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Latest Product Reviews


Maxxis High Roller Tire

“Learn to use it and you'll love it”


The Good: Much faster rolling than a nevegal, amazing cornering grip, predictable sliding tire

The Bad: As mentioned in the review below mine, there is a bit of a dead zone between the rolling/braking knobs and the cornering knobs.

Overall Review: To get these tires to really shine, you need to know how to really lean a bike over in a corner. If you don't, you will absolutely hate these tires, but if you do, they will keep on gripping long after, say, a nevegal will.

Deity Enoki Grip

“The One & Only Grip...”


The Good: Better gripping cause they're slightly bigger than your average grip size. Have the old Shroom type design made better.

The Bad: No complaints.

Overall Review: Best grips I've ever owned. More comfortable, especially for bigger hands & extremely affordable.

Hadley 20mm Dowhill Front Hub

Featured Review

“Durable, reliable.”


The Good: Problem free, good engagement. Did I mention problem free?

The Bad: Not the lightest hubs out there.

Overall Review: I was told when I bought my Hadley/823 wheelset 5 yrs ago that they would last. I have replaced the rear bearings once and that's it as far as major maintenance. I did note the front hub can develop slop, but is easily dealt with tightening the bearing preload bolts. I have done this maybe 4 times in 5 yrs. Besides these two points, I have actually done no maintenance at all on the hubs. (bad bike rider, bad!) Probably the best general DH setup around and maybe have a Hope/Flow setup for race-day if you want.

FOX 40 FIT RC2 Fork

“Smooth and adjustable”


The Good: Love this fork compared to boxxers and 888's I have owned before. Fork feels buttery smooth with out much maintenance on my part. It's awesome to finally have a trouble free fork that works well every time. Range of adaptability is huge.

The Bad: Don't forget you'll need a 160mm adapter for your post mount brakes to fit a 203mm rotor. WishI didn't have to ditch my medium ti spring for a heavy steal one.

Overall Review: Fire and forget, best fork I've ever owned. No problems, works great once dialed in and doesn't break. What more could I want?

Intense 951 Frame

“Fun, quick, durable bike”


The Good: Awesome bike to just jump on and start riding. Quick, easy to pump, jump and pop through rough stuff. Strong enough to be beat on by 210 lbs of sometimes hard casing rider.

The Bad: Upper pivot bolts have the tendency to work themselves loose after the first super rough day of riding. Check em after a gnarly run when first purchased. Haven't come loose since. Stickers are sort of flimsy and tear off easily.

Overall Review: Really fun bike that loves tight, rocky courses. Loves a day of shuttling with friends or going racing.

Transition Bottlerocket Frame

“One of the best all around bikes made.”


The Good: Simplicity, flexibility, strength, support, looks.

The Bad: Can be a bit heavy depending on build. Not sure the BR is any less expensive than some competitors offerings in this segment.

Overall Review: Transition changed the game when they released the Bottlerocket. I credit them for the slopestyle revolution and the sudden switch to shorter travel bikes from big hit bikes that took place a few years ago. While the Bottle is no longer the lightest or best in the this segment, it's still one of the best bikes ever made in this class. I was able to put a Hammerschmidt, Marz 55, drop post, and some lighter components on this for what amounted to a very versatile bike.

2010 Yeti 303-R DH Bike



The Good: this bike is fast, stable and lively. i LOVE the suspension, it pushes you down the mountain...i mean really a fast bike. it loves being in the air easy to flick around. rails great...just everything

The Bad: waiting for yeti to put out the 303 WC

Overall Review: i cant say enough i love this bike

Morewood Bicycles Izimu with XPI Pivot Frame

“MoreWood IZIMU”


The Good: handled better then i thought it would.love the paint job.like the axle works and the nut to deraller hanger mount.i like the rear adjustablity iv been in the "B'' Seting witch is slacked out and back witch i like

The Bad: let see bad? huh cant say too much.....il get back to you on that

Overall Review: i just got the bike less then a month and so far i love it.. i didnt try to make it light but i am @ 38.4 pounds i could probly shave another pound if i wanted too. other then that it works well over everything..

2012 Turner DHR Bike

“DHR Review”


The Good: Good pedaling platform, neutral feeling, head angle is spot on, fast and stable. Definitely a different bike from the previous DHR.

The Bad: None i can think of so far after ridden the bike for a year now. Maybe i will find one when i try to install the CCDB Air Shock later down the road.

Overall Review: Definitely a great frame even though a little pricy but worth every penny.

Specialized Enduro Expert Bike

“Game Changer”


The Good: Everything

The Bad: The cable routing and rear shock could be better at aggressive speeds.

Overall Review: I got the s-works carbon 2011 and built with existing parts. Fox 36 RC2, Crossmax SX's etc. Tough and aggressive build but around 30lb. It NEEDS a Great fork as this bike is SO fast and encouraging and just Dangerous. Truly rides has a performance of a DH bike but doesn't feel slow and sluggish everywhere else. Pedals like a madman, playful and stable. I have found my soulmate! I would like to run my sag at 30+% as it feels incredible but when you sreally start to get aggressive (which is easy) it starts bottoming out. Would like more progression. Maybe an EVO install? So I run it at 25% and its all good.