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Race Face Atlas Flat Pedal

“Flawed design”


The Good:

Lightweight, thin, pedal body can take a beating.

The Bad:

Poorly designed axles/bearings, bearing bulge is annoying, grip could be better

Overall Review: So, let's take about durability first, cause that's been my main issue with these pedals. About an hour into the first ride, the body came loose from the axle on the left pedal. Not the best start, but i went home and applied some locktite to the fastening screw. Then on the second ride the same thing happened to the right pedal (Yeah I know, I should have applied locktite to that one too. Call me an optimist.) That seems to have fixed it, cause I haven't had them fall off since. However after a few rides they started developing side-to-side play, and unlike Vitals reviewer I can certainly feel it while riding, though not Read More »
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Vital MTB member RaoulDuke
29931 RaoulDuke /images/default/avatar/c50.png,29931/all 03/01/14 1 1 46 1

2017 Tantrum Meltdown

Vital Review

“First Ride: 2017 Tantrum Meltdown”

Reviewed by Brandon Turman // Action photos by Shawn Spomer While hunting for new and exciting products among the thousands of booths at the Interbike tradeshow two years ago, I recall seeing a bright yellow bike roll by with a wild-looking suspension linkage. It was so different from the norm that it forced me to do a double-take. What on earth was I looking at, and why were there so many links? I chased down the bike's owner, Brian Berthold, to ask for more details. Though I'm well-versed in the mountain bike suspension realm, what Berthold proceeded to claim the bike performed like on trail puzzled me. Like many before him, Read More »
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Vital MTB member bturman
109 bturman,109/all 08/01/09 1137 96 6156 1023,109/setup 275 1223 2223 147 41

Five Ten Kestrel Clipless Shoe

Featured Member Review

“The Greatest All-Mountain Shoes with One Fatal Flaw ”


The Good:

Comfort, Quality Construction, Pedaling Performance, Walking Traction

The Bad:

Boa Closure System, A Little Heavy

Overall Review: The Five Ten Kestrel is a feature-rich shoe that offers fantastic craftsmanship, pedaling performance, comfort and off-the-bike traction. And if that was the end of the discussion there would be nothing on the market to keep it from being crowned the king of the all-mountain bike shoes. However, despite all the good features, no candid conversation about the Five Ten Kestrel can fail to consider, in full and painful detail, the Boa closure system, which might halt the coronation. But before we get to talking about the Boa closure, here are the indisputably good points: Pedaling performance on par with most XC race Read More »
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Vital MTB member Arkstorm
26789 Arkstorm /images/default/avatar/c50.png,26789/all 08/08/13 2 5

Enve Composites Carbon Fiber Mountain Sweep

“Ultimate bars”


The Good:

They really do help cut down on trail buzz. This reduces fatigue significantly on long, 3hr plus rides. Matched with big chunky oury grips, very comfy.

The Bad:

Price, but these are the best

Overall Review: Tried other carbon bars, these are so nice. You get what you pay for. My favourite XC bar. One minor crash in their life, no concerns over integrity.

KMC X11SL Chain

“Great chains”


The Good:

Crisp shifting on XX1 cassette with approx 3000miles on it, significantly better then SRAM'S PC-XX1 chains.

The Bad:

Nothing bad to say about these chains.

Overall Review: I alternate between three chains and swap after every ride, using KMC's included quick links. Doing this extends drivetrain life, and I swap out chains by the time they hit 0.5% stretch. Bike is ridden in all conditions. Using white lightning clean ride wax for lube.
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Vital MTB member link1896
35385 link1896 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,35385/all 05/04/15 5

Ergon GD1 Grip

Vital Review

“Tested: Ergon GD1 Grip”

Review by Johan Hjord // Photos by Johan Hjord and Tal Rozow You might know Ergon as the makers of those funky, half-flat grips that marathon riders like to use to keep their hands comfortable for very long days out. Well, the German manufacturer has also turned its attention to more conventional-looking grips, notably the GE1 that Richie Rude held onto for dear life all the way to the Enduro World Series overall title, and the downhill-oriented GD1 tested here. So, what can a little German engineering do for something as simple as a grip? Read on to find out! Ergon GD1 Highlights Intended use: Downhill, Freeride, Gravity Sizes: Read More »
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Vital MTB member iceman2058
94 iceman2058,94/all 08/01/09 768 82 832 1715,94/setup 54 346 3923 98 28

VP Components VP-VX Clipless Pedal

Featured Member Review

“VP VX Pedal Review”


The Good:

Solid engagement with pronounced "click", holds up well to rock strikes. decent sale price

The Bad:

Heavy, screws that hold on stationary part of the binding come loose and fall out

Overall Review: Overall a pretty nice pedal, and a decent alternative to Shimanopedals in terms of price. I bought these from Jenson for $25 which is a similar price to Shimano's M520 pedals. I think the pedal has a nice look to it, and they feel super solid in your hand. They are pretty heavy though, but do not feel a lotdifferent than a Shimano pedal in terms of weight. The tension adjustability is nice, I like mypedal tension pretty tight and these allowed for that no problem. They came with their own set of cleats, that are very similar to Shimano cleats, but I left myShimano cleats on and they worked fine together. One of Read More »
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Vital MTB member lagocza
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Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Expert 6Fattie Bike

“Levo is fun”


The Good:

Want to ride like an EPO junkie that lives at 10000' elevation racing at sea level, this is the bike.

The Bad:

Lots of diehard MTBrs hate electric bikes.

Overall Review: Federal law defines ebikes with a CONTINUES max power output of 750 watts,and 20MPH top speed with NO PEDALING with a 170# rider input as a bicycle. See 15 U.S. Code 2085 Low-Speed Electric Bicycles (B) for exact definition details. So in consulting with my attorney/friend, his professional opinion is ebikes with these limited power parameters are allowed to go anywhere a bicycle can go and are bound by the same rules of the road that bicycles are. The Turbo Levo is way under the power parameters set by the feds, first it won't do anything under its own power, needs human pedal input, 2nd, its peak Read More »
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Vital MTB member dirk.diggsbabs
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Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon MIPS Full Face Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon MIPS”

By Fred Robinson Troy Lee Designs’ Daytona, or D-series, helmets may very well be the most iconic line of full face helmets in mountain biking. Worn by some of our sport’s legends like Steve Peat, Shaun Palmer, Sam Hill, Aaron Gwin, Cam Zink and Brandon Semenuk, the list goes on and on and on. TLD's current helmet, the D3, hasn’t seen a big update for a number of years now, but as helmet technology advances, TLD has now integrated the MIPS system into the lid. If you don’t already know what MIPS is, here’s a quick run-down for you: MIPS, short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a Read More »
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Vital MTB member FredLikesTrikes
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