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Latest Product Reviews


Deity Vertigo DH Saddle

“Deity For Life”


The Good: Graphics,price,weight

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: Looks and feels pretty durable. Can't beat the graphics and colors. For those of you who do not already know, go school yourselves and check out Deity Components!

Deity Enoki Grip

“Deity For Life”


The Good: nice feel,Deity lockrings and endcaps,price,

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: I have used odi rogues for the last 5 years or so, and never planned on switching. Then, I tried these. The old mushroom feel is awesome. You get anodized lockrings With graphics. All for less $$$!And when the grips wear out, you can replace just the grip for super cheap. For those of you who do not already know, go school yourselves and check out Deity Components!

Deity Blacklabel 2010 Handlebar

“Deity For Life”


The Good: Nice mellow sweep and rise. Graphics, weight, price.

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: I have a set of 1st gen deity bars that have been well used for over a year on my dj bike. They are still holding up great. The product line from Deity has been evolving and expanding at a ridiculous level. For those of you who do not already know, go school yourselves and check out Deity Components!

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“A lightweight antislip option”


The Good: I don't slip off of these even with my nikes.

The Bad: People stop you all the time to gawk at the.... prepare to stand around instead of ride.

Overall Review: Super light, great price point and little amount of slipping. These pedals give you confidence that your groin won't be meeting your top tube anytime soon.

Deity Dirty30 2010 Handlebar

“Amazing bars”


The Good: perfect width and ride height.

The Bad: nothing - order these bars and they'll get to your door lickedy split.

Overall Review: Light weight, great FR/DH bar. I bought these to put on my dads Rune. His riding instantly got better. The great ride height and width made him way more comfortable and confident on his bike. I'm building another Rune and I wouldn't think of buying anything else.

Chris King ISO Disc Rear Hub

“is there any thing better then Chris King?”


The Good: theres to much to put here.....well lets start with 82 points of engagement (most dh hubs have between 24 and 36), witch makes for the best sound in the world . there so smooth you never have do do shit to keep them working they wont die, some would say "they just keep chugging" i would say they stay sprinting two years later there just as good as they were when they came out of the box.

The Bad: there not cheep.

Overall Review: theres a reason i have 3 sets of them.......

Deity Blacklabel 2010 Handlebar

“Badass Black”


The Good: Nice and stiff unlike my sunlines, nice sweep and rise. LIght weight for all those weight weenys out there. For the price you would struggle to get a better bar.

The Bad: I struggled to find them, could use some cut marks for people who dont want them the full width

Overall Review: Best set of bars i've had so far.

Deity Dirty30 2010 Handlebar

“Raddest bars out.”


The Good: They've stood up to some big drops to flat, some huge impacts, and a lot of ditching and bailing. Light as hell and decent angles.

The Bad: Mine were the old generation, which had a powdercoated and pretty weak finish.

Overall Review: That a light-weight DH bar can stand up to abuse and bails on a street hardtail for one season and counting says enough. Five stars.

Deity Lifesavers Bar End

“Best bang for the buck? Absolutly!”


The Good: Whats not to like about these little guys? They do exactly what ya want bar ends to do in a modestly light, great looking package at an amazing price. I've had these on my bike for almost 2 years now and have never had to touch them other than replace the grips that wore out behind them. Even then the set screw backed right out and the cap popped right off, a ten minute grip swap like it should be.

The Bad: None! Pick your color, pop them on and never worry about your bar ends again.

Overall Review: Bar none, the best and only bar end I will put on my bikes

Five Ten Impact Low 2 Flat Pedal Shoe

“Great investment”


The Good: - durability / toughness
- grip (of course)
- comfortable
- look good

The Bad: none what-so-ever!

Overall Review: An awesome investment for you downhill applications. I used to (3 years ago) ride with DC's and the tread would fall apart or get ground down to nothing within a few months. I've had my 5.10's for 2 years and they easily have another year, maybe 2, in them. Super grippy even to this day and just a great alternative to skate shoes. I don't clip in riding downhill, but these will keep your feet on the pedals during rough stuff nearly as good. So basically it's most of the benefits of being clipped in without the obvious risk factor of actually being clipped. It's amazing how hurt you can get when you can't separate yourself from your bike during a crash... 5.10's FTW!!!