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Latest Product Reviews


Deity Lifesavers Bar End

“Best bang for the buck? Absolutly!”


The Good: Whats not to like about these little guys? They do exactly what ya want bar ends to do in a modestly light, great looking package at an amazing price. I've had these on my bike for almost 2 years now and have never had to touch them other than replace the grips that wore out behind them. Even then the set screw backed right out and the cap popped right off, a ten minute grip swap like it should be.

The Bad: None! Pick your color, pop them on and never worry about your bar ends again.

Overall Review: Bar none, the best and only bar end I will put on my bikes

Five Ten Impact Low 2 Flat Pedal Shoe

“Great investment”


The Good: - durability / toughness
- grip (of course)
- comfortable
- look good

The Bad: none what-so-ever!

Overall Review: An awesome investment for you downhill applications. I used to (3 years ago) ride with DC's and the tread would fall apart or get ground down to nothing within a few months. I've had my 5.10's for 2 years and they easily have another year, maybe 2, in them. Super grippy even to this day and just a great alternative to skate shoes. I don't clip in riding downhill, but these will keep your feet on the pedals during rough stuff nearly as good. So basically it's most of the benefits of being clipped in without the obvious risk factor of actually being clipped. It's amazing how hurt you can get when you can't separate yourself from your bike during a crash... 5.10's FTW!!!

Banshee Bikes Wildcard Frame

“do it all bike”


The Good: frame is very ajustable, has two travel options: 5" and 6.5". with fox talas 36 this bike can do whatever you want, you can hit dirt jumps, downhill courses, all mountain trails, flowy or gnarly freeride trails. frame is super stiff, rides berms and jumps really good.

The Bad: frame is kinda heavy, and it is too big to be superb dirt jump or slopestyle bike, but it will do the thing.

Overall Review: it is perfect frame for guys who want to shred everything. but if you going to ride only dirt jumps and slopestyle tracks, dont get it, rather choose banshee rampant.

Chromag Fubar OSX Handlebar

“most awesome bar”


The Good: looks really good in ocean blue anodised version, 760 width is probably best for slopestyle riding if you need wide bar. bar is very stiff even it is kinda wide.

The Bad: none, except the price, one of the priciest bar i have seen, but still worth every penny.

Overall Review: if someone is looking for a wide, good looking bar get it, you wont regret it.

Deity Dirty30 2010 Handlebar

“Great bar from and Idaho Based Company”


The Good: Great feel, nice and wide, appealing graphics, great company to work with.

The Bad: Notta, Zilch, Zip...

Overall Review: First I gotta give props to Deity for making fantastic components at great prices. They're doing a great job. The Dirty30 is exception. It looks great, has modest price, and the angles are spot on. I'm currently using this bar on my Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon, which I feel must be a winning combo because I feel the bike can be ridden anywhere. Sure it can't be all the bars doing - but, it is where my hands go, and they like it. Otherwise, the bar looks great and attracts a lot of attention. Which is good or bad depending if you need attention I guess. Definitely adds value to any bike. Five Stars.

Banshee Bikes Rampant Frame

“Potentially The Best DJ/Urban/4Cross Frame Available”


The Good: Incredible stability even at high speeds, awesome steering control, fun inspiring ride quality, stiff and durable frame, comes with a seatpost, spare bushings and extra derailleur hanger.

The Bad: Slightly longish chainstays, no option to run Maxle or thru-axle. Minor bitches really...

Overall Review: I've spent the entire summer riding this bike just about everywhere. In fact it's the bike I choose to ride to work on every day because it's just fun to ride anywhere. I'm not much of dirt jumper but if you read other reviews you'll know this bike is more than capable in that arena. What I can tell you is that this frame shines in just about every other scenario from slalom racing, to mini-DH, to Super D racing, and even XC riding. All of which I've done on the Rampant. I really didn't intend to use this bike for XC because I have other bikes that would work better; But I was pumped to ride it once I got it built and it was Read More »

GT Force Carbon Pro Frame

“Excellent Agressive Trail Or Light All Mountain Bike”


The Good: Stiff frame, fun nimble handling, great climber, decent weight.

The Bad: Better suited for heavy trail use. Could use a slightly slacker head angle.

Overall Review: To be honest, I've only had a handful of rides on my GT, but I can say the bike has longish feeling top tube and climbs exceptionally well. Despite the longer than normal feeling reach, steering is on the quick side, and it may be because of the 69 degree head angle. The quick steering make the bike feel nimble and fun, but a bit of a hand full when the trail starts to get steep. I wouldn't consider it a ride killer by any means, just be prepared. The I-Drive suspension provides a nice, quiet ride lacking much chain slap, and the high-forward pivot does a great job of sucking up square edged hits. Chain growth is kept in check Read More »

Specialized Chunder DH Tire

“Great in the back”


The Good: Fast rolling, strong, soft, grips nice.

The Bad: A bit heavy
Very tight spacing but with some cutting they can be made to penetrate better.

Overall Review: Very good tire but even better used in the rear.