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SR Suntour Auron RC2 Fork

“SR Suntour Auron RC2”


The Good:

Price, sure.

The Bad:

Noisy, a bit noisy.

Overall Review: It's been a while for me riding the Suntour Auron RC2 (internal adjust) with black stanchion, and maybe it's the time for me to write something about this fork. First, I chose this fork because of the price; it's really a good price, and for this thing the Auron is the winner from most high end forks. But let's see the others.. APPEARANCE: Black stanchion is looking awesome, based on that fact that most popular forks have the black stanchion. So with the Auron RC2, I like the black stanchion beside the price. The 34mm also looks big. The fork comes in doff style, and the decal is not stickers! There are some stickers, but Read More »
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Vital MTB member gazelle11
28406 gazelle11,28406/all 11/12/13 2,28406/setup 10 35 107 10

Öhlins RXF 34 Fork

Vital Review

“Tested: Öhlins RXF 34 Fork”

Review by Brandon Turman // Action photos by Courtney Steen "Wait, is that an Öhlins fork?!" The sight of some "Swedish gold" bolted to the front of our test bike often makes savvy riders do a double take when we're out on the trail, and for good reason - Öhlins has an excellent reputation thanks in part to dozens of World Championship titles in the motorsports world since the company was founded in 1979. With performance suspension components made to fit just about any two or four-wheeled racing vehicle, it was high time for the brand to make an entrance into the mountain bike world just a few short years ago. As you might Read More »
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Vital MTB member bturman
109 bturman,109/all 08/01/09 1150 94 6120 1028,109/setup 275 1211 2180 137 41

SR Suntour RUX R2C2 Suspension Fork

Vital Review

“Tested: SR Suntour RUX R2C2”

We had a shaky start with the original SR Suntour RUX R2C downhill fork we tested back in 2014. After some refinements provided by the brand, however, the result was an outstanding review. SR Suntour is back at it in 2017 with their new 27.5” RUX R2C2. With a redesigned air spring, a new cartridge featuring both externally adjustable high- and low-speed compression and rebound, as well a few new other revisions, SR Suntour is aiming to take on the top dogs in the suspension world in a modestly priced, high performing package. We’ve been rocking the new RUX for the past few months to see if that aim hits the target. SR Read More »
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Vital MTB member FredLikesTrikes
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Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless Shoe

“Good shoe, bad quality”


The Good:

Good fit, sticky rubber, big adjustable range for the cleat

The Bad:

very bad wear

Overall Review: I got the 5.10 Impact VXi Clipless shoe last February and have been riding in them for about a year now. The shoe is great for DH riding, the rubber is as sticky as you would expect (given that this is what 5.10 is famous for), the sole is stiff but has enough damping to deal with some seriously big hits. I used it for lots of trail riding as well and didn't have any major complaints. It's not very light and your feet can get pretty hot, but as I ride a lot of DH worthy tracks on my trailbike I was willing to live with that, it wasn't too bad anyways. All in all the shoes were pretty good, but not mindblowing. No Read More »
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Vital MTB member Gweggy
8163 Gweggy,8163/all 05/17/11 7,8163/setup 2 63 95 8

Specialized Ambush Open Face Helmet

“Modern MTB Helmet”


The Good:

light, comfortable, adjustable, good ventilation, extra pads

The Bad:

a bit expensive

Overall Review: The helmet is very comfortable, nearly as comfortable as the TLD A1 I previously owned, which is an absolute benchmark to me. It's a lot lighter, though and also better ventilated. All the adjustments are very easy to use and it took me 1-2min to set it up. I like the adjustable visor, with the visor down the helmet looks pretty questionable (my personal opinion), but it comes in pretty handy on those sunset rides, it really helps to block the sun from blinding you. I always wear goggles on my Enduro rides as my eyes tend to water really bad and I had no trouble with my Oakley Mayhem or Airbrake models. A big Read More »
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Vital MTB member Gweggy
8163 Gweggy,8163/all 05/17/11 7,8163/setup 2 63 95 8

