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Maxxis Ardent Tire

“Maxxis Ardent 27.5 x 2.25”


The Good:

Amazing on loose dirt and slippery surfaces, good on wet ground, cool sound as the wheels are on pavement, strong sidewall impenetrable basically, I've thrown a lot at these tires and they haven't disappointed,

The Bad:

Tires tend to clog up slightly when going through mud (most tires do)

Overall Review: The tires will not disappoint they will tackle any surface and won't disappoint, have a few minor things which isn't too bad, amazing grip and reliability

Race Face Love Handle Grip

Featured Review

“Love Handles Aren't Just For Thick Girls”


The Good:

Good ergonomic design, High quality Rubber, Well thought out patterns, dual locking rings with durable bolts.

The Bad:

Questioning the durability (long term) of parts of the grips.

Overall Review: Purchased these to go on my 2016 Scott Gambler 720. I'm a firm believer that having well designed contact components (where you attach to your bike) can and will improve rider confidence which later improves skills. In terms of contact components, there isn't any other piece of the bike that is more hands-on than the grips. Thats why selecting a good pair is of the up-most importance. From flat to mega-ergonomic design, there are an endless amount of grips to choose from. After trying many grips out there throughout the years (Lock-on Charger, Squarewave, ODI TLD, Ruffian Lock-on, GX MTB, etc) I have learned that my hands Read More »
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Vital MTB member dirtworks911
14755 dirtworks911,14755/all 04/09/12 4,14755/setup 1 28 53

Ryders Eyewear Seventh Glasses

Vital Review

“Tested: Ryders Eyewear Seventh Glasses”

by Justin Schroth As with all gear that protects vital parts of our body, we might not realize how crucial it is until it’s not there protecting us. Dirt, rocks, debris, branches, and UV rays are your sensitive eyeballs' worst enemy, but there are drawbacks that turn most people off from rocking a pair of shades on the bike: uncomfortable frames that slip down, lenses that fog up every time you stop for a breather, or dark lenses that don’t transition well for those rides that extend as the sun goes down. With their headquarters in North Vancouver, Ryders Eyewear has the ability to develop, test, and punish eyewear in Read More »
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Vital MTB member Lucent
16 Lucent,16/all 07/28/09 8 23 49 68,16/setup 2 23 8 230 24 1

VP Components VP-Aim Flat Pedal

Vital Review

“Tested: VP Aim Flat Pedals”

Review by Nick Zuzelski // Action photo by Carl Gray Flat pedals come in all shapes and sizes these days, and almost every model boasts some feature that sets them apart. Those features will cost you a pretty penny, however. After having lots of luck with VP's higher end flat and clipless pedals in the past, we threw on a pair of their budget-minded Aim platforms and hit the trails. VP Aim Pedal Highlights Die-cast aluminum body Forged and heat treated CNC machined chromoly axle LSL and sealed cartridge bearings 105 x 105 x 18mm platform 425 grams per pair Replaceable steel traction pins Rebuild kit available Colors: Read More »
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Vital MTB member Zoomlinski
2655 Zoomlinski,2655/all 04/29/10 1 19 23

2016 Orbea Rallon X30

Vital Review

“Tested: 2016 Orbea Rallon X30”

by Kevin Shiramizu Following a successful overhaul in 2014, the Orbea Rallon sees a few minor geometry, suspension, and aesthetic tweaks for 2016. For this test we looked at their budget-oriented version, the X30. The 160mm travel bike is equipped with 27.5 wheels and aimed at those who like to smash everything except their bank account. The bike shares the same frame as Orbea's higher end Enduro World Series shredding models but for a lower price tag and with a bit more girth around the waistline. Highlights Hydroformed triple-butted alloy frame 27.5 (650b) wheels 160mm (6.3-inches) of front and rear wheel travel Advanced Read More »
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Vital MTB member k.shiz
14 k.shiz,14/all 07/24/09 75 23 52 591 101 165 1 260 19 12

Easton EC90 XC 29" Wheelset

“In a World of Wide Wheels......I Still LOVE this Wheelset!”


The Good:

~ 1442 grams
~ Armored Ballistic Composite is very compliant ~ Can safely run up to 29" x 2.30" tires
~ Tiny water drain holes
~ Spins up FAST, climbing any steep grade
~ High-tension, 24 Sapim butted spokes per wheel is killer-stiff
~ Easton M-221 SL hub bearings are butter-smooth
~ Decent, 19mm internal rim width
~ Able to run SRAM 1x11 drivetrain
~ Great resale value

The Bad:

~ Almost $2000/new wheelset

Overall Review: I've demoed NOX Composites, ENVE, DT Swiss, Light Bicycle, Carbon Rovals and Stans Race Gold wheels yet, still nothing comes close to the stiff, creamy trail ride the EC90 gives. They have over 3 solid years of hard, dry, rocky, desert riding on them and the wheels are still straight as an arrow. I wanna kill these wheels so I can get something newer - but they simply don't want to die. I have even tried wide AM/Enduro(Ibis, Derby, etc.) carbon wheels....but that is still a lateral move, despite all the hype about the superiority of wide wheels. True, control and traction always trumps weight....but get those Read More »
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100% RideFit Gloves

“100% RideFit Gloves”


The Good:

Breathe well, comfortable, unique graphic options

The Bad:

No knuckle protection

Overall Review: Click the link below to check out my review of the 100% RideFit gloves on my blog! 100% RideFit Gloves Review
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Vital MTB member lagocza
32917 lagocza,32917/all 10/07/14,32917/setup 4 4 16

Royal 2016 Stage2 Short

“Royal racing stage short”


The Good:

Comfortable, good fit, good features.

The Bad:

Nothing so far!

Overall Review: Click the link below to check out my review of the royal racing Stage short on my blog! Royal Racing Stage Short review
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Vital MTB member lagocza
32917 lagocza,32917/all 10/07/14,32917/setup 4 4 16

Specialized 2FO Cliplite Shoe

Vital Review

“Tested: Specialized 2FO Cliplite Shoe”

Review by AJ Barlas // Product Photos by AJ Barlas // Action Photos by Steve Li Specialized first launched the 2FO (Foot Out, Flat Out) range of shoes in mid 2014, and the original skate-styled clipless model has since made its way onto many a rider's foot from World Cup downhillers to the regular Joey. Specialized weren’t prepared to stop there, though, and less than twelve months later they released the 2FO Cliplite - a shoe that looks to be the child of the popular 2FO and a pair of XC slippers, blending casual aesthetics with a stiff sole. The goal was to create a light shoe that still offers ample Read More »
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Vital MTB member ardor
19406 ardor,19406/all 10/30/12 5 3 312 4,19406/setup 2 24 1 92 31 4

Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH Frame

“Quality Frame, Great Price, Awesome Company”


The Good:

Easy to set up, easy to maintain, great suspension characteristics, made in the U.S.

The Bad:

I guess they're taking manufacturing jobs away from Taiwan...

Overall Review: The bike is pretty much all they say it is: simple, stiff, likes going fast. The suspension lends itself to getting up and over obstacles.  I have it set up so it has plenty of traction while maintaining great bottom out resistance. In fact, I don't think I have ever been more comfortable just sending it to flat or less-than-ideal landing situations; the suspension is that confidence inspiring.  The geometry is great; slightly longer reach gives an unreal feeling of security. I expected a bike with more length to be harder to throw around in the air, but honestly I haven't noticed a significant difference. The bike corners excellently too. I don't notice any lateral flex no matter how hard I push it into corners. I have been really pleased with mine, and would absolutely recommend it to a friend.