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Latest Product Reviews


Giro Code Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's

“Giro Code rock”


The Good: These shoes have an Easton EC90 sole that is very stiff. This allows the wearer to stand up for long descents and not feel leg fatigue.

The Bad: They are quite expensive.

Overall Review: Great shoe for all mountain and trail riding. Allows you to transfer power very efficiently to the pedals and then to the wheel. These are great shoes that I would recommend to any rider other than the DH rider.

Easton Monkey Lite DH Handlebar

“Loved Them...”


The Good: Weight, sweep, rise.

The Bad: They're only 711mm wide and that simply no longer cuts the mustard! Like all great carbon bars these are way to EXPENSIVE to own if you're paying retail!

Overall Review: Get the new Easton HAVOC carbon bars and cut'em down if 750mm is TOO wide for you. These have been discontinued!

Sunline V1 Handlebar



The Good: These bars set the standard a couple years back for DH width! Everybody had these bars on their big bikes and they aren't heavy for what they are. Because of these guys I now have 750mm carbon bars on the trail rig and 775mm FUNN bars that only weigh 310g on the DH rig

The Bad: They're not carbon (for weight purposes ONLY)

Overall Review: You absolutely cannot go wrong with these bars. These pre-date just about every other well-known brand's wide AM/DH/FR bar that exist today.

Crank Brothers Iodine 11 AM Riser Handlebar



The Good: Weight! That;s it. Go get the Easton Havocs or ENVE 800's.

The Bad: 680mm is barely wide enough for an XC rig let alone trail/AM/DH...they must be trippin!

Overall Review: Completely miss-marketed! Not a trail/am/dh carbon bar...NOT EVEN CLOSE. 680mm is out! Why is CrankBrothers so far off the back with the current standards? Should be ashamed of themselves

Shimano DX SH-MP66W Clipless Shoe

“Great all around shred shoe”


The Good: Stiff as hell, somewhat gummy sole sticks to flats. I picked these up at work because I'd just blown out my skate shoes and needed something for a weekend at the park. I had no idea how poorly those dirty old skate shoes were making me ride. End of the day not only was I riding stronger but my legs weren't as tired anymore. These aren't 5-10's but the stiffer soles make up for it. as i move to clipless this coming season these shoes will certainly be switched over for their 3rd season

The Bad: I don't have anything bad to say about these shoe's other then i wish they had a bit more stick to the soles... but they aren't designed for that so no big deal

Overall Review: Get them without hesitation whether your clipped or flats you'll love these bad boys

Royal Blast Riding Jersey

“Amazing Jersey”


The Good: Fit is perfect, lightweight, breathes great, holds up to tree snags...., color looks fantastic.

The Bad: Not really much of anything I would want to change on this jersey. More colors maybe?

Overall Review: Huge fan of all of Royal's products and this jersey is great for anyone wanting a great performing jersey that looks great.

Urge Endur-O-Matic Open Face Helmet

“Call me officer Jon Baker”


The Good: Where do I start. Light, comfortable, cool, the vents look funky and actually work better then other similar priced lids. The colours are groovy, comes with two sets of pads, parts like new visors (see below) are easy to come by and I feel like I'm in the CHP. Most importantly I feel bloody safe in it for my sort of riding.

The Bad: In a high speed crash the visor shattered and took a little slice outta my nose. However, to be fair to the manufacturer, I had already cracked it showing my daughter how it folded in a crash. It was unbolted and I wasn't gentle.

Overall Review: I bought this as until the POC lids came on the market but they have lost themselves a customer. While there is not too much to protect in my melon this lid was well worth taking a punt on. It sits comfortably on my noggin and the protection down the back certainly doesn't impact on the cooling, particularly in New Zealand's muggy summers.

Sunline V1 Handlebar

“Comfy Angles”


The Good: Great angles, lots of sizes and colors.

The Bad: None so far.

Overall Review: I run these on pretty much everything with 26in wheels. I run the 28s on my trail and DJ bikes. The 29.5s hold things down in the DH department. Really comfortable angles and no quality issues after a couple years on the.

ODI Flight Control Handlebar

“ODI Flight Control Handlebars”


The Good: Laser etched positioning marks for precise installation on stem, strong and lightweight construction, great color selection, 2 Wingtip extension options

The Bad: Nothing bad with the handlebars but not all aftermarket bar end plugs work with Wingtip extensions.

Overall Review: Comfortable sweep and rise, a lightweight handlebar that has many color options. It's great that ODI also makes the Flight Control stem and grips to go along with bars and that makes a great combination for your cockpit. I have a set on each of my bikes for about a year now and the anodized colors are still as colorful as new. Strong and true control system that ODI has going on right now.