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Latest Product Reviews


Loaded Precision AmX Handlebar

“AMX Handlebar”


The Good: so many rad colours, most comfortable bar i've ridden.. matches up great with other loaded goodies

The Bad: will want to make you buy more loaded to match... bar measures closer to 1 1/4" but i feel more like sam hill with em that wide

Overall Review: Great feel, super tough raced and crased them all season. get em!

2013 Scott Gambler 20 Bike

“like a tank :D”


The Good: this bike is as solid as a bike can be, it just gives you that extra bit of confidence, also the huge amount of suspension makes it a wonderfull bike.

The Bad: quite heavy

Overall Review: this is just an amazing bike, but it just isn't a race winner, if you don't race, you really should buy this bike

Intense SS2 Frame

“Incredible Bike Park/Shuttle Bike”


The Good: amazing cornering capabilities, efficient pedaling, jumps incredibly well.

The Bad: Price. Frame only option

Overall Review: This bike is so fun to shred in the bike park! The SS2 rides like a mini 951 but with the nimbleness and versatility of a single crown bike. I am amazed at how well the bike corners, pedals and jumps. VPP2 suspension definitely pedals better and rides higher in the travel than the original VPP design. Although some may find the bb height to be too low, it's one of the design elements that makes this bike handle so well. I am definitely give the intense ss2 five stars

2013 Kona Abra Cadabra Bike

“Great Bike, Great uphill, glorious downhill.”


The Good: Great Setup with the magic link. Good components, Real pleasure to ride. Great looks really clean.

The Bad: Handle bar could do with being a little stronger and a better saddle. Could do with a bolt through rear wheel. Tyres are great but the sidewalls rip easy when riding hard, on rocks/roots.

Overall Review: Great bike for all day riding. The versatility of this bike is incredible cross country big technical asscents and decents this thing soaks it all up. Talas fork is great and the propedal really stiffens up the back end for flat riding. Cross country, downhill, 4X, trail riding, this is the machine for all.

2012 Rocky Mountain Flow DJ Hardtail Bike

“Great DJ I Have a 2011 Though”


The Good: Over all quality, and completely bullet proof. Also tapered head tube, Dj 2's, really sweet grips, great seat and post, awesome all around tires, sick KMC Kool chain, and nice stainless spokes, Comes with hooked up parts all around. Very few complaints.

The Bad: Its heavy 31 lbs, nothing I can't work with. Pedals look like they will break, Its only sold in Canada, and if there was no employee purchase program this moficky would cost 2 G's!

Overall Review: Awesome, smooth, and a very solid legit feel from this bike. Super controllable and spinable. So if you have the opportunity to get one, do it. Rockymountain puts fine good details big and small in every bike from hand laced wheels to random good seat clamps, And the kid down the street wont have one.

Morewood Bicycles Makulu Frame

“Makulu translated is "Big Momma"”


The Good: Slack HA
Comes in varied lengths (S,M,Long)
Perfect leverage ratio
Jumps amazingly
Tracks tracks and tracks some more
Low leverage advantage

The Bad: It doesn't come in carbon...yet

Overall Review: I have ridden Commencials, Gamblers, M9's, V10's, Glory's, Kona's, Demo's...allot of bikes and the first 10m I rode on a Makulu was when I diced to get one. It was probably the easiest and best decision I have ever made. Hand made in South Africa. O and BTW it was a choice between a Makulu and a Car!...cant say much more

Chromag Brandon Semenuks' 'Overture' Signature Model Saddle

“best seat ever owned”


The Good: comfortable, light, grippy, looks good

The Bad: nothing at all

Overall Review: I recommend this to any dirtjumper, or anyone who likes to throw no handers, best saddle for gripping

2011 Specialized P.1 Bike

“super dope whip”


The Good: I bought this bike about a week ago and have hit 15+ foot dirt jumps with it and its doing good, I have yet to have anything break besides puncturing a tube hopping up a stairset. I think it looks good and feels good when you ride.

The Bad: the rear hub is starting to come loose a little after a crash I had but I believe that can be fixed easily. When I land on flater landings it doesnt feel as good as a bike with suspension would. So I would probaly put a suspension fork on it when you get the chance, thats what I am going to do. But for a riged bike its great especialy for the price.

Overall Review: great bike; works good and feels good.

Morewood Bicycles Makulu Frame

“WC Wet Dreams”


The Good: -Low Leverage Ratio
-Slack Head Angle
-Supple Suspension
-Tracks like a dream.
-Super Stiff
-Looks Sick

The Bad: -Doesn't come in Purple?

Overall Review: I was loaned a Makulu for a Gravity East race. The bike I rode was a custom sized frame, with a full degree slacker HA than stock. The first thing I noticed was how confidence inspiring the bike was. I could immediately put the bike where I wanted and it tracked like a dream. Pedal feedback was virtually non-existent. It was extremely stable through the air and and really stuck to the ground. Fast, fast, and faster. It carries speed so effortlessly that you find yourself coming into sections a lot faster than normal.The 2.1:1 leverage ratio is fantastic, coming off a Commencal Supreme DH with a much higher ratio the Read More »

Giro DJ Gloves

“Poorly manufactured glove”


The Good: Decent palm materials and padding

The Bad: The construction and seams kill this glove

Overall Review: I would not recommend this glove because the glove is not comfortable and feels cheap. You can feel almost every seam on the glove. Giro, let's simplify the design and rework the stitching so it's comfortable. Not worth $34 or even $24.