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Latest Product Reviews


MRP G2 SL Chainguide

“Better Choices Available”


The Good: It easily mounted to the bike, no alignment issues.

The Bad: Not worth the purchase price. The plastic is cheap and upper and lower guides break constantly. I went through 3 upper guides and 4 lowers before I decided to switch to an E13 LG1

Overall Review: There are much better choices out there. Don't waste your money, but an E13. E13 makes a much better product. I've had 2 MRP guides that didn't last a season of riding. I've had e13's that I've used on multiple bikes.

Gamut P30 Chainguide

“Not bad chainguide”


The Good: - light
- works well

The Bad: - price
- only for 36t ring
- no metal inserts for screws in bashguard (gets cracked very easily)

Overall Review: It would be nice to have adjustable plates to use this chainguide with 32-36t chainring. Bashgurd takes the beating very well, but the screws often get loose. After tightening them I found crack in the bashguard, so some sort of metal inserts would be very nice. Also bottom roller gets loose, so the first ride use loctite everywhere. On positive side, it worked well, just sometimes (1-2x per year) the chain drops, but I'm not sure if it's the chainguide fault.

Straitline Silent Guide Chainguide

“Best chain guide bar none”


The Good: Super easy to set up unlike other guide that take a lot of tweaking to get right. Never dropped a chain or had any issues even in heavy mud. No rollers to get clogged

The Bad: The only negative i can think of is it only comes stock with green roller. But that's no big deal

Overall Review: I've used MRP and multiple e-thirteens and this trumps them all

Gamut P30 Chainguide

“Great lightweight guide”


The Good: lightweight, durable, smooth rolling, good looks

The Bad: has a clicking sound

Overall Review: Great chainguide, very durable, I've had many hard rock strikes and still going strong. Looks good and comes in a variety of colors. Chain makes a clicking noise on the lower roller since it is hard plastic, not any louder than the average hub though.

Deity Cryptkeeper Frame

“FU$&ing awesome”


The Good: the best. I nearly blew a load the first time I jumped it. So natural,I could not believe how easy this is to jump, I had to tame it, amaimg geo, it definitely puts the mob to shame, superCo can't compare. This is hands down THE BEST Dj bike on the market. Thank you deity... I'm a lifetime customer. I kicked my wife out of bed to make room for deity

The Bad: huh... Bad??? Ummm color selection? Whatever

Overall Review: amazing. Don't think twice, u love to jump? Just buy it. Worth every penny. The Folks at deity out did themselves, and set the new standard for Dj. Bye bye MOB

2013 Diamondback Assault 2 Bike

“absolutely amazing”


The Good: sweet colors and lines, everyone thinks its the sexiest bike at the park. Great front forks, really soaks up rough landings, the hmx-5 brake is great, incredibly adjustable to your preference, front end feels light and allows for easy manuals and wheelies, rides great on quarter pipes, and feels really light and quick. Great components.

The Bad: Grips were ok, but some 8$ odi longnecks made it look snazzy, I bent the front rim (singlewall pbr) and rplaced it with a black blacksheep (doublewall) for a sweet look and more strength. nothing else could be wrong with this bike though.

Overall Review: definitely a confidence inspiring bike. I rode some mountain bikes, but nothing gave me the feeling this bike does. Jumps and 6 ft drops off walls would have terrified me before, but this bike really give you the confidence you need to become a much better rider. I also dont like the feel of a 20" bmx under me, feels way to small, and leaves no possibilities for singletracking like i love to do on this bike, so buy it, you wont regret it

Deity Cryptkeeper Frame



The Good: Seriously? You have to see and ride one to really appreciate it..perfect geo, weight, standover is amazing!!!I do not have the time to type all of the awesome points of this frame!! Just buy one.. The toxic green is 10x more awesome in real life than in the pics!! And, the finish holds up amazingly well!!

The Bad: nada meng!!

Overall Review: Support a rider owned and operated co. and buy Deity!! You will not be disappointed..The title of the bottom review says it all!!!

Deity Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms



The Good: GRAPHICS..There are a lot of good cranks out there but they do not look nearly as good!! I have them on my Cryptkeeper and cannot wait to get a set for my Blindside!! I have the cro mo spindle as well, and they still feel perfect..

The Bad: nada meng!!

Overall Review: Support a rider owned and operated co. and buy Deity!! They have the best parts anyway so you will not be disappointed!

Deity Blacklabel Handlebar



The Good: Everything..I run these on my blindside and absolutely love them!

The Bad: nada meng!

Overall Review: Support a rider owned and operated co. and buy Deity!! They are the sickest parts available so you will not be disappointed!

Deity Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms

“stiff & easy”


The Good: easy set up, stiff as an old man on Viagra.

The Bad: lil heavy, get the ti-spindle and you're dialed.

Overall Review: Do you like your bike to look like it'll eat rocks? Do you like your cranks to survive the crushing pedal strokes that only YOU can provide? Do you like the fact that while other d-bags are worried about pedal strikes, you're worried about how much beer is gonna be at the bottom of the race course? If that's the case then you should get the Vendetta 3.0 Cranks. Coupled with Deity's external BB, your dick will be dialed always. Just make sure you get the ti-spindle. ;)