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MRP AMg V2 Chainguide

“No nonsense guide to protect your investment”


The Good:

Light'ish (i have the alloy version, also comes in carbon). Quiet Super easy install
looks great
protects your chain ring
added peace of mind

The Bad:

Not cheap but relative to other bike parts its a bargain

Overall Review: I have used an XX1 setup since it came out. Originally with a 32t ring up front and no guide. The narrow-wide ring + the clutch does wonders for keeping your chain on however its by far not guaranteed to stay on. In the past 3'ish years I've dropped my chain probably 5 times and I noticed it had become much more frequent as the chain aged. After a chain swap i found it was tight as can be yet I was still clocking my ring on rocks and such. Something like this guide is the perfect solution. It fits rings down to 26 in size (now I'm using a 28), the install took literally 5 min without evening having to remove my cranks, it's Read More »

Loaded Precision X-Lite Quick Release Post Clamp

Featured Review

“Beautiful Bicycle Jewelry ”


The Good:

Super lightweight, over 50% lighter than my stock QR clamp. Advertised weight was spot on (24g) via my digital postage scale. Beautiful machining, no razor sharp edges. Smooth radius cuts and curvy contours. Titanium bolt doesn't corrode and knurled thumb nut offers easy adjustment even with sweaty gloves or greasy fingers. Smooth and precise pivot is wiggle free. Lever has a nice shape that is easy on the hand when clamping tightly.

The Bad:

A bit pricey, but inline with other QR clamps made from the same materials and comparable weight. The lever looks fragile and kinda feels that way when clamping down. Although, I havent noticed any flexing or been fearful of breaking it, even when clamping down tighter than i probably should.

Overall Review: First I must admit to being a bit of a bling whore. I typically choose to keep it somewhat less flashy though, so I chose to order the clear anodized (silver) clamp. I ordered directly from the manufacturer and despite being on the opposite coast of the country, I received the clamp in 3 business days. Packaging was small and simple, requiring only a pair of scissors to cut a single cable tie to free the clamp from its retail card. Holding the clamp in hand was a pleasure. It is unbelievably lightweight and has a feel comparable to a fine wristwatch. After removing the factory QR clamp and Read More »

2014 Giant Anthem 27.5 3 Bike

“Purely the best. ”


The Good:

Fast, easy to maneuver, confidence inspiring, excellent climber

The Bad:

Can make for a nerve wracking experience on only treacherous descends.

Overall Review: So easy to blaze through the trails with the Anthem. Only a few times going down steep descend that I felt overwhelmed. Had to really position myself over the rear tire, but other than that. Great bike.

Novik T.E.C. Gloves

“Novik T.E.C. Apollo 365”


The Good:

Flashy looks and not too bulky

The Bad:

Seams dig under fingernails and ripped after one ride.

Overall Review: I bought these last week, and I was assured the shop has never had a pair returned; now I have to be that guy. The fingertip seams were painful from the beginning, but they eased up after a short while and quit digging under my nails. After my trail ride, I realized the webbing seam between my index finger and thumb had blown out. My hands were in better shape than with my TLD ACE gloves, but those lasted for a couple months before blowing out. Hey, Novik, there are already plenty of gloves on the market that last a single ride; we didn't need more competition.

Smith Method Sunglasses Purple Fade/Rose Gradient Lens

“Best sunglasses ever ”


The Good:

Perfect fit, super stylish yet sporty. I lost these and have yet to find a good replacement. They don't make this style anymore.

The Bad:

No longer available. One of the arms broke, and I had to super glue them a few times because I wasn't ready to give them up!

Overall Review: I wish I could still buy these! Greatest sunglasses!

Lizard Skins DSP Grip

“Lizard Skin DSP”


The Good:

Soft, comfy, easy install

The Bad:

A little pricey

Overall Review: Great grips. Very easy and quick to install.  My grip felt solid when chattering through a washboard-like rock garden at high speed.  They feel good and look even better! 

Banshee Rune V2 Frame

“Sleeper Enduro Bike "Nomad Killer"”


The Good:

Climbs much better than 160mm 30+ lb bike should. Bullet proof construction. Makes technical trails seem easy. Thinks it's a downhill bike on the decants. Adjustable BB and head angle. Eats SC Nomads for lunch.

The Bad:

There is not too much bad to say about this bike. I only have a few complaints. The frame is a little on the heavy side. The internal dropper post routing on a small frame is too high on the seat post. This causes the hose to kink as it has to make a slight S bend inside the seat tube. Finish quality should be a little better considering the cost of a frame.

Overall Review: ​The Banshee Rune really is a good as everyone states. It turns any trail into a fun trail. My Rune is a small 2014 27.5 version. I built it up with a 160 Pike RCT fork, DBAIR shock, and a 10 speed XT 1X component group. The Rune really is a great do it all bike. I ride mine on long flatter XC rides, technical enduro rides, downhill, and in the bike park. I highly recommend the Rune for anyone looking for a more-aggresive all mountain ride.

7iDP Control Suit

“Better than a Armor Shirt”


The Good:

Light weight and usable with Leatt and Atlas braces. Cooler than wearing an armor shirt

The Bad:

Needs to offer a little more shoulder protection.

Overall Review: Overall a much better armor choice compared with the SS Base Suit. The Control Suit is lighter, breaths better, and feels more comfortable. Plus, the sizing is more accurate.

7iDP Transition SS Base Suit

“A Good Idea that Needs Some Work”


The Good:

Great concept. Multi piece spine protection and chest protection. Works with Leatt and Atlas braces.

The Bad:

Sizing is way off. I normally wear a medium shirt. The SS Base Suit was way to big and bulky. I ended up selling it to a friend who is over 6 ft tall and it fits him much better.

Overall Review: The SS Base Suit is a great idea; however, 7iDP needs to work on sizing, ventilation, and reducing the bulk of this suit.

Shimano SLX Cassette 10 Speed HG81

“SLX Cassette is a Smooth Operator”


The Good:

Fits 9 speed cassette body
Smooth shifting
Lighter weight

The Bad:

only goes up to 36 teeth
not as compatible with expander ring upgrades (Oneup Wolf Tooth)

Overall Review: Picked up this cassette as part of a 10 speed conversion and have been pleasantly surprised with it. Shimano's SLX group set has gotten great praise overall, but personally I wasn't in love with their 9 speed group set that I was upgrade from, but due to an ordering error on my part the SLX cassette is what I ended up getting. One thing I love is the compatibility with 9 speed cassette bodies. While we would all love 11 speeds, the whole switching of cassette hubs or getting new wheels, or even a new bike is a bit unattainable for many of us. My original cassette was a 9 speed Sram Power Glide and the Read More »