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Latest Product Reviews


Shimano DX SH-MP66W Clipless Shoe

“Great Shoes”


The Good: They are comfortable, but not just comfortable, really comfortable. Easy to walk in. Easy to clip in and out.

The Bad: Can't think of anything!

Overall Review: I love these shoes, picked them up for around $25 on JensonUSA. I ride them on flats and on clipless down hill pedals and they work great on both. Get'em you will not be sorry.

Vans Warner SPD Clipless Shoe

Featured Review

“Great shoe for many occasions”


The Good: Solid construction, decent support, better looking (and simple style) than most other 'casual' SPD shoes, waffle sole gives plenty of grip. Like the extra velcro strap.

The Bad: Can be a bit heavy compared to other shoes (Shimano's DX shoe comes to mind). No lace protection. No ankle protection.

Overall Review: I've used this shoe for DH racing and XC riding for close to two years and have been very satisfied. The Warner is a fairly straight forward shoe with no problems at all. I've even brought these shoes to the bike park by accident instead of my 510s and did fine with them on flat pedals (just remove the SPD cleats) as the waffle soles provide great grip (not the insane grip of the 510 Stealth Rubber but the difference is negligible). Fashion-wise, these shoes are great with a pair of jeans or some MX gear, which really doesn't matter much but I know there are folks out there who are fashion-conscious in this sport.

Five Ten Hellcat SPD MTB Shoes

“Great shoe with some minor draw backs.”


The Good: The shoes provide good traction when unclipped. They are comfortable and durable. I really like the laces with the velcro strap over top.

The Bad: I feel at times when there is some dirt in and around the cleat it causes some issues when trying to clip in. The clip opening could be wider and a shim to bring it out the cleat would also we useful.

Overall Review: Good shoe, good price, has some issues with clipping in when there is thick mud in the cleat opening. I would higly recommend this shoe to anyone to races, does shuttles, or is a bike park rat.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO Bike

“The Perfect Bike”


The Good: Build is superb, geo is dialed!

The Bad: The fox 32 150mm travel is awesome, but the bike is capable of more. However, the 36 might be a bit much. *Note to Fox, start making a 34 for this bike

Overall Review: I don't specialize in one area of riding, but I have ridden for a long time. I've ridden and researched many bikes from HT 29er's to DH bikes. I climb up to ride down and favor more aggressive trail/AM riding. I have ridden everything from the White rim in a day to resorts and DH tracks. This bike does everything. While not a DH bike and not a XC race bike, it can do a little of both. It climbs amazingly well and makes riding so much fun coming down. This is my favorite bike I have ever ridden and shines on just about every situation in my everyday riding. Since I can only afford one bike, this is the one I would choose every time. Even if I could afford having more than one bike, I would still choose this every time.

Giro Code Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's

“Giro Code rock”


The Good: These shoes have an Easton EC90 sole that is very stiff. This allows the wearer to stand up for long descents and not feel leg fatigue.

The Bad: They are quite expensive.

Overall Review: Great shoe for all mountain and trail riding. Allows you to transfer power very efficiently to the pedals and then to the wheel. These are great shoes that I would recommend to any rider other than the DH rider.

Easton Havoc Carbon Handlebar



The Good: Weight; width; strength; rise; sweep; warranty

The Bad: way too expensive!

Overall Review: Just picked up a pair of these to replace my Easton Monkeylite DH carbon bars because 711mm is out!

Easton Monkey Lite DH Handlebar

“Loved Them...”


The Good: Weight, sweep, rise.

The Bad: They're only 711mm wide and that simply no longer cuts the mustard! Like all great carbon bars these are way to EXPENSIVE to own if you're paying retail!

Overall Review: Get the new Easton HAVOC carbon bars and cut'em down if 750mm is TOO wide for you. These have been discontinued!

Sunline V1 Handlebar



The Good: These bars set the standard a couple years back for DH width! Everybody had these bars on their big bikes and they aren't heavy for what they are. Because of these guys I now have 750mm carbon bars on the trail rig and 775mm FUNN bars that only weigh 310g on the DH rig

The Bad: They're not carbon (for weight purposes ONLY)

Overall Review: You absolutely cannot go wrong with these bars. These pre-date just about every other well-known brand's wide AM/DH/FR bar that exist today.

Crank Brothers Iodine 11 AM Riser Handlebar



The Good: Weight! That;s it. Go get the Easton Havocs or ENVE 800's.

The Bad: 680mm is barely wide enough for an XC rig let alone trail/AM/DH...they must be trippin!

Overall Review: Completely miss-marketed! Not a trail/am/dh carbon bar...NOT EVEN CLOSE. 680mm is out! Why is CrankBrothers so far off the back with the current standards? Should be ashamed of themselves

Shimano DX SH-MP66W Clipless Shoe

“Great all around shred shoe”


The Good: Stiff as hell, somewhat gummy sole sticks to flats. I picked these up at work because I'd just blown out my skate shoes and needed something for a weekend at the park. I had no idea how poorly those dirty old skate shoes were making me ride. End of the day not only was I riding stronger but my legs weren't as tired anymore. These aren't 5-10's but the stiffer soles make up for it. as i move to clipless this coming season these shoes will certainly be switched over for their 3rd season

The Bad: I don't have anything bad to say about these shoe's other then i wish they had a bit more stick to the soles... but they aren't designed for that so no big deal

Overall Review: Get them without hesitation whether your clipped or flats you'll love these bad boys