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Banshee Bikes Spitfire V2 Frame

“Amazing Trailbike”


The Good: Climbs well & lets you pin downhills. Feels like more travel than it has. Never too much travel. Stays amazingly agile. Just Super-Fun to ride.

The Bad: Weight slightly on the heavy side. Nothing for weight-weenies.

Overall Review: If you go down to the cellar and pick a bike - it's the spitty.... You just love it.

Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Pedal

Featured Review

“Simply Amazing Pedals”


The Good: Super thin pedal body<br /> Aluminum construction with machined pedal body surface<br /> Threaded traction pins provide ample amounts of traction

The Bad: Pedal pins can fall out if not loc-tited or kept snug (replacement pins included though)<br /> Pedals develop a bit of side to side movement with heavy use

Overall Review: These pedals are great. I recently did a review on the Crampon Magnesium pedal, and while these are slightly heavier, they performed better for me. I really like the machining on the pedal body - it gives me the extra traction I just couldn't quite get on the magnesium pedals. The shape of the pedal body itself is amazing - it is flat enough that you don't feel like it is a convex pedal but still gives you a very thin leading pedal edge. Overall, these pedals are my go-to favorites and get ridden more than any other pairs of flats I own. Definitely worth the money.

X-Fusion Metric HLR Fork

Vital Review

“Tested: X-Fusion Metric HLR Fork”

Review by David Howell // Photos by Dave Trumpore Until the last few years, parking lot...

Kore Torsion Stem

Featured Review

“Solid direct mount stem”


The Good: great bang for the buck

The Bad: no adjustability in length or rise

Overall Review: Kore stems may not have the exotic looks or fancy name brand that will get kids drooling over it...

Loaded Precision Napalm Carbon Stem

“Perfect Race Stem”


The Good: Legit! This is such a light weight stem its ridiculous! It's strong at I think about 90 grams. I like the length of it. Mine is 110mm but they offer 90, 100, and 120 as well. Also loaded backs it up with lifetime warranty

The Bad: I love carbon so nothing bothers me!!!

Overall Review: If your goal is to lighten up your bike, this is the stem to go with! It's been on my race bike along with their other carbon products. For carbon, I think it's priced fairly as well. With a lifetime warranty, nothing to fear. This stem is worth every penny!

Loaded Precision AmX Direct Mount Stem

“Beautiful stem”


The Good: Has a sweet design, they're strong, easy to install, light weight, sturdy. Love the color options as well.

The Bad: Can't complain

Overall Review: If you're looking to get a direct mount, this is by far one of the best ones out there. Compared to other brands, I've found that they're reasonably priced for the quality you get. I've been running mine for a while now and it's held up strong. The little design is pretty cool as well.

Loaded Precision AmX Flat Handlebar

“Amazing wide bar”


The Good: It's perfect for Dh or trail since I like running my bars wide. It's strong and I really appreciate the flat bar since I can get lower to my bike. Loaded has a lot of colors which is cool if your into colorful bikes. It's affordable which really helps the bank

The Bad: No complaints

Overall Review: I run these bars on my DH rig and dirt jumper as well. I really like having flat bars so they've worked for me. They seem to be a lot stronger than other bars since I've ran a couple of other brands but switched over to loaded's since I needed some gold ones. Really love them so far.