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Latest Product Reviews


Vans Gravel shoes (sticky rubber)

“Vans Gravel five ten replacement....”


The Good: They grip the pedals very well out of the box because of the rubber and barbecue of the waffle pattern. They also don't look retarded in public and is something you could ware to work/school and not get asked if you are wearing clown shoes. They are very flexy so hiking in them isnt that bad.

The Bad: The Vans gravel is a great shoe while it lasts. My pair wore out in less then a month of trail riding and i mean like full on holes in the bottom worn out. Also for whatever reaason i would get really bad blisters on my feet from them which was due to the lack of a padded insole. i was super disappointed by this because they were good shoes and i had high hopes for them.

Overall Review: In summary i would say that they were a major disappointment that functioned well and looked great but didn't last. If you are a sponsored rider and get them for free they would be great, but if you buy all your stuff stick with five ten.

Five Ten Line King Shoes

“great shoes, basically a high top Freerider”


The Good: grippy, durable, comfy, look good, more support than the freeriders

The Bad: nothing I can say, I'd recommend getting Dr. Scholls insoles to replace the soles that come with them cause they are uncomfortable, in my opinion

Overall Review: great shoes, get them.

Xpedo FACEOFF 17 (XMX17AC)

“Love this pedal!”


The Good: It's light, it's durable, the color options are HUGE, and it's great for DH, trail bikes, dirt jumpers, etc. It also has a very low profile fo aggressive turns. The bearings are amazingly smooth in there, too.

The Bad: I have yet to encounter a fault with these platforms. I weigh 220lbs and love them. I have a pro DH racer friend who ONLY uses these on his DH and Super-D bikes, and never warranteed anything.

Overall Review: Great performance, low weight, vast color options, low profile, killer price, smooth bearings and amazing durability all balled up into one stellar pedal. The Face Off's from XPEDO are my choice for the hard-hitting stuff!

Crank Brothers Candy 2 Pedals

“Sweet pedals. Had them on my Trail bike. Worked awesome!”


The Good: Look good, The new design has seemed to stand up to rocks and other hard stuff a lot better then the previous version. Thy also look cool.

The Bad: Had a bearing failure, but sent them back to Crankbros and they fixed if for free.

Overall Review: Awesome all round pedal. Works for anything,XC, Trail, All mountain, etc. It will do it all. Highly recommended.

Avid Elixir CR Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“Good brakes. Nice and light. Really strong”


The Good: Look awesome, Lots of stopping power, Levers are comfortable.

The Bad: They seem to squeak and squeal when they get wet.

Overall Review: Awesome brakes. Highly recommended. Very light, durable, and good looking.

Atomlab Polytec Pedals

“Really good for what they are”


The Good: These are a great value. While being lightweight, they spin well and grip great on bumpy trails. I also like the way they look. I have them in clear black and clear red. I am not hard on my bikes but they have lasted a long time for me.

The Bad: They don't have sealed bearings. They would look better if they were thinner.

Overall Review: I bought these with low expectations, basically thinking they would be disposable temporary pedals, but they work great and lasted a lot longer than I would have thought. I have them on two of my bikes and two of my kids bikes and we all have run them for 2 seasons. I would recommend them for anyone considering switching to flats, or likes to change colors or swap parts around alot.

Eastern Alloy & Magnesium Flat Pedal



The Good: Colors, price

The Bad: BIG, not low profile, HEAVY

Overall Review: I have owned the sealed and ball bearing alloys. I used them mostly with skate shoes. The ball bearing models would break about every other month but they were on street bikes so that is to be expected. Sealed lasted much longer. The big body can take a beating but is bulky and the dual concave design lends itself to soft skate shoes. When they are on a park bike with the softer sole shoe my feet took a beating. My 5.10's didn't bend to the shape as well as my other shoes. Grip is good and price is good. There are similarly priced, more modern pedals out there that would probably be a better choice.

Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

“PO1NT Sets the Bar in Pedals”


The Good: Light Weight, Great Grip, bearings last and are made in the USA

The Bad: None at all

Overall Review: These are by far the best flat pedals on the market. Simple, Durable, Strong, Functional, Effective and Made in the USA

Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal



The Good: Crank Bros. always stand behind their product and have always had excellent service.

The Bad: Thick, overpriced, grip is lacking, gimmicky plates, and weight.

Overall Review: 5.10's can make a crappy pedal better but the question is should they? No, just buy a lower profile pedal with better grip from the get go. They could lose a bit of weight if they didn't stick to their guns about the gimmicky plates. I have run Deity, Atomlab, DMR, Kona, Shimano, VP, Spank, Eastern, Odsy, Truvativ, and more. I would run anything else before these.