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Latest Product Reviews


Morewood Bicycles Makulu Frame

“Morewood Makulu”


The Good: This bike is incredible. fast, stable, reactive, smooth, pedals well.

The Bad: sticker decals are sorta weak on a $3k frame

Overall Review: I have ridden a lot of downhill bikes as a manager of a high end mountain bike shop, from all the big players (trek, specialized, commencal, yeti etc). the makulu is legitimately the cream of the crop. It corners perfectly, pedals like a 6" trail bike, is totally smooth in the heavy chop yet super reactive when you need it. truly an incredible bike. it does everything as well as you could ever guess. so so much fun. folks always want the "latest and greatest" suspension designs, headtube angles, etc, and while the makulu does not re-invent the wheel with ultra progressive designs, its perforamance and all around high ride Read More »

FOX DHX RC4 Rear Shock

“One of the best I've used”


The Good: Provides the classic Fox feel that most have come to know and love. It eats up the big hits and minimizes the small ones. My DH bike tracks very nicely thanks to this shock.

The Bad: Difficult to adjust bottom out without a tool.

Overall Review: Can't go wrong with anything made by Fox.

MRP G2 SL Chainguide

“I approve.”


The Good: I've never dropped a chain and the bash guard has held up to several big hits.

The Bad: Small bolt heads can be easily stripped if you're not careful.

Overall Review: Love this guide, and it's little brother the Mini-G. Highly recommended by me.

Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO Titantium Fork

“Plushly Perfect”


The Good: They "break-in" super quick and are great to ride. The plushness these forks have off the top is amazing and they ramp so well. I have had difficulty bottoming them out, but not to difficult. They are super reliable.

The Bad: The direct mount stem options are limited, but that didn't limit me from running these super forks.

Overall Review: I have ZERO complaints. The fork tracks so well, and gobbles up big hits. They are have a perfect balance of stiffness and flex. The tuning is striaght forward and you can feel changes when you make them. I love this fork!

Simple Pleasures Gnar Bar Handlebar

“Gettin gnarly”


The Good: Awesome control, improved comfort for longer rides, effortless steering, finally something new

The Bad: A bit heavier than my stock bars; only a couple of lock on grip choices, but the WTB's work great for me

Overall Review: Stoked on em' so far, and would like to see them in a low-rise version. Carbon-ized would be interesting too...

Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO Titantium Fork

“Simply Amazing”


The Good: Incredibly reactive and controlled over everything, not too heavy, simple to setup.

The Bad: Dives quite a bit under breaking, dont really like the idea of a 1 size fits all spring, the direct mount options are limited.

Overall Review: I think i need to put the stiffer spring in it, but all in all its the best fork on the market, get it you will not be disappointed.

Gravity Lock On Grip

“gravity grips”


The Good: soft, good grip, doesn't kill your hands

The Bad: they don't last long at all, i wore them down in 2 1/2 weeks

Overall Review: they would be great grips if they lasted longer

Bell Variant Open Face Helmet

“Get Great Value And Graphics With This Helmet”


The Good: First - It's a BELL helmet. They're a leader in the helmet industry, not just for bikes, but just about every type of helmet there is.
Second - To compliment the great fit and protective features, the graphics are finally up to snuff. Not sure what made BELL finally decide to make helmets that look good, but someone in the arts and crafts department knows what their doing. Thanks for that.

The Bad: Nothing is wrong here. The price is great, the fit is great, and it looks good. Check, check, and check...

Overall Review: If you're looking to save around $50 over the premium lids, this is the helmet. You can also check out the Giro Hex, also a great lid for the $.

Bell Variant Open Face Helmet

“Great All-mountain lid”


The Good: The helmet is really light and has a lot of adjustability for each size via the TAG fit system. One thing i noticed right away was the breathability of this helmet, I could actually tell a difference between this lid and my old one and it was clearly evident that air flow was a lot better in this lid. So for hot days or days when you are not just running DH this is a great helmet.

The Bad: I cant find much negatives on this helmet, its durable and the fit is great.

Overall Review: Helmet choice will probably boil down to personal preference in terms of fit, Bell helmets seem to fit me well so I like these. The Variant is nice and light and offers a lot of breathability. Good color choices as well. Strongly recommend as a all mountain or XC helmet.