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2014 Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon XX1 AM 27.5 with ENVE Wheels

Vital Review

“2014 Test Sessions: Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon”

Reviewed by Brandon Turman and Steve Wentz // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Lear Miller The 125mm...

Loaded Precision X-Lite Stainless Spokes

“Colorful spokes”


The Good: these spokes add some bling to any wheelset. They're strong and the anodizing is thick so they have lasted me a while.

The Bad: Nothing. I really enjoy the color options.

Overall Review: I ordered these spokes in white, with gold nipples on blue rims. The wheelset looks sweet! They're inexpensive, color lasts a long time so far. I'm happy with them.

2014 Intense Tracer T275 Carbon Pro

Vital Review

“Tested: All-New 2014 Intense Tracer T275 Carbon”

Review by Brandon Turman // Photos by Tim Bardsley-Smith and Intense Cycles On January 14,...

2014 Marin Mount Vision Carbon XM Pro

Vital Review

“2014 Test Sessions: Marin Mount Vision Pro XM”

Reviewed by Steve Wentz, Evan Turpen and Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Lear...

Race Face Atlas FR Cranks

“Race Face Atlas Cranks”


The Good: Great super stiff cranks. have been running a set for years that are 3x9 configuration. Have held up to a lot of riding from XC to freeride and lift accessed terrain. Solid feeling and you don't have to think about them at all. just ride.

The Bad: A bit expensive and a little heavy but maybe not a really a bad thing? Have never gotten a long life out of a Race Face bottom bracket.

Overall Review: Nice solid long lasting durable crank set.

Hadley 20mm Dowhill Front Hub

“Very Nice Hubs”


The Good: Low maintenance durable hubs. Have them on my dirt jump bike and the rear has the same engagement feel as the Kings on my XC bike. Have been great hubs and plan on running them for a long time. Have had zero issues with them and they just work great. They are at the top of my list for future wheel builds.

The Bad: I wish Hadley had a website with all their hub info available.

Overall Review: Great durable long-lasting American made hubs.

Chris King ISO Disc Rear Hub

“Awesome hub!”


The Good: Have been running these for at least 7 years and have had them professionally serviced twice and I partially serviced them twice. They have been flawless. Near instant engagement and tough. they have seen a lot of miles in all conditions and I have no doubt they will be running smooth for years to come. Have been laced to 2 different rims and seen some hard riding including a bad landing that broke some spokes. Silver finish is still nice too.

The Bad: Kinda loud and once you have been running them it sucks to ride anything with lesser engagement.

Overall Review: Great hubs that will last a long time if you take care of them.

SixSixOne Evo Knee Guards Knee/Shin Pad

“EVO knee pads”


The Good: I have been using these for a 2-3 years now. At Rays indoor park I have needed them a couple times that i fell on larger jumps to a concrete floor. They worked really well. Without them my day would have been over and maybe a trip to the Urgent Care? Walked away and kept riding. Totally worth the price. I wear them under jeans with no problems and with shorts. Have also worn them on trail rides on my XC bike. Maybe overkill for that but they were fine and after 10 minutes you forget they are on. Can't really say how they are in really hot weather but indoors under jeans and 2-3 hours of riding they don't get very sweaty that you notice and remain comfortable.

The Bad: Now that they are a few years old they don't want to stay in place quite as they used to. The velcro straps are too stretchy. to keep them tight I am almost at the end of usable vecro. It's not a huge problem and i will replace them with these same pads next year.

Overall Review: Well made comfortable pads that work really well.