excellent but I have to say I prefer XO Trail brakes to anything else I've tried. They even say that my XO's feel excellent. To get super Read More »

Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace

“I'm a hack.”


The Good: Comfortable, no straps needed, its blue, removable pads, saves your neck

The Bad: It broke my collar bone

Overall Review: Ok, I know that "The Bad" sounds like a bad thing but really it's not when put into context because the thing probably did a lot to save my neck. I had a season ending crash at one of our local downhill trails near Portland OR and among the many injuries that put me in the hospital for four days was a broken collar bone. Three different doctors all concluded, independently, based on my description of the fall that the brake was from a direct downward force to my right clavicle. Given the way i fell on my right side it had to be my helmet that pressed down into the brace that broke my collar bone. From what I Read More »

Leatt DBX Comp II Neck Brace



The Good: This brace is very light, from the first time out once I started riding I completely forgot it was there. Comfort is excellent, it doesn't interfere with you or your helmet. Leatt supplies it with three sets of sizing hardware which is very appreciated especially when there is nowhere local for me to try it on. Padding is easily removed so you can clean it. The brace has multiple adjustments that are very quick and simple so it is easy to fit it to you and your body size /type.

The Bad: None so far.

Overall Review: I will tell you this, it just works, I can attest to this personally. Recently on 5/19/13 we had a group session at our local spot. We were all hitting a jump called the ski slope. It is a large wooden feature that you double over the backside on to the lip and boost. I have done it many times only this time I came over too far went off the side of the ramp crashed through some brush sending me tumbling. I rolled on my head and the Leatt did it's job, so much that two of the guys watching said "you were like slow motion and saw it save me" They went the next day to order one. Thanks Leatt!

2013 Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon 29 SE

Vital Review

“Tested: 2013 Specialized S-Works Carbon Enduro 29”

Review by Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer When Specialized launched the Enduro 29, they did so with a bang. It was clear from the get-go that it wasn't your typical wagon wheeler. Not only is it a 29er with 6.1-inches of travel, but at 16.9-inches the chainstays are surprisingly short - shorter, in fact, than many 26-inch wheeled bikes. Needless to say, we were super curious to know how a bike with big wheels, big travel, and a super short rear end would handle out on the trail. 300+ miles later, it's time to let you guys in on how she rides. S-Works Carbon Enduro 29 SE Highlights FACT IS-X 11m Read More »

Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace

“Light, reliable and great in Blue/Gray!!!!”


The Good: Light. Reliable (believe me, I have crash test dummy'ed it). Blue/Gray is a great color since it does not look dirty as easy as other lighter colored ones.

The Bad: None. Mayyybe it could have some sort of enhancement where I could put the straps coming out of it from different points without having to play with the velcro inside.

Overall Review: Great neckbrace! A+ on protection, A+ on looks, A+ on durability, A+ on confort, A+ on weight.....just a A- due to the fact that I need to do a workaround to place the straps coming out of it higher than the default design it has which makes it more confortable for me, and I have seen other users do the same thing.

Avid X0 Trail Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

Featured Review

“Avid X0 Trail Brakeset Review”


The Good: Efficient braking; low lever input with high stopping power

The Bad: Not a deal breaker by any means, but set up time requires setting pads for desired lever throw.

Overall Review: With SRAM releasing a full line of “Trail” specific brakes it’s about time for some feedback on the X0 Trail brakes that were released last year. The X0 Trail brake is aimed at the Enduro, all-mountain market and utilizes a 4-piston dual-diameter caliper. What’s unique about their design is the piston sizing, with the leading pistons being smaller than the trailing pistons. This allows the smaller piston to engage the pad first creating a “toed” engagement, resulting in more modulation at the lever. Another update over the X0 Elixirs is a redesigned TaperBore master cylinder. I installed these brakes with 160mm Read More »

Maxxis Ardent Tire

“Excellent All-Terrain Tire”


The Good: Fast, predictable and holds a line

The Bad: Packs in debris a bit, but wide enough spacing to shed most of it

Overall Review: For a full on knobby tire, the Ardents (2.25" size)are definitely fast and transition from edge to edge quickly. I've ridden these on everything fromdry hardpack to saturated moist soil and everything in between and the Ardents keep on digging in and gathering traction. The center row is fast and effective and offers great grip when climbing. The side knobs offer a great amount of cornering grip and never leave you wanting more. The transition knobs are spaced wide enough to allow a firm bite into the terrain and don't allow the tire to pack in debris too much. If the transision knobs were closer together, they would packin and Read More »

Giro Rivet Glove '11

“Great minimalist gloves for hot summer rides.”


The Good: Very light weight
Quality construction
Silicon finger tip print provides grip on brake levers on wet rides
No padding enables more control
Looks better than gloves with too much protection

The Bad: No padding can be bad for some
Silicon finger tip print does wear out Does not offer much protection against tree branches, etc

Overall Review: One would expect quality gloves from one the best helmet manufacturers in the world. Your expectations will be confirmed with these gloves. Although the Rivet pictured is the older 2011 version, the new version still shares a lot of the same features this has that make it so great.Firstly, these are one of the best gloves I wore for long, hot summer rides. Although not as tough as some other gloves out there, these are easier to live with. Lightweight, breathable construction with lots of vents keep your hands cool. Silicon finger tip print enhances grip on wet rides and a fixed, pull on cuff design makes for a slimmer Read More »