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Latest Product Reviews


Geax AKA Tire

“grip n rip”


The Good: everything the ads say they are

The Bad: pavement and rocks

Overall Review: very happy with the way these tires hook, from ideal conitions to a bit muck sticky, havent let me down yet.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite Helmet

“Time to get that mortage...”


The Good: Uber protection with a solid amount of awesomeness...

The Bad: you'll need to mortgage your dead grandma's house

Overall Review: like alot, expensive as shit, but i ended up gett a POC full face one for more, so i dont know why im complainin about the price, but sam hill uses them and its troy lee, so you'll be getting your money'sworth.

Shimano PD-MX30 Flat Pedal

“one of the best.”


The Good: theres a reason why so many pros out there are still sticking with these... becos they are so comfortable and grippy. love the design too... makes it look so space age ( even though its a pedal from the 90s ).
also, if u know how to service, u can actually set how fast its gonna spin.

The Bad: comes fixed with microscopic pins and changing them into the longer ones which are supplied takes effort ( 40 pins in total ).
expensive for a pedals when theres cheaper alternatives out there.

Overall Review: the second gen of the pioneer platform pedals. amazing to see something still selling after a decade. what a classic!

Crank Brothers 5050 X Flat Pedal

“3 pieces is too many”


The Good: It spins!!!

The Bad: Why on earth would you add extra joints to a part like a pedal body. It doesn't need them. Sure, you can customize the colors, but it also makes it heavier, thicker, and weaker. What a poor idea.

Overall Review: All the fancy packaging in the world can't make up for the fact that this is an inferior design. The spindle and bearings are the same as every other pedal on the market. The only feature setting it apart is the moronic 3 piece body. Do yourself a favor and buy 3 sets of generic pedals with that cash. They're all made in the same place.

Intense Tire Systems Invader Tire

“Super stiff casing.”


The Good: grippy, tough

The Bad: The casing is so hard I had to run 20 psi to make it feel right. At that pressure it spun on my rim. It runs well flat after the valve stem tears out.

Overall Review: There are better options. Intense should stick to frames.

Superco Charger Hardtail Frame

“Just right.”


The Good: Light, tight, super fun bike. Doc's been at it a long time. This is the culmination of everything he's learned and it shows. You would have a very hard time finding another frame with this kind of fit and finish. The guy refuses to do anything he doesn't absolutely believe in. Perfectionist almost to a fault.

The Bad: Disappointed that it's big brother isn't in production.

Overall Review: See above. It's all good news.

Thomson Elite Seatpost

“One more good review.”


The Good: This post is a set and forget item. It will not move or let you down. Really fine angle adjustment.

The Bad: Kind of a bitch to swap saddles, but the amount of time spent is made up for by years of trouble free use.

Overall Review: Not enough stars to give a proper rating.

Chris King No Thread Headset

“Legendary for a reason”


The Good: The original boutique headset. Pretty, simple, tough, smooth. The company is easy to like too.

The Bad: Expensive, but worth every penny.

Overall Review: Any bike I plan on keeping will get one of these.