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Latest Product Reviews


Deity Cryptkeeper Frame



The Good: Seriously? You have to see and ride one to really appreciate it..perfect geo, weight, standover is amazing!!!I do not have the time to type all of the awesome points of this frame!! Just buy one.. The toxic green is 10x more awesome in real life than in the pics!! And, the finish holds up amazingly well!!

The Bad: nada meng!!

Overall Review: Support a rider owned and operated co. and buy Deity!! You will not be disappointed..The title of the bottom review says it all!!!

Deity Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms



The Good: GRAPHICS..There are a lot of good cranks out there but they do not look nearly as good!! I have them on my Cryptkeeper and cannot wait to get a set for my Blindside!! I have the cro mo spindle as well, and they still feel perfect..

The Bad: nada meng!!

Overall Review: Support a rider owned and operated co. and buy Deity!! They have the best parts anyway so you will not be disappointed!

Deity Blacklabel Handlebar



The Good: Everything..I run these on my blindside and absolutely love them!

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: Support a rider owned and operated co. and buy Deity!! They are the sickest parts available so you will not be disappointed!

Deity Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms

“stiff & easy”


The Good: easy set up, stiff as an old man on Viagra.

The Bad: lil heavy, get the ti-spindle and you're dialed.

Overall Review: Do you like your bike to look like it'll eat rocks? Do you like your cranks to survive the crushing pedal strokes that only YOU can provide? Do you like the fact that while other d-bags are worried about pedal strikes, you're worried about how much beer is gonna be at the bottom of the race course? If that's the case then you should get the Vendetta 3.0 Cranks. Coupled with Deity's external BB, your dick will be dialed always. Just make sure you get the ti-spindle. ;)

Deity Topsoil Handlebar

“Best bars.”


The Good: BIG, WIDE, SICK.

The Bad: TOO SICK. I wish they came stock at 750mm though.

Overall Review: I threw these on my dirt jumper at the beginning of the season after running Sunline 745 bars for the last couple years. I was instantly stoked. For dirt jumping or XC, these are the perfect width. 29" is awesome for those disciplines. My only real complaint is that they should come stock at 750mm. This is more a personal preference as I'd rather ride my bikes all at the same width, 743mm. Other than that, these are THE best bar on the market.

Deity Vendetta EXT Bottom Bracket

“How cool is an external bb on chromo cranks? Super cool!”


The Good: perfect machining, install went super smooth.

The Bad: External Bearings on Chromo cranks? That is never Bad.

Overall Review: Having big bearings on a chromo crank is a major plus!

Deity Blacklabel Handlebar



The Good: its black on black. perfect width. the bend feels super awesome. these bars are super stout.

The Bad: Try and find something bad about these bars, you won't.

Overall Review: Ive run my blacklabels all season and haven't had a single issue. no bends no cracks, no problems.

Deity Fantom DM Stem

“dope bike parts”


The Good: super badass 2 piece design. looks rad in white.

The Bad: nothing bad could be said about Deity

Overall Review: Stem is awesome! I've owned two fox 40s and both had a Phantom DM attached to them. stoked~!

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“the baddest pedals you can buy with legal currency”


The Good: Sweet flat platform, tons of grip, dope colors

The Bad: there is absolutely nothing bad about these pedals

Overall Review: I've had three sets of these pedals. the only reason i keep getting them is i sold the bike they were on so i HAD to get more!