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Latest Product Reviews


Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal

“Awesomest pedals”


The Good: Durable, no slipping and look awesome

The Bad: Little pricey to buy after market

Overall Review: Looks like some mixed reviews about these pedals. They came stock on my bike and in my opinion these are the best pedals I have ridden. Super durable and my feet never slip off. Really happy with them!!!

Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal

“Not Recommended”


The Good: - looks
- good platform for your foot when they stay together

The Bad: - weight
- pedals have a chance to come apart on the trail (and they do)
- not slender
- way overpriced

Overall Review: Just a swing and a miss. I had a piece of my pedal come off at the local dirt jumps. Luckily, I was able to reassemble them and donate them to a buddy... the same thing happened to him. I know one local pro from Northstar who had his pedal come apart during a race run (which effected his time negatively, of course). And I've heard a lot of other people having the same gripe as me. No pedal should be built this way... it just doesn't make sense. I personally like Atomlab pimplite pedals on my rigs. Those are rock solid in every aspect.

Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal

“Flashy enough.”


The Good: Unique look, easy to switch up traction. Great customer service from Crank Brothers.

The Bad: Heavy, thick, plates come loose far too often. Bearings wore at an extremely uneven rate which mystifies the hell out of me.

Overall Review: I tried really hard to like this pedal, Crank Brothers certainly stands behind it, but ultimately it's really let down by the gimmicky plates - they add a lot of weight, hassle, and detract from durability.

Black Market Bikes Underboss Stem

“So-so stem”


The Good: Looks pretty amazing in polished colour, kind of light.

The Bad: Tiny hardware, slips like crazy, bolts strip instantly, friend of mine had the threads just rip out of the stem body.

Overall Review: I'd be hard pressed to recommend this stem by any metric, there are lighter, cheaper, better-looking, better-performing stems out there.

Deity Vertigo DH Saddle

“Deity For Life”


The Good: Graphics,price,weight

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: Looks and feels pretty durable. Can't beat the graphics and colors. For those of you who do not already know, go school yourselves and check out Deity Components!

Deity Enoki Grip

“Deity For Life”


The Good: nice feel,Deity lockrings and endcaps,price,

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: I have used odi rogues for the last 5 years or so, and never planned on switching. Then, I tried these. The old mushroom feel is awesome. You get anodized lockrings With graphics. All for less $$$!And when the grips wear out, you can replace just the grip for super cheap. For those of you who do not already know, go school yourselves and check out Deity Components!

Deity Blacklabel 2010 Handlebar

“Deity For Life”


The Good: Nice mellow sweep and rise. Graphics, weight, price.

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: I have a set of 1st gen deity bars that have been well used for over a year on my dj bike. They are still holding up great. The product line from Deity has been evolving and expanding at a ridiculous level. For those of you who do not already know, go school yourselves and check out Deity Components!

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“A lightweight antislip option”


The Good: I don't slip off of these even with my nikes.

The Bad: People stop you all the time to gawk at the.... prepare to stand around instead of ride.

Overall Review: Super light, great price point and little amount of slipping. These pedals give you confidence that your groin won't be meeting your top tube anytime soon.

Deity Dirty30 2010 Handlebar

“Amazing bars”


The Good: perfect width and ride height.

The Bad: nothing - order these bars and they'll get to your door lickedy split.

Overall Review: Light weight, great FR/DH bar. I bought these to put on my dads Rune. His riding instantly got better. The great ride height and width made him way more comfortable and confident on his bike. I'm building another Rune and I wouldn't think of buying anything else.

Chris King ISO Disc Rear Hub

“is there any thing better then Chris King?”


The Good: theres to much to put here.....well lets start with 82 points of engagement (most dh hubs have between 24 and 36), witch makes for the best sound in the world . there so smooth you never have do do shit to keep them working they wont die, some would say "they just keep chugging" i would say they stay sprinting two years later there just as good as they were when they came out of the box.

The Bad: there not cheep.

Overall Review: theres a reason i have 3 sets of them.......