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Latest Product Reviews


Demon Dirt Brigg Jersey

“Great freeride jersey”


The Good: Comfy and light. Plenty of room for pads.

The Bad: I still can't dunk like Shaq when wearing this.

Overall Review: Love it. Worth every penny. Not sure if they have any in stock still but pick up the "I ride for Nick's eyes" version and support a great cause while looking fresh!

Shimano DX SH-MP66W Clipless Shoe

“Stiff, Comfy, and Effective”


The Good: They feel great. It's soooo nice to wear a comfortable set of shoes while riding instead of uncomfortable XC/Roadie shoes. They are plenty stiff even on the hardest of sprints.

The Bad: They weren't free. The are obviously heavier than a $300 set of carbon soled XC shoes.... DUH!

Overall Review: Get 'em. I don't really have any complaints. I love them. They are comfortable to wear even off the bike and they don't look like XC slippers.

Bell Sequence Open Face Helmet

“Perfect option when not wearing a fullface”


The Good: Awesome airflow, great graphics and a snug fit, price was really good too!.

The Bad: Can't find anything bad so far, really good product and a great option for a open face helmet.

Overall Review: Lets face it, there are certain days when you can't wear your full face helmet. On days when you're not riding lifts or can't shuttle or its +30 outside and too warm for a full face, that's where this helmet shines. The airflow is awesome but it still offers a lot of protection. This is a great helmet for all mountain riding, the helmet is super light and looks great with a snug fit.

2011 Diamondback Mission 4 Bike

“Diamondback Mission 4 2011”


The Good: Great parts spec...XO parts are very nice, and I really love the XO brakes. Hammerschmidt!! Fox 36 Talas, Mavic Crossmax ST Wheels...Great specs. Frame is super solid and well balanced. Smooth supsension and Knuckle Box is solid low mantaince design that works! Love the frame and it looks so killer in person. PAINT JOB is A+ Climbs/Pedals well and comes alive on the DH. This bike can do it all and loves to go downhillm Hit jumps and just plain haul,

The Bad: Not much to complain about, Only detail that was off was; it came with a Talas RLC 120/160 not RC2, I like it but would like more compression adjustments, but I really like the 120/160 as I don't need to change it much and the fork feels great anyway, so no biggy for me. Changed the Carbon bars to FSA Gravity and Thomson 70mm stem. My personal choice on all my bikes....Changed tires but personal...stock tires were wire not kevlar bead, I wish this bike had a DHX 5.0 Air but I really like the RP23 XV the more I ride it.

Overall Review: Light weight and very balanced for whatever you can do on it, The frame is so smooth, solid and pedals very well. One word to describe the frame would be "Stout". From the Tapered HT and perfect HA @67 with the option to drop it with the Talas to 120, The Knuckle Box is simple, solid, well executed design. Love the single sided pivots for easy access. Still breaking it in and will give more feed back later,

Five Ten Karver Flat Pedal Shoe

“My favorite 5.10 Shoe”


The Good: As with all the stealth rubber FiveTen soled riding shoes, grip is second to none. In particular to the Karver is the lace cover, which in addition to keeping mud and water out of your laces (and feet), it prevents your laces from flying around and catching your bike... True story, at the 2010 Crankworx Garbanzo race, during my race run I clipped a tree with my bar at high speed and the resulting crash somehow ended up with me getting my FiveTen High Impact laces caught up in my seat post collar lever. I spent probably 20-30 secs trying to free myself from the bike as it was on top of me and no amount of struggling would get it off, I just had to slow down and unhook the lace. Looking back, had I been wearing my Karvers with the laces tucked out of the way, this wouldn't have happened. Hindsight's 20/20 or in this case 5.10?

The Bad: Not a lot I don't like, I guess I'd say the womens model not having a lace cover is odd. Maybe make the lace cover removable like in past years?

Overall Review: hands down the best shoe you'll find for riding flat pedals. Well thought ought design, incredible performance and distinctive style!

Five Ten Karver Flat Pedal Shoe

“Good but not the best FiveTen”


The Good: Five Ten soles are amazing, Lace cover helps keep the laces mud free

The Bad: I have owned 3 pairs of five tens and I found these just heavy and clunky. My lace cover came apart after a few rides. If your hiking up the hill the to session a section alot the lows are way better and not as hot.

Overall Review: Great shoes but heavy and hot but if you tend to smash your ankles a lot you will love the added protection.

Five Ten Karver Flat Pedal Shoe

“Helmets for Your Feet”


The Good: this is my 3rd pair of 5 tens and these are by far my favorites so far! once you put them on you will feel the amount of protection that these shoes provide! the shoe lace covered by the Velcro cover allows for all the puddle riding/mud you could ever want! the only way water is getting in is via the top while riding through puddles/small steams.

The Bad: while tying the shoe the Velcro gets in the way a little. but how "bad" is this?

Overall Review: after i ware these shoes out i am buying the exact same pair! these are too good to shy away from. i also found there was zero break in time. once i put them on and went riding for the day they were just as comfortable at the end of the day as they were when i put them on.

FOX 40 FIT RC2 Fork

“fox racing shox FTW”


The Good: unbelievable amounts adjust-ability! This the best feeling fork i have found yet weather you are hitting jumps or smashing over roots.

The Bad: to much adjust-ability to count? when dialing in my fork i would sometimes forget or lose count of how clicks i have turned.

Overall Review: RADest most bad ass fork on the market! with this fork on your bike everything seems smaller as you mow over roots, rocks and small animals! but on a serious note this fork has made racing easier once i dial in the setting for the course.

Maxxis Minion DHF Tire

“Minions All the Way”


The Good: - cornering
- predictable
- the best hardpack / medium / and loose front tire on the market
- also works well on the back
- lightweight
- roll well
- awesome grip

The Bad: - ummm, what?

Overall Review: This tire cannot be beat. If you ever wonder why you see so many amateurs and pros running this tire, throw one on the front of your rig and see why. It's everything you want front a front tire (and for some, even on the back too!). Maxxis tires are a step ahead of the rest.