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Latest Product Reviews


Manitou Minute Expert Fork

“great for the price!”


The Good: it's amazing! it adusts so i can go from downhill trails to dirt jumping quick. its good for street and park. It's as good as fox forks. i've rode both brands and barely felt / saw a diffrence, the only one was design and stickers. if you have an air pump for yours fork it's even better!

The Bad: non! i love it

Overall Review: amazing fork, it works for all types of riding, just as good as fox, and a litle less in pricing

Foes Shaver Frame

“Foes Shaver, 2012”


The Good: The most balanced trail bike I have ever ridden. I rode this bike as a demo over a 4 day period. I cleared stuff I never had before, had more fun doing it, rode fast downhill, climbed tough choppy technical, and just felt safer and more comfortable doing it. While the test bike weighed in at around 29 pounds, I never felt it climbing because the bike was so efficient. The single pivot is stiff and just doesn't flex at all.

The Bad: Having to choose between a Medium and a Large. I am 6'-0", right on the cut point for either frame size. As Brent Foes said to me, "You could go either way. Buy a Medium for climbing if that's your thing, or a Large for a more downhill oriented bike." I bought the Medium. It was the demo bike size and I flew downhill with no problem anyway.

Overall Review: I bought this bike immediately after the test rides. To me, it is the best handling trail bike I have ever ridden, and I have ridden many, many bikes.

2012 Transition Trail or Park Bike

“great everything bike”


The Good: light, strong, and i can ride dirt, park and street with this bike and its still great what ever you ride

The Bad: 30mm seat post

Overall Review: i love this bike i have had it for about 2 ish years and its still riding great! the one thing about the 30mm seat post is not great but i found a 30mm pivotal seat post so its not to big of a problem for me

Foes Shaver Frame

“Foes Shaver”


The Good: Everything !! the frame is well balanced and more than able for climbing for a heavy duty trail bike, but its the decending where it really shines.

The Bad: Lots of gaps for mud to find its way in. Very rare you catch the rear swing arm with your shoes but i use a wide trail type shoe with crank brothers mallet pedals.

Overall Review: I was torn between this and the Ibis mojo HD but since being a teenager racing downhill some 20 years ago i always wanted a Foes frame so i placed a pre production order for a white in medium. Took a while to turn up but the wait was more than worth it. I built up with DT Swiss 150mm forks, Full XT 2x10, Stans Flow rims and hope hubs, Rockshox reverb post, Sunline bars and stems. Its super fast over rocky and rooty single track and puts a huge smile on my face everytime i ride it and for a 30lb 150mm bike it climbs very well and im more than happy to spend all day in the saddle. Its by far the best bike I have ever owned and I'm looking forward to many a happy years riding it.

2013 Commencal Ramones AL2

“8/10 - Bought without a test ride, would have bought with a test ride.”


The Good: Frame, Wheels, Tyres, Headset, Brakes are good, Forks are OK.

The Bad: The rear mech, the crank.

Overall Review: Once I got used to the gearing system. It is just perfect for what I needed. XC, some DH, and Jumping. The thing I love about it is the frame Geometry, the front forks are so angled and the back seat is parallel with them. Gives it better handling downhill and a unique aggressive look.

Maxxis Grifter Tire

“Pleasantly surprised”


The Good: Smooth, super light, slides well, surprisingly durable, reliable tire

The Bad: a little wide profile, pretty thin

Overall Review: I've had this sucker on for about a year, and I've been surprised by just how well it's held up. It's still going strong, I put it on a new Zero rim and was getting pinch flats, but found out it was an issue with the weight holes inside the rim, put an extra rim strip in and have only had two flats since. The park I usually ride is pretty sketch and there's some loose nails, screws, splinters, and junk most of the time, I've had 2 puncture flats with it, but honestly it's the kind of crap I'd expect out of any tire riding here. Rolls pretty fast for as fat as it is, and is pretty good at absorbing an impact. It's also worn in Read More »

Maxxis Ardent Tire

“Ultimate Tire for the Rockies”


The Good: Could a tire corner better?

The Bad: Wish the tire was a bit lighter

Overall Review: I ride this tire nearly exclusively - except desert trips. For majority of the riding I do, it sticks in corners, has super durable side walls, and lasts. I ride a 2.4 both front and rear at around 30psi (by feel). You can run their standard tire tubeless to save a little weight. Do wish they made a 2.5 and a 2.35. Ride mostly trail and freeride, and want a tire with minimal rolling resistance but doesn't give up grip in corners, which this has.

2012 Yeti SB-66 Pro XTR Bike

“Solid Bike!”


The Good: Incredibly climber and reliable descender

The Bad: Wish I waited for carbon

Overall Review: I upgraded from the 575, and the geometry is more slack. I use for freeride days, trail, and epic rides. Even crushed some dirt jumps with it. Built mine up with SRAM XO, and put a FOX 36 in front. Bike is a great climber, like all Yeti's, and is much more solid in descending. The switch technology feels superior and more plush to the pot hole feeling of their traditional suspension. Huge fan of this bike - just need someone to buy my aluminum frame so I can get the new carbon!

Manitou Circus Expert Fork

“Manitou Circus Expert Fork”


The Good: Great fork!!!! works well, super light. i like the lock out on it, it's killer for riding skate park n street and just for getting places cause you don't lose any of your speed when pumping or pedaling. the suspension real good to

The Bad: None yet works great

Overall Review: Great buy and not too steep.