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Shimano DX SH-MP66W Clipless Shoe

Featured Review

“Great AM Shoe”


The Good: Comfortable, Stiff, Waterproof, Great for Trail Riding.

The Bad: You will look like a lost storm trooper wearing them.

Overall Review: I have for years run clipless pedals on my AM/Trail bikes and flats on m DH bike. I have always worn Sidi "road" type shoes as I liked the stiffness of the soles. On long, epic rides I more often than not find myself riding DH trails on my Specialized Enduro however and definitley don't shy away from the rough stuff. This made any hike-a-bike or foot down moments a bear and often led to some comical situations with plastic soled clipless shoes. These make climibing/hiking a breeze and are great for the Agressive Trail/Enduro style of riding. I have been using them with my all-time favorite Time pedals and couldn't be happier. They are comfortable, durable, dry, and shed mud like a greased pig.

WTB Wolverine Tire

“this is my one and only tire”


The Good: this tire is my favert tire ever. This tire excels in every condition wet to dry, grecy to concret this tire kills. i run it on my DJ bike my trail bike and even one the back of my DH bike. The tire is vary fast rooling and hooks up like a champ. but you can still let it slide around corners. I love this tire i run it one 5 out of my 6 wheels and on the front of the DH bike its all about the bronson 2.3 AM TCS.

The Bad: you can set them up tubeless with a hand pump, o whate my bad thats grate.

Overall Review: if you want to go fast get on some WTB wolverine 2.3 AM TCS tires

WTB Wolverine Tire

“this isnt a wet tire....”


The Good: idk, i have only been able to ride the wet this winter... Cali has been raining exceptionally alot in the past couple months and the dirt hasnt been dry enough to see any good things.

The Bad: NOT for rainy riding...fact. even 2 days after. i use it as a back tire, maybe that might be it, but it is way too low of profile to ride in wet dirt/mud.

Overall Review: Only for dry hardpack. not for rocks, mud, or slippery conditions.

Truvativ Holzfeller OCT 1.1 DH Crank

“Great Part”


The Good: Lightweight, Inexpensive(compared to other hollow cranks), looks good

The Bad: Not a very good finish, machine work isn't flawless. Then again neither am I. However I am not selling myself.

Overall Review: Definitely worth the investment.

Transition Bottlerocket Frame

“Awesome Frame”


The Good: Simple design, very strong, can be used for anything from DJ to slopestyle to trail riding to light DH, very flickable, awesome value for the money, great company to back it up.

The Bad: It's just the frame.

Overall Review: Definitely worth the money

Five Ten Impact Sam Hill 2 Flat Pedal Shoe

“Run a little big”


The Good: Super sticky, stiff, good looking

The Bad: Run a little big

Overall Review: I have a set of the five-ten impacts, the same design this is based off of, and they are size 13 and my toes are to the end. I am a size 14 most of the time. I bought the size 13 for the impacts b/c I wanted a tighter shoe to ride in and two that was the biggest size they had. So I bought the Sam Hill version in a size 13 and they are a size larger than the impacts. This is perfect for walking around in but give a little more room for my foot to move around in while riding. I guess the importance of this info is if you are ordering online and cant try the shoes on.

Superco Charger Hardtail Frame



The Good: This is my fifth DJ frame, and as Von said, it will probably be my last. Hands down, if you match the Match this frame with a light and lowered fork, it is the best handling Dirt Jumper ever! If you need to know anything about building the bike, Doc has all the answers. It was a pleasure dealing Doc and the Go-Ride Crew.

The Bad: The worst thing about this bike is not being able to ride it every day.

Overall Review: I purchased this frame without ever riding it, I based my decision based on reviews like this, the personal attention I received from Doc, the perfect geometry, and the sexy look of the bike. It was the best bike purchase I have ever made.