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Leatt DBX Ride Neck Brace

“Definitely worth it!”


The Good: The neck brace keeps your head straight and this in any crash is insanely important. When you crash and roll around, your body tends to move in ways it's not supposed, many times due to the conditions on Downhill, Freeride, Dirt Jumping or Slopestyle the neck moves the way it's not supposed to and this is when injuries happen. Totally preventive.

The Bad: The neck brace limits some movement of the neck, so lessens your range of view. You definitely get used to it.

Overall Review: This is a great neck brace, considering the price for it and the way it handles it's job, it's a great buy! It does take time to get used to, but the way it prevents injuries from your upper body is great. As your neck remains still while your rolling after a crash, your upper body basically stays put and it suffers a lot less! It's a great BUY!

Chromag MTB Chainring

“Rad Rings!”


The Good: Could go on for days... Great quality, unlimited size options, tons of colors if your into that, fits 9 and 10 speed chains, taller tooth profile to hold chain, and Machined in North America to top it off. Will never run anything else.. (please never stop making these Chromag!)

The Bad: ????????????????????????????????????

Overall Review: Have one on all 4 bikes I own. Simple solid Chromag quality. Wish more dealers in California would carry their goods....

Chromag Brandon Semenuks' 'Overture' Signature Model Saddle

“Look no further...”


The Good: Perfect shape for DJ riding, street, slopestyle, and all around ripping... Grippy, and just enough width to pinch with your legs in the air without feeling like you are running a bus seat. Killer!

The Bad: Could be lighter, but really stretching for something here. Favorite saddle for my SC Jackal.

Overall Review: Was running Chromag Snipe seat, because I hate over sized seats on my DJ bike. Have been avoiding even trying this saddle because it seemed to be thick and heavy. So wrong... Buy one now... You will be stoked...

Chromag Moon Saddle

“Great MTB Seat”


The Good: Great shape for aggressive trail riding. Nose stays out of the way when post is down and rider is on shred duty, and great alternative spot to climb from when post is extended on long seated climbs. Light with Ti rails and durable leather cover. My newest Moon TI model came with perforated leather and is still super comfortable. Chromag makes great bits...

The Bad: Slightly firm at first use, but what high end saddle isn't... Breaks in well.

Overall Review: Great all-around saddle. Love the shape so much I am running TI model on my trail bike, and Moon DT model on my Entourage. Killer for trail, but makes a great lower profile DH saddle that you can still lean into. Stoked!

Maxxis High Roller II Tire

“F N A Cotton!”


The Good: I was a big fan of the old HR tires, and the new HR II model leaves zero to be desired... Much more true to size now with killer sidewall and compound options. Less on or off feel through the corners and works well on a pretty wide variety of terrain. Running the 3C 2.4's on my Entourage and will never swap. They give you a ton of trust in your traction... Well done Maxxis..

The Bad: Still can't corner like Minnaar...

Overall Review: In short... They shred, and inspire true confidence when pushing your bikes limits. Whether you choose dual ply or single for trail or DH, can't imagine too many people being let down by these...

Leatt DBX Ride Neck Brace

“Leatt DBX Ride Neck Brace”


The Good: Great neck brace, very comfortable, doesn't move around

The Bad: hard to set up the rake on the back piece

Overall Review: Great neck brace very comfortable once set up ! lightweight but lighter ones would be better. definetely worth the money !!

Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet

“I have a big 'old dome”


The Good: Fit, air flow, light weight and style

The Bad: price and some of the designs are ugly

Overall Review: Troy Lee does it right. I've owned a 661 evo, 661 evo carbon, TLD D2 and a TLD D3. I don't know what I was thinking wearing anything but the D3 now that I have one. If i could sum it up into one statement it'd be peace of mind. I have a big, oddly shaped head but the D3 fits excellent. It's very comfortable and secure without any pressure points. When you star riding you notice excellent ventilation. The face opening is solid too. Most goggles will fit without getting their air vents blocked by the helmet. What you need to realized when you buy into TLD is that you buy into a service. These guys would Read More »

Avid X0 Trail Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“AVID's were always ok....”


The Good: Strong but not sneaky strong (stupid ad). No fade, predictable, great modulation and lever feel. Not On/Off.

The Bad: Avid stigma of being garbage.

Overall Review: I like my Code brakes a lot and oddly enough I liked my Elixir 5's that came with my Banshee Paradox. I did have a set of Elixir CR's that were good but not great. They faded, needed bled twice a season and gobbled like a turkey regardless of the weather or season. The XO Trail Brakes however are excellent. Very strong and they don't have the full on/full off feel other brakes in this niche do. My buddies all ride Shimano and swear by it, as they should because their brakes are excellent but I have to say I prefer XO Trail brakes to anything else I've tried. They even say that my XO's feel excellent. To get super Read More »

Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace

“I'm a hack.”


The Good: Comfortable, no straps needed, its blue, removable pads, saves your neck

The Bad: It broke my collar bone

Overall Review: Ok, I know that "The Bad" sounds like a bad thing but really it's not when put into context because the thing probably did a lot to save my neck. I had a season ending crash at one of our local downhill trails near Portland OR and among the many injuries that put me in the hospital for four days was a broken collar bone. Three different doctors all concluded, independently, based on my description of the fall that the brake was from a direct downward force to my right clavicle. Given the way i fell on my right side it had to be my helmet that pressed down into the brace that broke my collar bone. From what I Read More »

Leatt DBX Comp II Neck Brace



The Good: This brace is very light, from the first time out once I started riding I completely forgot it was there. Comfort is excellent, it doesn't interfere with you or your helmet. Leatt supplies it with three sets of sizing hardware which is very appreciated especially when there is nowhere local for me to try it on. Padding is easily removed so you can clean it. The brace has multiple adjustments that are very quick and simple so it is easy to fit it to you and your body size /type.

The Bad: None so far.

Overall Review: I will tell you this, it just works, I can attest to this personally. Recently on 5/19/13 we had a group session at our local spot. We were all hitting a jump called the ski slope. It is a large wooden feature that you double over the backside on to the lip and boost. I have done it many times only this time I came over too far went off the side of the ramp crashed through some brush sending me tumbling. I rolled on my head and the Leatt did it's job, so much that two of the guys watching said "you were like slow motion and saw it save me" They went the next day to order one. Thanks Leatt!