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Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Mini Pump

Featured Member Review

“A Floor Pump for the Trail”


The Good:

Easy to service
Secure thread-on valve chuck for presta and schrader

The Bad:

Threads for chuck on pump base can get easily damaged or filled with debris when in use
Foot peg is small which sinks in soft soils and is unstable on rocky surfaces
T-handle is small and leads to my knuckles contacting the top of the air chamber at full compression in certain grip positions.

Overall Review: Flats suck. This pump doesn't change that fact but it does make the process of getting back on the trail much more enjoyable. Classic hand pumps require awkward bracing to keep the chuck attached to the valve. This pump does away with that by using a flexible hose and thread-on chuck so that you can inflate a tire without the risk of breaking/bending a valve or tearing a tube. Classic hand pumps also typically require so much shoulder and arm muscle to bring a large volume MTB tire to proper inflation that when the tire is finally aired up (after three rests to shake out the arms), you barely have Read More »
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Vital MTB member shredlightly
13482 shredlightly,13482/all 02/21/12,13482/setup 2 5 16 11

2011 Santa Cruz Nomad Freeride Bike

“The chosen all around bike”


The Good:

- The Geometry and VPP are the big advantage for all around bike.
- The weight to stiffness or strength ratios are really efficient

The Bad:

- BB height is not really an advantage for turning and berm, thus heven't seen racer use this bike for dual slalom....

Overall Review: All Around bike and diffidently my chosen enduro geometry lets the rider to control the bike not the other around. However my next upgraded bike will be Nomad with 6.5' travel Notes For Santa Cruz: Watch Specialized , they launch New Specialized Enduro with extended travel to 6.5'
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Vital MTB member rizwan.rizal
10179 rizwan.rizal,10179/all 08/20/11 8 2 1,10179/setup 2 66 5

e*thirteen Heim 3RS Chainguide



The Good:

considering it has to keep the chain on in 28 gears its worked really well on my hard tail and nomad mk1

The Bad:

not so great on my new bike nomad carbon as had to modify to fit

Overall Review: if ya want to run three chainrings and wanna ride rough stuff get one its tough and lite and willstop ya dropping chains thus changing ya ride
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Vital MTB member unleash
19083 unleash,19083/all 10/19/12 1

Straitline Silent Guide Chainguide

“Straitline Silent Guide”


The Good:

the good: reliable, no maintenance needed ,and the most resistant i have ever used

The Bad:

the only thing that could be better its the price ,but by the fact that you praticly don't need to change nothing because it wont break it's worth the price .

Overall Review: i used to have an e.13 LG1+ and i braeck the taco and it had 1 or 2 cracks on the upper side, this one i have landed with the chain ring on rocks and it didn't break, its like new the best guide ever and i don't want to change it for an other.
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Vital MTB member tmano2
14324 tmano2,14324/all 03/17/12 12 14 3,14324/setup 2 63 72 4

Fox Racing Launch Pro Knee Guard

“Really Good Knee pads”


The Good:

They are comfortable, breath well and actually protect you

The Bad:


Overall Review: I have had knee pads in the past, that when you crash stick to the ground and burn you knee(because your knee slides in them) these have never done that. Also, as far as comfort goes they are the best I have ever tried on. Almost all my friends used to use 661 and now all havetransferred over to these, everyone is blown away at how well they work.
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Vital MTB member BayScraper
1756 BayScraper,1756/all 01/20/10 5 22 2,1756/setup 1 13 53 3 4

Dakine Highwire Glove Spring/Summer 11

“Awesome glove for great price”


The Good:

durable, stylish, breathable

The Bad:

None so far

Overall Review: I purchased these gloves at a great price and after a couple of weeks of using them I am very happy with the purchase. Dakine makes tons of quality gear and their gloves, especially the Highwire glove is no exception. The first thing I noticed about these gloves compared to others is the Neoprene knuckle flex panel, you can really feel the material stretching (in a good way) when using the gloves especially when reaching for the brake levers. This provides a really nice custom feel to the glove. The quality and stitching of the gloves is really nice and even after a couple of crashes and doing some trail Read More »
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Vital MTB member vics26
549 vics26,549/all 08/18/09 2,549/setup 15 30 70 49 1

Manitou Circus Expert Fork

“if a fox 831 is the caddilac of dj forks then this is a flying ferrari tank”


The Good:

DURABILITY- at rays mtb park fox 831s and Argyle RCTs were breaking all the time and these were always the replacements.
Responsive- this fork is the definition of plush. it is a snap to adjust and you can dial it in soooooooo perfectly
Stiff- in the suspension and in the axle. manitou has outdone themselves with the 20mm hex lock
Light- for a tank like this its feather weight
AFFORDABLE- looking to pay less AND perform more? well i wouldnt reccomend dropping $800-$900 on an Argyle or 831

The Bad:

if your into 4x the weight might take front seat but durability will pay off

Overall Review: This fork is a light, stiff, plush versatile tank. IT is sooo beefy compared to the competition. This thing is a tank and an 831 is a go cart. Seriously. The suspension it so responsive and smooth and manitou created a lock out that can take hits without being destroyed unlike rock shocks lock out. PERFECT
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Vital MTB member Billy3197
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One Industries Vapor Pants

Vital Review

“Tested: ONE Industries Vapor Pants, So Light You'll Jump For Joy”

Words by Sean “Griz” McClendon. Photos by Ian Collins. Well-known and respected in the motocross world, ONE Industries is about to make a charge into the bike market, and they're doing it in style. We recently had the opportunity to try out the new ONE Vapor pant, a crossover from their moto line that feels like it was made for mountain biking. Made with two-way stretch polyester, a touch of leather, an adjustable waist, and a velcro-style waist closure, the Vapor pant is like no other. Key Specs Constructed of a two-way stretch poly material - The outer shell is 95% polyester and 5% leather, and the lining is 100% Read More »
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Vital MTB member 26griz
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Easton Havoc 26" UST Wheelset

“Havoc UST 150”


The Good:

Very light weight

The Bad:

Highly prone to dents
Easy to bend
Not reliable

Overall Review: I have now had a whole summer to ride on this new wheelset (not the one pictured - UST 150). I will say that this wheelset is very light for its intended use and should be taken into consideration when looking at the negative aspects. However, with that said the outer rim of this wheelset is soft as butter. I completely destroyed the front wheel on what i considered to be a mildly harsh landing on a 30 ft jump. I destroyed the rear in a rock garden at angelfire. After replacement i have decided to be a little more gentle, this is a very expensive product. As of now i have a front wheel that is about 1/2 inch out of true Read More »
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Vital MTB member jurichar
9595 jurichar,9595/all 07/11/11 7 5 1

Fox Racing Launch Knee/Shin Guard

“Excellent Product”


The Good:

They fit, they breath, they protect, they do not move.

The Bad:

did I mention they do not move :-)

Overall Review: I have used these for both trail riding and lift assisted riding. I highly recommend these. The X-Strap setup magically keeps these things from moving around. I don't know why Fox does not use this technology on all their guards (buddy has a nicer more expensive looking set and he can't keep them up on his leg to save his life). My only complaint which probably is not a valid complaint is that my legs would get hot while trail riding (pedaling) but really only notice this on hot days which I think is to be expected. For lift assisted riding they are perfect. I would buy them again.
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Vital MTB member conlysm
18708 conlysm,18708/all 09/27/12 1 1 1 2