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Latest Product Reviews


Maxxis Ardent Tire

Featured Review

“Good Tire.”


The Good: -Good grip
-Long life
-Sounds cool on pavement
-Great on hard pack or minor loose stuff
-durable sidewall and casing

The Bad: -Sucks with any kind of mud
-Not light
-Does not roll well at all on pavement

Overall Review: I use the 3C, 2.4 version of this tire on my trail bike. Yeah, it weighs quite a bit but I never really have to worry about getting a flat or ripping the sidewalls. These things are stout and they grip very well in dry conditions. The tread wear has also impressed me. I ride to some of my local trails via road, and while they do not roll well on pavement, they have not worn down on the pavement. Which is quite surprising to me. That being said, if you ride in a lot of mud, this is probably not the tire for you. They get clogged up pretty easily. I also rode the 3C, 2.6 version on my downhill bike and experienced the same thing. Good grip, good wearing tendancies etc. They also gripped quite well on those slippery East coast rock faces. Good tire all around and can sometimes be found for a great price.

ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips

“Get a grip”


The Good: Tacky, feel great, just the right size, they never move on the bars - and they look great too (with loads of color options for the lockrings + the custom stuff that is also available).

The Bad: There is nothing bad per se. They do wear out, I typically go through maybe 3-4 pairs per year (riding 2-3 times per week). Note that they still work every bit as well even when they're falling apart, I usually change them out just for that new feeling (and look).

Overall Review: It's one of the few constant parts on my bikes over the years, I just never see the need to even try anything else. As good as it gets!

SixSixOne Kyle Strait Knee Pads

Featured Review

“great pad that balances comfort and protection”


The Good: Very comfortable, good adjustment, good protection, good value

The Bad: Fitment is not accurate. This product runs bigger than other knee pads

Overall Review: Kyle Strait knee pads are very comfortable to wear. Each pad is ergonomically designed for each knee and has upper and lower velcro straps that create a good fit.  The knee cap is made of durable fabric on the outside and a hard plastic shell on the inside.  Dense foam is used to protect both sides around the knee.  Over time, the knee pads seem to conform to the shape of your knees. After 100 plus days of bike park, shuttle and pedal days these pads are still holding up.  There are scratches, cuts and smudges but no tears in the fabric.  These pads will stretch over time so size down whenever possible. I highly recommend the Kyle Strait knee pads for downhill, bike park, shuttle runs and backcountry descents.

Giro Remedy Full Face Helmet

“Great Price”


The Good: This helmet is a great price for how well good it is. The vents are nice and the washable inside is a plus so it doesn't get smelly.

The Bad: Helmet gets a little hot, but it's a dh helmet, so the wind should cool you off.

Overall Review: This helmet really gives you bang for your buck.

Giro Remedy Gloves

“Good gloves so far”


The Good: The palm padding works real well, avoids the problem of sore palms and the velcro wrist stays on well, when in other gloves, I find the velcro coming undone. Looks cool.

The Bad: The top of the finger knuckles are a little uncomfortable where that little red lines are in the picture. Those seams are a little irritating.

Overall Review: These are good gloves except for the fact that the seams on the top of the fingers, I especially like the palm pads. These are just gloves though. gloves are gloves.

2013 Giant Reign 2 Bike

“Great Bike”


The Good: This bike is a great all around bike that can do it all. I have rode this bike in some of the heavy downhill trails of Colorado and had little problem on technical climbs and descents. I use this bike mostly as a cross country bike in the midwest. I can still kill climbs going up and also can handle heavy descents in the same ride. The brakes perform great and I like the slack geometry, makes it easy to get that front wheel up.

The Bad: There is a little bit too much bobbing on the climbs and because of the type of suspension, there is a lot of chain feedback, which causes some trouble with shifting. I need to tune up the bike more often because of this. The rear suspension is a bit soft, so I find myself bottoming out more than I might want, but I prefer stiffer suspension, so that might just be me.

Overall Review: Overall this is a great all mountain bike that is great on climbs and descents. I like the bikes more slack geometry, like on many giants. If you are a road rider, a trek's more leaning forward type of position mat be more comfortable. Also, this bike isn't good for drops or riding around the neighborhood, but of course this bike isn't made for that.

2012 Specialized Enduro Comp Bike

“i have 2011 Green model, sick bike.....closest thing to downhill bike with granny gear!”


The Good: upgraded air shock to evo rc2 fox setup (ordered) and RockShox Totem 180mm coil fork.....pretty much just point and run over or thru.....

The Bad: none....all around all mountain machine.....

Overall Review: Bike has been a welcome addition to the fleet....cant wait for some runs at timberline, wv!!

Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

“Best pedals I've used”


The Good: Very strong, light, and durable. With a concave, thin platform this pedal keeps your foot in place and really makes it feel connected to the bike.

The Bad: Makes the pedals on my other bike feel crappy

Overall Review: At first I didn't like the bearing bump but after trying three other brands of pedals I realized that I liked how the bearing bump put my foot just a little ways out from the crank arm. So now I see it as the bearing bump putting my foot in the perfect spot. I Have used them winter, spring, summer, and fall for almost two years and they just barely needed a bearing replacement. They are concave and you can't feel the axle under foot. The thin pins really grip your shoe. Best pedal I've put my foot on. Worth the price.

Specialized Big Hit 1 Bike

“Outstanding bike!”


The Good: Light, durable, can take a beating, easy to handle

The Bad: I got this bike used, only things i can find, are shifting can be awkward(easy fix) and front shocks make a cracking noise.

Overall Review: Amazing bike, won my first race with, i recommend it to anyone from beginner, to expert. I love this bike

Burgtec Penthouse Flats Mk3 Pedal with Ti Axle

“The next best thing to actually having a penthouse.”


The Good: Top-notch quality. They come with a British accent. Traction is like a Stage 5 Clinger. You instantly go faster, just like, BAM. Pretty sure they are made from asteroid metal because they are tougher than Thor. If you want to feel planted and STURDY LIKE A MIGHTY OAK TREE (yell from atop a mountain), then these are probably for you.

The Bad: If you have an "adult job", then these will cost you about 1-2 days pay. But you without a doubt get what you pay for.

Overall Review: It should be noted that the customer service they provide is unlike any other company in the industry - it is so, soooo good...like the truffles at your rich cousin's wedding (delicious). I digress:  I encountered a bizarre and unheard of issue, one so extreme the employee on the other end of the line asked my to repeat what I said, but once the problem was established, the problem was taken care of without hesitation.  The pedals and the company should be the set standard for what quality and service are like with any and all industries.  Big fan over here, if you couldn't tell.