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7iDP Transition SS Base Suit

Featured Review

“downhill under armor ”


The Good:

this gear is made of quality materials. great shoulder pads. I was super impressed by the feel and look of the product. the padding is really light and fits perfectly snug. having the padding removable for washing was the best part, as i like to keep my gear smelling fresh. nothing is worse than sitting next to the guy who smells like a bum camp...

The Bad:

the chest pad was way to hot for me. the instant i put it on, i had sweat rolling down from my tits instantly. felt like i was wearing a fur from an arctic caribou across my chest. the spine was a bit better than the front, but not by a whole bunch. and this was on a 65 degree day at the local bike park. getting the shirt off after riding for 6 hours and having the thing dripping with sweat was almost impossible. i was so overheated i almost passed out trying to worm my way out of the thing. it fits tight like its suppose to and trying to remove it without just ripping it apart was a huge challenge. a buddy will be your best bet to get the thing off once its sticky and sweaty.. better be a good pal....
didnt seem to fit well with my atlas neck brace like it claimed. the brace would not sit normally like it did without wearing the shirt. price is a bit steep. but is worth is if it actually holds up for a few years.

Overall Review: the overall product seems great in looks and quality. i really liked the feel of the material. i bought this armor after having a bad crash and nearly breaking my back. figured it was time to get some real spine protection since im getting older and i dont have mom to take care of me anymore (grown up). my one concern when buying some spine protection was having something that actually went down far enough to cover the whole spinal area. this product did the job. it might seem a bit to long for some. but it was just perfect for me. as i have used the troy lee armor that only covers about three quarters of the Read More »

7iDP Control Knee Pad

Featured Review

“Slow grower, comes good in the end”


The Good:

Hard outer shell is on the money for shorts wearers. Fairly comfortable once worn-in. Top of knee protection. Doesn't slip down while pedalling and crashing (so far).

The Bad:

Uncomfortable to begin with. A little loose around the top opening, and a little tight on the calf.

Overall Review: I'm writing this review in response to 7idp's call for feedback on their products, so it is heavy on suggestions. I'll start out by saying that out of the three knee pads currently still operational in my collection, these are my most preferred - especially when wearing shorts. I also have the Race Face Flank d3o knee/shin - which have been relegated to long pants wearing shuttle/lift days only (after repeated heavy knee impacts/abrasions when they always catch the outer fabric and slide down on otb's wearing shorts), and the Troy Lee KG5450 - which the top elastic has become so loose that they fall down on any small Read More »

7iDP Covert Knee Pad

“7 IDP Covert Knee Pad”


The Good:

Great fit - Versatile padding - Very secure - Lightweight + Airy - Bombproof

The Bad:

No flaws that I can find

Overall Review: There really is nothing bad to write about these pads. The versatility is the highlight. Being able to remove or add the thicker padding/plastic cap and make them as lightweight or bomber as you want is simple and ideal. Makes it easy to wash too! And incredibly easy to fit in a small pack. The lack of any straps puts people off but I find they have a tendency to bunch up at the back of the knee, just above the calf, only a little but enough to feel like a strap holding them in place. You can see by the way the material is in the back this is built in to the design. It makes them very comfortable to ride in without Read More »

Chromag Lynx DT Saddle

“Quality and Comfort”


The Good:

Amazing construction
Looks perfect
Comfortable and relatively light

The Bad:

Absolutely nothing

Overall Review: ​After many positive experiences with Chromag products, I expected nothing less with the Lynx DT. The material used is extremely high quality and the decals looks great. The seat is very comfortable even for AM use and feels very solid. There isn't anything I can find wrong with this amazing product.

SixSixOne Rage Knee Guard

“Good for the price”


The Good:

Good padding/protection

The Bad:

Not the best for pedaling
Tend to move

Overall Review: This pad is very good for the price point, however you may be best served by dropping a few extra dollars on a nicer set. The downfall of this pad is in the fit. The material and construction are surprisingly high quality, but they don't stay where they need to and that makes them uncomfortable for longer days on the bike. Great for the technical downhills but I would rather not use them at all when pedaling the uphills.

Race Face Narrow/Wide Chainring

“Phenomenal ”


The Good:

Easy Installation
Looks Good
Works as advertised

The Bad:

Finish wears away (as expected)

Overall Review: Race face has changed the 1X game with the introduction of this chainring. The narrow-wide offers easy 1x configuration for virtually any crank configuration without the necessity of a chain guide. I have used this product for anything from cross country to freeride/DH and have dropped my chain only a few times, which wouldnt have happened if I were using a clutch rear deraileur. In addition to the product functionality, it also looks great and adds a little bit of flair to your ride. Naturally, the finish has worn away where the chain contacts the chainring teeth.

Chromag Fubar OSX Handlebar

Featured Review

“Great bar with style”


The Good:

Great color options. Come wide enough to trim to preferred length. Easy index marks to align shifters/brakes.

The Bad:

Heavy for AM use.

Overall Review: The Fubar OSX is the perfect blend of performance and style all combined into one fantastic product. The paint and anodized options make sure you can find a color to fit any whip. The bar comes at quite wide but has markings on the ends for easy trimming. The gentle rise is comfortable. This bar is virtually bombproof, I have taken many spills with it, with no more than cosmetic damage. While the bar is billed more towards the FR crowd, it can be use for AM or even XC riding( at some weight penalty). In the hand, the bar feels stiff and inspires confidence. I highly recommend this product to the rider that wants to upgrade their cockpit with a little bit of flair.

2015 Intense M16 Pro Build

Vital Review

“Tested: Intense M16”

Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Matt Puzel Right as lift season started, we were lucky enough to get our hands on Intense's latest addition to the M-Series Downhill Race machines, the M16. In the evolution of arguably the most iconic line of Downhill bikes, the new M16 sees a few changes over the previous flagship M9. Most obvious is the introduction of 27.5” wheels, in addition to some minor tweaking of the suspension and geometry. Gone is the adjustable wheelbase and head-angle of the M9, but Intense kept the travel and progression options in place allowing either 8.5 or 9.5 inches of VPP travel and a high and low setting for Read More »

100% Speedcraft LL Glasses

Vital Review

“Tested: 100% Speedcraft Glasses”

by AJ Barlas In the world of downhill the vast majority of riders sport a pair of their favorite goggles for eye protection, whether against dust and debris, or to keep the wind out of their eyes. It's so common that more often than not we're surprised to see someone rocking a full-face helmet without a pair. Step down to the trail bike though and eyewear flips the other way, with those rocking some protective glass tending to be the black sheep in the paddock. Goggles and the half-shell helmet have grown in popularity, but realistically goggles are far from the best tool for this application. While some of the rationale Read More »

Fouriers Narrow Wide CR-DX003-AH Chainring

Vital Review

“ Tested: Fouriers MageSK CR-DX004 Cassette Add-On and Narrow Wide CR-DX003-AH”

With the growing popularity of 1x drive trains, Fouriers has refined the overdrive setup and developed a full conversion kit. Combining it with the CR-DX003-AH narrow wide chain ring up front makes for a weight shedding, granny gear climbing machine. The MageSK CR-DX004 cassette add-on includes a 16t chain ring for clean shifting and a longer b-tension screw for proper derailleur setup. While designed for Shimano cassettes and not SRAM their website states, "...but you can give it a shot." And we did just that. MageSK CR-DX004 Cassette Add-OnHighlights Conversion kit for 10-speed Shimano cassettes Full Read More »