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2014 Jamis Trail X 650 Bike

“Good Bike for XC ”


The Good:

650 tires, disk breaks, it's a bike! I can ride and it looks good enough, price was under 500, front shock lock out,

The Bad:

OMG the seat is the worst, bike is heavy a bit over 30 lb, some low end parts, front shock squishie,

Overall Review: It handles well, my first hard tail and I like it, tires are good for xc bike, front shock has no prescription load, my fit is a bit off, I didn't pay a lot for the bike but it handles well and it's fast, does what I need the most that XC, I still a real mountain bike,  as stated it's a  hard tail so it's limited in Virginia mountainus backcountry, can't afford better yet.

Specialized SWAT Pro Bib

Vital Review

“Tested: Specialized SWAT Pro Bib Liner”

Review by AJ Barlas Back in 2014, Specialized released a product that caused a little of a stir in the mountain bike world. The release of the first SWAT bib seemed to pit those that don’t have an issue with wearing a pack up against those that dislike packs—unintentionally. Those that choose not to wear a pack were generally excited to have a way of stowing some spares and food, while the backpackers just didn’t see the point… A year or so later and Specialized, as well as a number of other brands, have released more apparel capable of holding extra’s and freeing up the rider. It seems that there is a demand for Read More »

VEE Tire Co. Flow Rumba Tire

Vital Review

“Tested: VEE Tire Co. Flow Rumba”

Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Fred Robinson & @luca_cometti_photo (action) Not long ago, looking for an aggressive 27.5 Downhill worthy tire was a chore, but now that the industry has fully committed to the tweener wheel standard for DH, we're starting to see more and more viable options pop up. Enter VEE Tire Co, a company that has been in the industry for over thirty years and strives to offer affordable, yet innovative products in an effort to provide you all out performance while keeping your wallet happy. We recently got the opportunity to try out VEE's newest tire, the Flow Rumba, which VEE themselves Read More »

FUNN Carbonation Solo Crank

Vital Review

“Tested: FUNN Carbonation Solo Cranks”

Review by Nick Zuzelski // Action photos by AJ Barlas FUNN has been offering alloy components for years, but this season FUNN broke into the carbon game with their new Carbonation Solo crankset. Featuring their Solo narrow/wide chainring, this crankset is aimed at aggressive 1x-drivetrain riders seeking the performance and bling of carbon along with the chain retention abilities of a narrow/wide chainring. Carbonation Solo Crank Highlights Designed for XC / AM / DH Arm Material: UD Carbon Crank Length: 170 / 175mm BCD: 104mm Chainring Size: 30T, 32T, 34T, 36T Chainring Material: AL 7075 Full CNC BB Axle-Width: 68 / 73 , Read More »

Maxima Assembly Lube

Vital Review

“Tested: Maxima Assembly Lube”

Review by Fred Robinson // Wrenching by Josh Job Maxima have been hitting the Cycling market hard recently and both professional wrenches and home mechanics alike will attest, their products not only do what they say they'll do, but they do it well and smell great while doing so. Smell great? Yup, you read that right, every Maxima product is scented, and while that obviously doesn't play any part in how well the product performs, ask any wrench who's been cooped up in the back of a shop all day if something like how good or bad a product smells makes a difference to them, if they've experienced the pleasant Read More »

2015 Norco Ryde 26 Bike

“Bad Shocks”


The Good:

seems good haven't had it for long

The Bad:

on the second day we had it, the shocks made a terrible noise when it rebounded. (THE SECOND DAY!!!!!!!!) i went to our local bike shop and they said that everyone of these shocks will make this noise so forget getting that same shock.

Overall Review: the bike is actually quite decent, its just the shocks that are very poor quality, which is disappointing. if i were norco, i probably would change them :(

Fly Racing Prizm Knee Guard

Vital Review

“TESTED: Fly Prizm Knee Guard”

Fly Racing Prizm Knee Guards are the lone mountain bike knee pad option from the long-established Moto and now MTB brand. The $84.95 knee protectors are well-built and offer some pretty high-tech protection solutions. Like most modern pads, the Prizms fall into this in-between region of protection. They're not quite full-on DH pads, but they're a bit bulky for a lot of uphilling. Fly worked with a European foam developer to create their soft Reaktiv Prizm Foam (RPF) which is used as the main protective element in the pad. The pad's design, foam usage and outer Kevlar construction means the Prizm is a CE Read More »

6D ATB-1 Full Face Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: 6D ATB-1 Full Face Helmet”

Review by Jeff Brines // Action photos by Matthew Doherty When it comes to function, downhill-oriented mountain bike helmets have remained more or less the same over the last decade. Helmets have become better looking, helmets have become lighter and in some cases, such as inclusion of MIPS, helmets have become marginally better at protecting your head. But, for the most part, helmets haven’t changed too much. New comer to the mountain bike space, 6D, has launched their ATB-1 full face helmet, which aims to make a marked improvement when it comes to noggin floggin'. This is not a mail-order, re-branded generic helmet, but Read More »

Race Face Tailgate Pad

Vital Review

“Tested: Race Face Tailgate Pad”

Having owned a Dakine truck pad for a couple of years I was excited about the introduction of a new pad on the market. While most pads do a good job of protecting your truck's tailgate, when the road gets rough it's very easy to damage bikes when they shift positions and rub on each other. Race Face has addressed these issues by adding down tube straps and raised foam bumpers to keep bikes in their place. Designed with shuttling in mind, there are foam bumpers for up to seven bikes and five Velcro down tube straps for a more secure fit. Race Face Tailgate Pad Highlights Tough, 600D + PVC pad material with DWR water Read More »

KS Ether Stem

Vital Review

“KS Ether Stem”

With KS first making their presence know in the mountain bike arena with a wide range of dropper posts, they look to further expand and out fit your cockpit with the introduction of the ETHER handlebar and stems. Continue reading to get our take on the Ether Rise Bar and Ether Stem KS Ether Rise Bar: Material: Carbon or Aluminum Clamp Size: 31.8 or 35mm Width: 720mm (Flat)/780mm (Rise) Rise: 0mm (Flat)/20mm (Rise) Upsweep: 9 Backsweep: 9 Colors: Black Weight: Flat Carbon:0 lb 6.9 oz (197 g) Flat Aluminum:0 lb 8.9 oz (252 g) Rise Carbon:0 lb 7.3 oz (207 g) Rise Aluminum:0 lb 11.4 oz (322 g) Ether Stem: Material: Alloy Clamp Size: 31.8 Read More »