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Kali Protectives Avatar Full Face Helmet

“This helmet is amazing!”


The Good: Super light. Extra pads come with it. It doesn't look enormous on your head like some of the other helmets out there.

The Bad: Protects my head too well, now I don't have an excuse to get out of work...

Overall Review: I have had 2 pretty bad crashes with this helmet now, and it has protected my melon perfectly both times. Also, usually with really bad crashes the helmet will crack and you have to replace it, but this one is showing no signs of that. I love how light it is, it doesn't feel like you have a 15 pound lead weight wrapped around your head. It also doesn't make your head look like it's 2X bigger than your body, which really bothered me about other helmets. This helmet will not let you down!

Maxxis Ikon Tire

“Crosscountry at its finest!”


The Good: Great long lasting tread, 2.2 width is great for handling the trail, High-volume, lightweight, a true racing tire.

The Bad: I cant say there is a bad for the tire

Overall Review: Its a little pricey for these bad boys but so worth it in the end. i have a lot of fun with these tires and will buy them again and again.

WTB Mutano 2.4 Tire

“nice all around tire”


The Good: Due to the tight center knobs, it rolls incredibly fast. Corners amazingly. love the 2.4

The Bad: a tad unpredictable.

Overall Review: If the dirt is a little wet to dry, then this tire is perfect and will definitely put a huge smile on your face. Not the best in sloppy or powdery conditions however.

Schwalbe Albert Tire

“Schwalbe fat albert 2.40”


The Good: Lot of grip on soft terrains like wet soil, mud or grass. Easy to turn into the corners. Good durability.

The Bad: Too much resistance to roll. Specially tiring in long enduro trails.

Overall Review: Lot of grip on soft terrains like wet soil, mud or grass. Easy to turn into the corners. Good durability. Too much resistance to roll. Specially tiring in long enduro trails.

WTB Nano Tire

“This tire is amazing!”


The Good: Rolls incredibly fast. Super light weight. Hooks up like no other cross country tire I have ever ridden before.

The Bad: Possibly could be a little wider?

Overall Review: This tire is incredible! I don't think I will ever ride another tire in a cross country race again. For now on if I want something fast rolling that is light, and will hook up, then this will definitely be my tire of choice.

WTB Weirwolf Tire

“Fast rolling hooker”


The Good: It rolls surprisingly fast for how well it hooks up. Corners amazing in drier conditions.

The Bad: Tighter knobs make for not so good in the mud.

Overall Review: This is an amazing tire in dry conditions. Will hook up no matter how hard you lean the bike. Don't run it in mud though because it wasn't designed as a mud tire.

WTB Bronson Tire

“Best front tire choice”


The Good: Hooks up beautifully. Really shows its potential in the mud, or blown out dry conditions.

The Bad: A little flexy in hard pack conditions.

Overall Review: I use this tire on the front about 80% of the time. It is a great tire and will hook up on anything loose.

WTB Wolverine Tire

“Best all around tire”


The Good: Rolls very fast, perfect width, has thick rubber on top of the tread for the best flat protection, perfect for drier conditions.

The Bad: A little on the heavy side, and not the best for wet rocks/roots, but it isn't a wet tire anyway.

Overall Review: When the spring comes, and it gets to dry out a little, I will put this son my bike and leave it all summer. It is predictable, and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evolution Tire

“One hell of a tire”


The Good: I've been riding with the Racing Ralph (2.1 x 29) for almost 6 month now, and I have to say its a really good tire, I got them in my Giant anthem x 29, and since the first ride i noticed the good grip, of this tires, when climbing it has a really good traction and keeps a fast rolling speed... when it comes to hitting down the trials I was really surprised, they have a really good grip when going down, I've tried them on dusty trails as well in moody ones, and they work really good

The Bad: Well its hard to find a negative thing about this tires, I will say it might loose grips sometimes in really fast corners, and the wear-out fast.. in the last 6 moth I've changed the back tires twice and the front once ( I ride my bike 6 times a week, around 30km each day)

Overall Review: The Racing Ralph its and excellent all round tire, its will keep the traction while climbing without compromising the grip when you hit the trails....Its probably one of the best tires i've tried I will completely recommended to any one out there... totally recommended to a friend... In addition I can say I've tried otherSchwalbe tires, like the Muddy Mary, in my DH bike and its a REALLY good tire.... thumps up forSchwalbe, keep doing great tires

Banshee Spitfire V2 Frame

Vital Review

“Tested: 2013 Banshee Spitfire V2 - Get Aggressive”

Reviewed by Evan Turpen // Photos by Brandon Turman For the longest time Banshee Bikes were well off my radar. In 2007 I was a professional downhill racer and at the time their products represented heavy, overbuilt, and technologically lacking machines built for the “huckers” amongst us. That all changed in 2008, though, when they introduced the Legend MK1 downhill race bike and their unique approach to new product development. They released 50 frames to a select group of riders, racers, and engineers who all provided feedback that eventually went into the production frames. Banshee then went on to release many other Read More »