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Latest Product Reviews


Alpinestars RP-5 Rain MX Pants

“MX Pants from Alpinestar ”


The Good: comfortable, fit well, affordable, breathable

The Bad: color but other than that they are fine

Overall Review: I've had problems finding good rain pants but these work out really well. Enjoy riding in them. They're comfortable

Loaded Precision AmXC

“Perfect XC Bar”


The Good: strong, light, durable, lasted me a while, inexpensive, colors to choose from

The Bad: Not anything

Overall Review: I have these on my Trek Fuel and really enjoy them. Had to cut them down a bit since I have narrow shoulders, but they fit me good. I like the slight rise to them, the are super comfortable. Loaded offers them in several colors which is great. They are strong and only $80. I got mine through Jensons and they shipped it out fast

Royal 2014 Stage Jersey

Vital Review

“Tested: Royal Racing Stage Jersey”

Review by AJ Barlas // Photos by Jon Anthony and AJ Barlas Royal Racing has hit the trails with...

2014 Specialized Camber EVO 29

Vital Review

“2014 Test Sessions: Specialized Camber EVO 29”

Reviewed by Jess Pedersen and John Hauer // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Lear Miller In a time...

Thomson Elite Seatpost

“Awesome seat post”


The Good: Have had it for over 10 years and it's still great. Zero complaints. Has been on two different bikes and tied with one other part that's the oldest things on my bike. Confident i will run it for years to come.

The Bad: Nothing i can think of.

Overall Review: Excellent post that's worth every penny.

Shimano PD-MX30 Flat Pedal

“Shimano DX Pedals”


The Good: Grippy with long pins installed. Pedals come with short pins in pedals and long pins in a bag.look good after years of riding and non damaged pins can be replaced. I have had 2 sets of these pedals over several years on a Blur LT I ride for everything but DH and DJ. Work good in all conditions and replacement pins are available and i have done that. have a set on a dirt jump bike as well that are still perfect after a few years of riding.

The Bad: Pins can get ripped out and become un-replaceable. Rock strikes have taken their toll on my current set. I'm missing a few pins on each pedal right now and looking for something different in the spring. The older pedals I had seemed to last a lot longer than the newest set under same riding conditions.

Overall Review: Great for my dirt jump bike but not the best for trail or bike bike park use, especially if it's rocky.

Spank Lock-On Grip

“Spank Grips”


The Good: When new they feel great and very grippy and they have a fairly small diameter. nice comfortable width without much extra on either side of hand. I'm 6'2" and had them on both a trail bike and a dirt jump bike.

The Bad: They wear down to smooth very fast. A couple months and you can see where my fingers fit on the grip and a lot of surface has become smooth. Seems a lot to spend all the time on grips.

Overall Review: Would be good for a season if you don't ride that much.