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Fly Racing Chaos Full Face Helmet

“Chaos the best helmet for the price”


The Good: The PRICE, it fist really well, I own a giro remedy L and its to loose, the M does not fit. My Chaos its Large and it fist like a glove. The graphics are ok, and the removable pads are a plus.

The Bad: The visor bold insert are don't the best.

Overall Review: great helmet for the price, if you are thinking about getting this helmet do it !!!!! You will not be disappointed.

Azonic Carbon Skad Full Face Helmet Full Face Helmet

“O'Neal Carbon Skad helmet”


The Good: Light, carbon fiber looks good... that's about it.

The Bad: Very cheap feeling, bad design, loose fit, not the most protective helmet out there by any means.

Overall Review: I got this helmet hoping that it would be pretty sweet, but as soon as I took it out of the box I was disappointed. The padding on the inside is very cheap, and not at all comfortable. The cheek pads are really loose on your face and the helmet slides around a lot (yes, it was the correct size too). I had a bad crash and totally destroyed the helmet, knocking myself out in the process. It took me about two weeks to fully recover. I wised up and bought an MX helmet (Shoei VFX-W) because a mountain bike specific full face helmet comes no where near a MX helmet in terms of protection, and I really Read More »

Fox Racing V3 Full Face Helmet

“Moto for the Mountain”


The Good: If every one of your riding buddies has a TLD, this is a pretty sweet alternative. Great looking, good paint (doesn't' scratch easily), comfortable out of the box, very light weight, moto looks.

The Bad: It's not a TLD.

Overall Review: I haven't slammed my head into a tree yet, so I just have to assume it works properly, but it is light, fits well out of the box, great ventilation, and good looks. Highly recommended.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite Helmet

“me like alot”


The Good: you just feel incredibly safe, my previous helmet was a sixsixone evolution and you really feel a difference, the tld is lots tighter around any spot of you head

The Bad: closing the helmet ain't really easy whit a complicated system

Overall Review: just get it it is worth the money, or wait for a promotion on crc like i did ;)

Spank Spike Pedal

Featured Review

“Spank Spike Pedals”


The Good: Huge platform, but close to the cranks so they don't stick out too far. They are the most comfortable flat pedals I have ridden. Grip is amazing! Low profile and the the shape of the edges and the platform deflect hits on rocks and roots.

The Bad: Tiny bit of a squeak on the first 10 minutes of the first ride. Apparently some of the very first batch had this problem. I have not had a problem since that first ride. Spank has built a reputation of excellent customer service, so if it turns into a problem I'm sure they will take care of it.

Overall Review: Well worth the money! I have been using zuzu's, used wellgo, old school tioga, funn, and tried some 5050's, and these pedals are the best thing I have ever put under my feet. I ride only in flats and my feet have never been so happy. The grip is amazing, and the size and low profile make mashing on the pedals standing, or ginding in the saddle way safer feeling since they don't flip. They look super cool too and I have been getting compliments every time I ride. Very confidence -inspiring pedals! ************************************************************************************************** 10/31/2012 After riding these Read More »

MRP G2 Chainguide

“Old but not the worst”


The Good: Light
Good looking
Easy to find used

The Bad: Had some chain drops

Overall Review: I had some chain drop, but I guess the chain was too old and long . According to me a SRS+ or a LG1+ are a slightly better.

Shimano SLX M530 Clipless Pedals

“Huge fan!!”


The Good: Profile, weight, contact area, durability and price. Bottle Opener.

The Bad: Can't think of it.

Overall Review: I bought these as they offered a slimmer profile than the other shimano platform pedals. There's no real extra weight over the other entry level shimano spds. Despite having a thinner profile i have struck them a fair few times (its rather rocky round here) and the cage is holding up really well. With the platform they don't feel like your feet are on an spd, plenty of contact area with the shoe. They're also the most compatible with my 5.10 minnaars than any other platform clip i've tried. Can be found for £25 in the UK which is a bargain. And finally, probably most importantly, they're the only spd pedal which works as an effortless bottle opener!!

Shimano PD-M545 Clipless Pedal

Featured Review

“Good standby”


The Good: Adjustable tension, easy release.

The Bad: Do not work well in nasty conditions.

Overall Review: For the first timer with clipless pedals, something from Shimano is a must. Having the adjustable tension is key to getting really comfortable with getting in and out of the pedals. The price is reasonable, and they last pretty well. I've raced these on and off for DH for quite some time. I've been reasonably happy with the durability, and if you are not racing in the mud, they are really reliable.