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Latest Product Reviews


Intense Tazer VP Frame

“intense tazer vp review”


The Good: this bike is very stable at higher speeds but still remains very playful due inpart to the light weight and the geometry of the bike. the rear end ramps as you get to the end of the stroke making a very bottomless feeling short travel bike.

The Bad: it costs a lot of money for a 4 in travel bike.

Overall Review: one of the most versatile bikes that you can buy right now. it's great for jumping and fast smooth terrain but can handle technical terrain better than many five and six inch travel bikes.

2013 Kona Supreme Operator Bike

“Flatout Pinned”


The Good: Feels like a true DH bike on the gnarly, but somehow is extremely flick-able in the air and on the ground. I rode this bike at Trestle Bike Park and I could not be happier with it. Its so good that I rented it twice! I rode every trail that Trestle has to offer, jump trails, freeride trails, pedally trails, the slopestyle track, and obviously the DH track and it felt perfect for every single trail there! Kona truely hit a gold mine with this bike!

The Bad: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....wait you were serious? I must laugh harder hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Overall Review: I could not be more pleased with this bike. I even pulled a Danny Hart whip on the slopestyle coarse at Crankworx Colorado!!

Loaded Precision X-lite Titanium Stem

“What a hard body, beauty.”


The Good: The finish is immaculate & fantastic. It is stiff and hangs on to those bars and the steerer tube for dear life.

The Bad: I want more!!

Overall Review: I was first attracted to the stem by looks. I took a chance with the purchase and glad I did. This is a light, stiff, solid, well honed stem. The machining is real nice, along with the color and the carbon face plate. I think it is a real value. it woul dbe hard to find another product up to the Loaded Precision standard.

2011 Cove Gspot Bike

“very capable am/fr bike”


The Good: Fast, stable and efficient pedaler. Corners well. Feels bottomless.

The Bad: Stock head angle is a bit steep

Overall Review: This bike handles steep, rough and fast terrain like a mini dh bike at the weight of an all mountain bike. You will not find a more capable all mountain bike anywhere.

TSG Tamarack Shin/Ankle Guard

“Wish I had a pair”


The Good: Looks great, just what I've been wanting

The Bad: As far as I can tell they don't exist

Overall Review: I've been looking for something like this all summer. When I do a google search on this product the only relevant results come back here. Does this manufacturer have a web page? Kind of hard to review a product if nobody sells it.

FOX Float RP23 Rear Shock

“great performance”


The Good: Can be set with 30% sag to be real plush. Also set on propedal 3 for stiffness in climbing. Perfect for single pivot Prophet.

The Bad: Too hard to reach Propedal lever but thats just me maybe.

Overall Review: Should be standard for AM riders.

Mavic DeeMax Ultimate Complete Wheelset

“dee max is the best wheelset.”


The Good: it just the best of the best I've never felt any thing as good as the deemax

The Bad: the bering is very easy to brake if you like to play rough like me...

Overall Review: the deemed promised me that it is the best, and that promise is true. you will never find a better wheelset that the Mavic Deemax

Thomson Elite Seatpost



The Good: solid durable strong two bolt clamp. machined one piece design. smooth micro adjustability

The Bad: price. but you get what you pay for

Overall Review: this seat post is the standard by which all other seat posts are measured. the machining and tolerances are amazing. there is no creaking or slipping or loosening of the bolts. the adjustment feature is the best I best I've ever used. Treat yourself and get this seat post!

MRP Mini G2 SL Chainguide

“best taco guide on the market”


The Good: easy to set up. quiet. fits many frame designs. durable

The Bad: pricey. not very stylish

Overall Review: this chain guide sets up easy, rolls smoothly and fits many frames. It doesn't get better than the mini g sl

Santa Cruz Jackal Frame

“Seriously, who designed/built this bike?”


The Good: I guess the name on the down tube is meant to be good...

The rear dropouts were clever, till I saw the dropouts on Needle's frame!

The Bad: Where to start:

Head Angle - The head angle is super slack, which, for all mountain is great, but on a frame designed for dirst jumping and street, where agile handling has always been a good thing... CRAP! I'm going to have to have my fork reduced to 80mm and have at least 5mm shaved off on the bottom of the head tube and likely 10mm on the top just to get the bike somewhat lower. If the warranty will still be granted, then I guess props to SCB for allowing "tunability".

The bike feels and is SUPER tall IMO.

The seat stays are WIDE, so much so that I catch a heel and even a calve on them every so often.

Overall Review: The construction is rock solid, I doubt I'll ever break one, but heck, I guess its a personal thing, but the geometry is all over the show!!!