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Latest Product Reviews


Crank Brothers 5050 X Flat Pedal

“5050's ? Meeeeh.”


The Good: Look nice, cool color shifting options, grip (becoming VERY grippy when you add more pins), large platform, not too thick.

The Bad: F***in bearings. One month using these and you can forget the rigidity of the axle, unless you have the courage to rebuild them.

Overall Review: Look good but work badly. These pedals are a real deception. You'd better buy a pair of 5050 XX instead of this model (bearings look stronger), but here is the other problem : at this price, you can get a pair of Taiwanese-catalog flats with a Titanium axle. Hopefully, the new 5050 will be better.

Bell Drop Full Face Helmet

“awesome protection !!”


The Good: its an awesome helmet and has great protection ...... very comfy to wear and i have crashed in many rock gardens and smashed my head on rocks directly and felt nothing ........ great vision .....

The Bad: weight and size..... its bulky but when riding and its almost unnoticeable..... breathing can be tough at times ....... like on climbs ....

Overall Review: its a next level helmet for 130 $ what more can u ask for .... the claw wears it and if its good enough for him its good enough for me ..... and hes taken some gar crashes (monster energy crankworx 2010) in this helmet

Snafu Towatay Stem

“Best stem out.”


The Good: Rounded back for knee pleasure, deep sensibly sized hardware. Drop/rise. Low stack height. Looks fantastic. Very good weight (188g). DOES NOT SLIP.

The Bad: Faceplate looks a little goofy. Two tiny cracks have formed in the faceplate after a year of pro-level abuse and hucking to flat.

Overall Review: Fantastic stem. It is an injustice that people recommend Straitline stems and not this overlooked beauty. Honestly the best stem out, as far as I'm concerned. My Straitline SSC just sits in my basement now.

Urge Endur-O-Matic Open Face Helmet

“Awesome lid!”


The Good: Very light weight for amount of protection and quality of build. Good ventilation. Unique look. I was very impressed with the sweat absorber on the forehead. It really makes a difference! Plus a sticker kit and bag comes included!

The Bad: Nothing!!!!!!

Overall Review: Surely one of the best performing enduro lids on the market.

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“Rider Owned Company=Badass parts”


The Good: VERYYYY light, very low profile (so you snag on less rocks) and very grippy, oh yea did I mention they are freakin light!!

The Bad: Nothing so far, but I have only ridden them a few times

Overall Review: $100 isn't a bad price considering you are getting the lightest pair of pedals on the market, plus you can order them right off their website. When you buy deity, you get quality and piece of mind.

Chromag Fubar OSX Handlebar

“So this guy walks into the bar...”


The Good: Shape (bend)

The Bad: Slightly uneven finish on the lime green ano I got, can see patches of lighter shades of green here and there (mostly around the logos)

Overall Review: Great looking bar, great feeling bar, slightly disappointed to get a less than perfect finish (would have expected flawless quality control from the factory at this price point).

2012 Specialized Enduro Comp Bike

“Best Bang for the Buck”


The Good: It can pedal like a goat, fairly light, stock specs aren't bad, and the price is right.

The Bad: Suspension is not as adjustable as past versions, is more AM than FR, but can easily hold its own.

Overall Review: This is a great bike and is only getting better with time. I have the 2010 version and it kicks ass out on the trails, easily the best pedaling bike I've ever owned and looks amazing. Very upgradeable and rips at speed.

Deity Fantom DM Stem

“Deity For Life!”


The Good: Amazingly light, especially for a DH stem..Really cool 2 piece design. Style!

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: Deity is a rider operated co. With awesome people and amazing products! check out Deity components for the sickest bike co. and products I have seen in years!

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“Deity For Life!”


The Good: This is definitely the lightest and most solid platform I have ever felt.. They look like a piece of artwork as well! Deity also offer a cheap rebuild kit once they do wear out..

The Bad: nada meng! Well, except they are so purdy I didn't want to get them dirty!!

Overall Review: Deity is a rider operated co. with awesome people and amazing products! Check out Deity components for the sickest co. and products I have seen in years!

Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

“Epic Pedal”


The Good: Super slim, super wide, super light. Pins that screw through the plate and stay in the body. Strong bearings. Flashy

The Bad: Expensive-but worth it.

Overall Review: These pedals are pretty intense. Just looking at them you can tell they are a crazy expensive piece of bike bling...and thats what it is. Bike bling. Super durable and light. Strong. More clearance. Just epic