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Latest Product Reviews


Five Ten Impact High Flat Pedal Shoe

“simply the best”


The Good: Amazing stick that we have come to expect from all five ten shoes with the added ankle support.

The Bad: At nearly two pounds, they are damn heavy for a pair of shoes.

Overall Review: this shoe offers the sick that we have all come to expect with all of five tens stealth rubber with the added protection from the the high top. The high top's help protect your ankle from rolling when you dab and from slapping against your crank arm or frame, which for me is rare but damn painful. The thick and rigid soles make long days on the pedals extremely comfortable, perfect for your lift runs this summer. These shoes are heavy, damn heavy but when I am on a 38LBS+ big bike the weight doesn't matter much to me. Bottom line is when ever I am riding DH I am riding in these shoes, its been that way for a few years now. The protection added by the high top is worth it for me. If you have not tried wearing impacts on a DH run, give them a try. It's almost like being clipped in on flats...

Deity Dirty30 2010 Handlebar

“best bar I've ever owned (last years model)”


The Good: the weight, it's so light. The bend, its PERFECT!
the width, is amazing,

The Bad: paint is easily scratched

Overall Review: this is honestly the best set of bars I've ever owned. I came from riding a 28" bar, and it totally changed my riding, bigger jumps, bigger whips, bigger confidence. get these bars, you will not be disappointed

Deity Topsoil 2010 Handlebar

“Great addition to the dirt jumper....”


The Good: I've always run Deity handlebars on my dirt jumper and these are my favorite iteration so far. Nice and wide at 29'' with the nice rise and sweep that I've come to love.

The Bad: Haven't had a complaint yet!

Overall Review: Great bars for your DJ! I have been abusing them at our local step up for the last few months and they seem super strong!

Deity Dirty30 2010 Handlebar

“These bars fundamentally changed me as a rider...”


The Good: After a few rides with the 30'' you'll never go back. Seriously. They made me such a more confident, controlled rider. Now when I hop on a friends bike, the typical 26-28'' bars feel like a wobbly unstable mess.

The Bad: Nothing! The older generation had powder coating that scuffed up quickly, but that was fixed with the new ones!

Overall Review: If there is any product I'm adamant about, these bars are it. Like I said, it changed me as a rider. If your running anything less than 30'' on your xc/trail/DH bike, do yourself a favor and try these out!

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“Amazingly grippy, Strong and Light!”


The Good: Very light, super low profile... yet very strong and grippy.

The Bad: I haven't had a single complaint yet!

Overall Review: Great pedals from a great company. I have these on my dirt jumper and trail bike... and I'll probably never run anything else ever again!

Santa Cruz Heckler Frame

“2010 Heckler - medium”


The Good: manueverable, fun - flickable, stiff for a single-pivot

The Bad: not stable at high speeds, handling very sensitive to BB height, short top tube and wheelbase (I am 5'9", riding this medium)

Overall Review: I rode everything on this frame. From single-track, fire roads, the local DH, and different bike park lines. Took this with me on my roadtrip from SoCal, through Sedona singletrack, to Moab, through Crested Butte and Trestle Bike Park. Fun singletrack bike, but too limited at speed.

Maxxis High Roller Tire

“Learn to use it and you'll love it”


The Good: Much faster rolling than a nevegal, amazing cornering grip, predictable sliding tire

The Bad: As mentioned in the review below mine, there is a bit of a dead zone between the rolling/braking knobs and the cornering knobs.

Overall Review: To get these tires to really shine, you need to know how to really lean a bike over in a corner. If you don't, you will absolutely hate these tires, but if you do, they will keep on gripping long after, say, a nevegal will.

Deity Enoki Grip

“The One & Only Grip...”


The Good: Better gripping cause they're slightly bigger than your average grip size. Have the old Shroom type design made better.

The Bad: No complaints.

Overall Review: Best grips I've ever owned. More comfortable, especially for bigger hands & extremely affordable.

Hadley 20mm Dowhill Front Hub

Featured Review

“Durable, reliable.”


The Good: Problem free, good engagement. Did I mention problem free?

The Bad: Not the lightest hubs out there.

Overall Review: I was told when I bought my Hadley/823 wheelset 5 yrs ago that they would last. I have replaced the rear bearings once and that's it as far as major maintenance. I did note the front hub can develop slop, but is easily dealt with tightening the bearing preload bolts. I have done this maybe 4 times in 5 yrs. Besides these two points, I have actually done no maintenance at all on the hubs. (bad bike rider, bad!) Probably the best general DH setup around and maybe have a Hope/Flow setup for race-day if you want.

FOX 40 FIT RC2 Fork

“Smooth and adjustable”


The Good: Love this fork compared to boxxers and 888's I have owned before. Fork feels buttery smooth with out much maintenance on my part. It's awesome to finally have a trouble free fork that works well every time. Range of adaptability is huge.

The Bad: Don't forget you'll need a 160mm adapter for your post mount brakes to fit a 203mm rotor. WishI didn't have to ditch my medium ti spring for a heavy steal one.

Overall Review: Fire and forget, best fork I've ever owned. No problems, works great once dialed in and doesn't break. What more could I want?