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Latest Product Reviews


Kore Elite Platform Pedal

“Great Pedals!”


The Good: They provide excellent grip (I wear 5.10's) and are very durable. Very high quality pedals at a reasonable price.

The Bad: They aren't the thinnest, but I'm not a weight weenie.

Overall Review: Great pedals offering great traction and rigidity. I one set on both my DH and AM bikes. They've taken a lot of abuse from water, dirt, mud, and rock strikes and have never given me any problems. If I pick up a 3rd bike I will buy another set of these pedals to put on it.

Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal

“Awesome pedal”


The Good: Hugely adjustable, massively grippy, bearings last forever and look great!

The Bad: Nope nothing nada

Overall Review: By far the best pedal I have ever owned! The grip level is fully adjustable by changing both the pin size and placement. The bearings are super smooth and last forever. For those saying the bearings don't last, have you tried using the grease port!? After all a bearing with no grease ain't gonna last too long is it?

Straitline SC Platform Pedal

Featured Review

“pretty good”


The Good: -they are VERY durable if you keep them greased (even after 2 seasons not a bit of play
-(re) build takes less then 3 minutes and is easy (no need for specific tools, a small flat screwdriver and grease is all you need)
-grip is very good
-pins don't break easily

The Bad: -they need a lot of maintenance (I would say 2 times per month, especially after muddy rides)

Overall Review: These Pedals need a lot of maintenance (cleaning and re-greasing the bush bearings on the axle), but if you do that 1-2 times a month, the Straitline Flat will last 5 years minimum.

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“Tough as NAILS”


The Good: Low profile
Tough as nails
Awesome grip

The Bad: A pin will fall out here and there, pain to put new ones in...... no big deal though!!

Overall Review: Awesome pedal never have had a problem with them.

Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk3 Pedals

“Worth Every Penny”


The Good: Light. Bomb Proof. Great "under foot" feel - stable, big, "connected". Easy pin replacement. Great pin pattern and traction.

The Bad: Pricey - but you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: Awesome. Worth the buy, my personal top preference for flat pedals. If you have problems with ripping out pins and clipping rocks, these will take the abuse and keep your feet in place at the same time. Also great if you just want your feet to stay planted and apply power without hesitation. Spot on design and construction.

Avid Elixir CR Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“Worst Brake Ive Ever Owned!”


The Good: the only good thing is the levers are comfortable on my fingers

The Bad: the stopping power wasnt good at all

Overall Review: If your fast, buy a 4 Piston Brake, dont waste your money on there.

Leatt Adventure Body Vest

Featured Review

“Good, but could be better”


The Good: Comfortable
Not overly restrictive
Leatt brace compatible
Not too hot
Good protection

The Bad: The sizing - I'm 75kg with broad shoulders and tried on the smallest size they had (which is meant for riders between 55 -65kg) and it fit me perfectly. Leatt really need to get a better sizing chart as rider weight isn't good enough especially seeing how completely out their recommended size was. They need to include more specific body sizes such as shoulder width, torso length and arm length (as iXS do). The back protection is of a lower standard than their full body armour (level 1 instead of level 2). Chest plate is too flat and doesn't wrap around the ribs as well as it could.

Overall Review: Surprisingly comfortable, not too hot and fits perfectly with a Leatt. My only gripe is that the back protection is not the same level as the full body vest. Which is something I wanted in particular as I broke my back in 4 places not too long ago. However I figured I'd rather have less than optimum protection knowing I would wear it all year round rather than having the full body vest I could only wear in winter (South African summers are insanely hot). Great product all round.

SixSixOne Sub Gear SS Shirt

“Mostly useless armor, only good for some shoulder abrasion resistance”


The Good: Highly breathable, lightweight

The Bad: Poor protection, hard to take off, sizing a bit off, chest compression kind of makes cardio harder by restricting heavy breathing

Overall Review: Seems like something you wear under a jersey, rather than alone. When alone, the wind hits the sweat and makes it extra chilly, which is annoying if you stop at all and it's windy, especially past sunset. It doesn't look all that good anyways. What I wanted was some chest protection for insurance on over the bar crashes and some shoulder protection to take some sting out of shoulder rolls. It does the shoulder roll decently, but the chest protection is mostly useless and placed too high. I recommend something like the TLD 7850 instead.

SixSixOne Kyle Strait Knee Pads

“Nice knee pads.”


The Good: No slip and durable material. Excellent quality.

The Bad: Tends to bunch when seated. Feels too thick for using them under jeans.

Overall Review: These is my first pair of knee pads ever and i'm pretty happy with them. They offer excellent protection.