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Latest Product Reviews


Deity Vendetta EXT Bottom Bracket

“How cool is an external bb on chromo cranks? Super cool!”


The Good: perfect machining, install went super smooth.

The Bad: External Bearings on Chromo cranks? That is never Bad.

Overall Review: Having big bearings on a chromo crank is a major plus!

Deity Blacklabel Handlebar



The Good: its black on black. perfect width. the bend feels super awesome. these bars are super stout.

The Bad: Try and find something bad about these bars, you won't.

Overall Review: Ive run my blacklabels all season and haven't had a single issue. no bends no cracks, no problems.

Deity Fantom DM Stem

“dope bike parts”


The Good: super badass 2 piece design. looks rad in white.

The Bad: nothing bad could be said about Deity

Overall Review: Stem is awesome! I've owned two fox 40s and both had a Phantom DM attached to them. stoked~!

Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

“the baddest pedals you can buy with legal currency”


The Good: Sweet flat platform, tons of grip, dope colors

The Bad: there is absolutely nothing bad about these pedals

Overall Review: I've had three sets of these pedals. the only reason i keep getting them is i sold the bike they were on so i HAD to get more!

Morewood Bicycles Makulu Frame

“Serious case of stoke!”


The Good: neutral handling, excellent feed back from suspension, plush, stiff, inspiring

The Bad: Only goes as fast as I can but begs to go faster

Overall Review: This bike hauls! I've never ridden a bike that instantly felt so comfortable going fast on. The suspension is plush but still gives you enough feedback to let you change direction and launch off of anything you see fit. At 220 pounds I can feel the flex in just about any frame and there is none to report out of this. The CCDB is a marvel! It does take some time to set up but is 100% worth it. With a Ti spring on it next year it'll be even better. If you can afford one of these don't bother looking anywhere else because this is it!

2013 Kona Operator Bike

“Great Low Matinence Bike”


The Good: Has a great light build that can handle anything that you throw at it I have raced 5 races in all diffirent conditions and this bike really surprised me on how well it tracks through gnarly stuff. The bike jumps like and dream shredding down a classic trail like "A-line" and has great simple adjustments for anyone looking for a simple clean bike.

The Bad: I really can not say any bad things about it, it was the perfect bike for that suited my riding style. Being a 4-Bar suspension design, it is harder to pedal that other bikes but with the right suspension setup it can be heavily reduced

Overall Review: Overall the bike felt amazing and easy to ride right as I first pedaled it around. The bike handles great on steep gnarly stuff and flying through the air. I love this bike and was defiantly the best bike I have ever rode and would recommend it to anyone

Spank Spike EVO 777 Handlebar

“Spank me, spank me”


The Good: Superb quality finish (I had the black one), great feeling shape too (a little unusual the 8deg backsweep, but they feel good). Good choice of rise options to make sure you can find one just right for you. And they look awesome!

The Bad: They don't come in green. Get with it Spank!

Overall Review: Great bar, feels good, and the quality is right up there.

Banshee Legend MKII Frame

“low CoG makes corning easier”


The Good: 1. Low CoG
2. Plenty slack without it being stupid
3. Holds a line but not a plow bike
4. rails corners
5. Ti goodies
6. non-tapered HT
7. easily built under 40lbs
8. swoopy tube free

The Bad: 1. not very poppy off lippy jumps
2. more simple color options

Overall Review: The bike is in very fun to ride. I've had it for 2 seasons now and have been able to compare it to a few other solid DH frames out there. I can say that the legend out shines many of them.

Banshee Legend MKII Frame

“2011 Banshee Legend MKII”


The Good: Great Bike. Very stable and centered. Tracks great and responds to rider control / movement very well. Low bottom bracket = great cornering!

The Bad: Makes you want to ride really fast - makes you ride outside your comfort zone - not a bad thing at all! just had to put something here.

Overall Review: Im a happy and proud owner of one and I think this bike is amazing! I would suggest this bike to anyone!

Specialized BigHit II Bike

“Great bike to start with or ride on”


The Good: very easy to control. fun, light, jumpy bike. It is really fun to through around in the air.//tricks

The Bad: the chain guide is very temperamental.....or at least it was for me, my chain fell off constantly.

Overall Review: great bike to have fun on! defiantly get one if you are looking for a cheep Free-ride style of bike, or starter Down hill.