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Cane Creek DBinline Air Shock

Featured Review

“Cane Creek DBinline Air”


The Good:

Cane Creek Provides Many Tunes, Extra Oil Volume Compared to Other Inline Shocks, Four Way Compression/Rebound Adjustment, Cane Creek's website to aid in set-up

The Bad:

Blew The Compression/Rebound Circuits After 3 Months

Overall Review: I knew it was time to look for something different when I was feeling inconsistent performance on my Fox Float CTD shock (pre DPS). I had looked at multiple options for my Devinci Troy with 140mm travel in the rear and 160mm up front. I am not a weight weenie, but I did not necessarily want to go with a full piggyback shock either. That is where the Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline finds its place. I have been using it since the end of June and figured that about 4.5 months was a good test length. Some of the highlights include: Cane Creek provides many tunes on their website to give a base tune for your specific Read More »

Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks

“Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks”


The Good:

Easy to setup, Strong, Cinch setup for single ring, Lightweight for aluminum cranksets

The Bad:

Need cassette lock ring tool for removal or chainring

Overall Review: These by far were the easiest set of cranks I have installed. The tension preload ring makes it very easy by getting rid of all spacers. The only negative I gave them is not really even a negative as it is a common tool, but you will need a cassette lockring tool. They are easy to come by, and it is used to fasten the chanring to the crank. They are pretty light for an aluminum crank and with 30t charinring and bottom bracket weighs just 673 grams. They have remained quiet for the 10 months I have ridden them so far on my Devinci Troy, and are holding up well to rock strikes. I would not hesitate to but these again in the future for another bike.

Loaded Precision AMX Signature CroMo Flat Pedal

“Loaded Precision AMX Signature CroMo Pedals”


The Good:

Through pin design, Thin, Good grip

The Bad:

None really to be reported

Overall Review: I have had the pedals for a majority of ten months and they have been working very good for me. They spin well even with riding in the rain/much and I have done no maintenance to them what so ever. The pins screw in through the backside which help make them not back out over time, and the spindles are straight despite may rock strike encounters. They do not offer the best grip of any pedal I have ever rode, but they do well holding onto my FiveTen shoes. I recommend these as good pedal that are not as pricey as some of the other competition out there.

Industry Nine Enduro Complete Wheelset

“All I ever could want!”


The Good:

They look great, very strong, durable, stiff, 26mm inner width, 120 Points of engagement

The Bad:

Price compared to mid level and budget wheels, proprietary spokes

Overall Review: This is the second set of Industry Nine wheels I have had, and the past seven months has been flawless. The wheels have much more lateral stiffness compared to the stock wheels that came on my Troy Carbon. The 26mm internal width is adequate, but not as wide as some of the newest offerings (I am actually perfectly fine with this). Some of the best features of any I9 wheelset is their super quick 120 POI. This can come in handy of technical climbs when you need to ratchet the cranks. The hub mechanism has proven very reliable and makes a nice Bzzzzz noise as you ride down the trails. After the first few rides, I checked Read More »

2014 Giant Trance Advanced SX 27.5

Featured Review

“Great all-rounder, awesome fit.”


The Good:

Lightweight, nimble yet stable, great climbing traction, supple suspension, absolutely love the geometry.

The Bad:

Chainstays on the verge of too long (but a good thing in some situations), stock Fox 34 a little flimsy.

Overall Review: I once wrote a review on here about the new trance, I rode a Trance 27.5 1 at a local Giant demo on the NCS trail at Deer Valley Utah. I had a couple complaints about that bike; the front end felt too low and the seat kept bucking my nuts because it wouldn't go down far enough (this was partially because I was riding a Large when I should have been on a Medium). The Trance SX has solved those problems. About 8 months ago i built up a custom Trance Advanced SX. I averted the problems I'd encountered on my demo ride by 1. using a 50mm stem instead of the stock 70mm 2. using the 160mm fox 34 factory instead of the Read More »

2015 Trek Session 9.9 DH 27.5 Bike

“Trek Session 9.9 2015”


The Good:

The bike as a whole is amazing. Suspension design is spectacular, soaking up everything the trail throws at you. The biggers wheels matched with suspension makes this bike the ultimate downhill machine. I found my self going faster and feeling more confident through rock gardens. Super predictable, great traction, and the cornering is unreal.

The Bad:

Absolutely nothing

Overall Review: This really is the complete package. If your a serious racer this is the way to go.

Canfield Brothers AM Wheelset

“Canfield AM wheels 26"”


The Good:

Possibly the best wheels you can buy for the money. These wheels are strong and light as well as not being very expensive. The hubs are also very smooth. Great looking wheelset as well

The Bad:

If you are a fan of a freehub that sounds like a chainsaw these wheels may not be for you.

Overall Review: These are great values wheels. Worth every penny

7iDP Transition SS Base Suit

Vital Review

“Tested: 7iDP Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit”

Review by Joel Harwood // Photos by AJ Barlas 7iDP's brand name represents the foundation of the company: 7 original colleagues creating intelligent design protection. 7iDP believes that protection in mountain biking had become stagnant and brand-driven, rather than driven by design and rider needs. After two-years of development, 7iDP released the Transition Short Sleeve Base Suit with input from the Rocky Mountain – Urge Rally Team, recent Rampage winner Kurt Sorge, in addition to engineers, designers, and testers. For the last few months, we made poor choices, hucked and rode with little regard for safety Read More »

Dainese Hybrid Knee Guard

Vital Review

“Tested: Dainese Hybrid Knee Guards”

by Justin Schroth The name Dainese brings with it a reputation of creating well designed and innovative protection for riders. Today we're taking a closer look at another recent addition to their revamped mountain bike line, the Hybrid Knee. Hoping to find that happy medium between downhill-ready armor and light-weight ‘sleeve’ style knee pads, the new pads claim to offer the protection of a hard shell with the comfort of a soft protector. Hybrid Knee Guard Highlights Rigid knee cap and shin plate in thermoformed shock absorbent Polystyrene Low-profile, flexible Pro-Shape honeycomb structure Anti-abrasive Read More »

Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee Pad

Vital Review

“Tested: Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee Pad”

Review by Evan Turpen Leatt, a company driven by safety, was first known for their innovative neck braces for bicycle, motorcycle and powersports. Having gradually expanded their line to include numerous other forms of protection, they now offer body armor, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and even hydration packs with integrated back protection. Given the opportunity to try out their new 3DF Hybrid knee pads, we put them to the test and report our findings below. 3DF Hybrid Knee Pad Highlights CE tested and certified as impact protection: Knee EN1621-2 Hybrid combination (hard shell deflecting and sliding upper shin Read More »