2015 Giant Trance SX 27.5

“Hardcore Trailbike”


The Good:

good value for money, downhill performance, componentry

The Bad:

not much, seat angle is a bit slack, could pedal better, seat post sucks

Overall Review: I previously owned a Banshee Spitfire V1 and when the time came to replace it, I was looking for a similar bike, with a bit more rear suspension. I was pretty set on the new Spitfire, until I saw the Trance SX at the local shop. The components are exactly what I was looking for, 1x11 drivetrain, aggressive suspension, and a balanced geometry. I didn't want a hardcore Enduro bike like the Reign, because I do a lot of DH riding and wanted more of a difference between the bikes and I also have tons of trails around here, but they are very steep and full of roots and rocks, so I prefer a bike that gives some feedback and that Read More »
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Vital MTB member Gweggy
8163 Gweggy,8163/all 05/17/11 7,8163/setup 2 63 95 8

Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter

Vital Review

“Tested: Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter”

Review by Nick Zuzelski // Photos by Carl Gray These days, setting up tubeless tires usually goes fairly easily. For times when you need an air compressor to pop that difficult tire on the bead and you are away from the shop, you can find yourself out of luck and fighting an uphill battle with only a floor pump. Specialized recently released the Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter – a product that is designed to take the air compressor out of the equation and give people one more trick up their sleeves while keeping things simple. Air Tool Blast Highlights Removes the necessity for an Read More »
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Vital MTB member Zoomlinski
2655 Zoomlinski,2655/all 04/29/10 1 19 25

2017 Trek Slash 9.9 29 Race Shop Limited

Vital Review

“Tested: 2017 Trek Slash 9.9 29 Race Shop Limited”

Review by Joel Harwood // Photos by Peter Wojnar When Trek debuted the Slash in 2012, their Active Braking Pivot and Full Floater suspension technologies were considered by many to be ahead of the time. The Slash received a number of refinements over the years, but never created significant waves in the all-mountain category. Fast forward to today and the Slash has grown 29-inch wheels, shifted a few degrees here and there, abandoned the Full Floater, and is now being hailed by many to be the benchmark of what a modern enduro bike should be. We’ve been aboard the Slash 29 since late summer, endured a Read More »
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Vital MTB member hurricanejoel
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2015 Transition Patrol 1

“Tranny Patrol 2016”


The Good:

Climbs / descends much better then most bikes in it's class, attractive frame design (it's a looker)

The Bad:

Slightly heavier then some alu bikes out there

Overall Review: I built my Tranny from the Highlighter Yellow Alu frame up and purchased my parts to my personal liking but my setup isn't drastically different from what Transition offers. To keep it short my transmission and brakes are all 2016 Shimano XT and my suspension+dropper is all RockShox, rims and rubber is DT-Swiss and Schwalbe. Enough said about that. Climbing Performance is very good not carbon XC good but within ballpark parking lot range. I credit my 10 years of riding to it's strong ascending abilities but if you're starting off in the sport everything is probably going to feel like a pig. The bike is composed and planted Read More »
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Vital MTB member Eddie_Reyes
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Finish Line Dry Lube - 4 Oz. Squeeze Bottle

“Gets the job done.”


The Good:

Keeps my chain quiet and is pretty cheap.

The Bad:

There are better performing ones out there.

Overall Review: Ever go in your LBS for a tune up only to be told that your entire drivetrain is shot? If so, go lube your chain now. If not, go lube your chain now. When chains get dry, that metal on metal grinding wreaks havoc on your drivetrain. With no lube, it doesn't take much to prematurely wear out a chain and eventuallydestroy your drivetrain. With cassettes that cost more than $400 retail, this can quickly become a very expensive mistake. In terms of a solid, entry level lube, the Finish Line Dry Lube does a phenomenaljob.It's a dry condition lube so if you ride in a place that rains regularly, Read More »
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Vital MTB member dirtworks911
14755 dirtworks911,14755/all 04/09/12 6 1 13 5