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Latest Product Reviews


Shimano Saint Crankset M815 Crank

“Durable DH Cranks”


The Good: I've been running these cranks for 2.5 years without any issues whatsoever. These are really a set and forget type of component. They are really stiff and strong.

The Bad: The price and now that we are seeing carbon cranks these are a bit heavy.

Overall Review: After 2.5 years of riding these cranks I can say they are super durable and totally worth the price. I've had no issues with these and would highly recommend this product.

Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar

“Wide and light”


The Good: I think most handlebars in this price range will be pretty similar in terms of strength, the one thing i noticed right away about these ones is the weight and how light they are. They feel really nice and are nice and stiff. Also having some color options is nice as well.

The Bad: The only thing i noticed is that the color is fading on the top of the bars. Not really a big deal but kind of weird.

Overall Review: Super happy with these strong, stiff, wide, light bars. Would highly recommend.

Fox Racing Transition

“fox transition”


The Good: Lighter than heck, super strong.

The Bad: they don't make it in in purple

Overall Review: Sick helmet had mine for 2 or 3 years, use it for mtb and bmx riding and going to work. It also ha a nice fit. Bout' time for a new helmet, but i know what one i'm gettn'!! Bottom line GET ONE!!

2013 KHS Alite 2000 Bike

“2012 KHS Alite 2000 Frame size 15" ghost white”


The Good: The geometry really fits me. Very light (less than 1.6 kilograms) i like the weldings and the paint, looks expensive with Shimano Deore XT group set, and Sram components. XT wheel set plus Selle Italia Saddle and Kenda Klimax Lite 1.95 for road and Maxxis Nevegal 1.95 for trail.

The Bad: So far I have'nt notice anything wrong with this frame, i just bought the frame last june 6, 2012.

Overall Review: For me,,, this frame is really great for me. I like the geometry, weight, and weldings and paints,

2013 Scott Voltage FR 10 Full Suspension Bike

“The Good, The Great, and the Beautiful”


The Good: Bike is hands down, one of the most fun bikes i've owned. I feel comfortable riding anything that any DH bike can, and to boot, I (kinda) pedals too. Comes, with top of the line components, (FOX 180 VAN FIT RC2, DHX RC2, SRAM X9). So as far as the components go, you can't find better on a complete bike.

The Bad: The stock Schwalbe tires suck major ass. Do your self a favour, and upgrade to a Maxxis Minion/Highroller combo, and save the heartache. In my opinion the bottom bracket is a bit low, but I rarely hit on bigger hits.

Overall Review: This bike is the bee's knees. It's hard to find a better ride, that can do it all. Components are epic, tires not so much, but still an easy fix. Hope this helps!

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short

Featured Review

“Well priced Trail Short”


The Good: Well tailored for pedaling, comfortable, and breathable.

The Bad: Minimal pocketing

Overall Review: The Skyline short is a good pair of mountain bike shorts for those riders that do not want a chamois. Why spend money on a trail short w/o a chamois? The answer is comfort. This short is designed for mountain biking and not for walking or hiking around. The cut is generous enough to wear with knee pads but not baggy like a freeride short. It's a chino cut. The stretchy material is comfortable and keeps you much drier than cotton shorts. There are basic front pockets (like on your denim pants) and a zippered rear pocket on the waist. Adjustable velcro tabs also help you dial in the fit. I wish there Read More »

Nukeproof Scalp Frame

“Nukeproof scalp”


The Good: I bought this bike about 7 months ago second hand and I was amazed. With a 63 degree head angle the bike is very stable at speed , at home on the steep stuff , while being easy to handle in the jumps. The bike reacts amazingly well to everything that is thrown at it. It isn't too long in length or heavy in weight ( I don't have the lightest of parts on it) , this makes it easy to manoeuvre in corners and tight sections where needs be. The bike also keeps traction when it is faced with a slippy rocky or rooty section.

The Bad: I had my shocked TF TUNED about 2 weeks ago now , and although it performed exceptionally better on the small bumps and other stuff thrown at it , if the shock (cane creek Double barrel ) took a medium and fast hit it would blow through it's travel exceptionally fast. I highly doubt this is to the shock tuning as TF TUNED are masters in what they do so can only blame it on suspension design. But that is not a deal breaker as the bike is very capable at what it's built to do. Also if my memory serves me correct , Nukeproof have a linkage that stops the shock from ramping up. I am still not sure if it's available to the public yet though , but I'm sure they will release one therefore making my negative points about this bike non-existent when they do.

Overall Review: Taken into consideration all of the things mentioned I feel the scalp is a very comfortable and extremely fun bike to ride and wouldn't hesitate to buy one again as I have been very happy with what I have got.

Loaded Precision X-Lite Seatpost

“Very very bad quality”


The Good: It's pretty that's all

The Bad: Poor quality, bad customer service and warranty

Overall Review: This seatpost bent with little light use, I am only a 180lb rider. Instead of X-Lite it should be called X-weak. I have never seen anything like this before! Don't be fooled by its looks. Loaded didn't honor their warranty until I threatened to write a bad review

Alex Rims DM18

“good n cheap”


The Good: 3+ years beating

The Bad: no bad here, should have bought before

Overall Review: 3 years, and thousands of kilometers on this rim that was bought as an emergency temporary . 3rd tire on now, lets see how far this rim will go! Alex Rims DM18

2013 Giant Yukon FX Bike

“Sweet bike for a great price”


The Good: Price, full suspension, has everything you need to hit the mountain and jump a couple of ramps (worked great in a 5-6 ft high ramp).. great for beginners and intermediate. Components are basic, but work great.

The Bad: Not a light bike, not a heavy bike. The grips suck, I had to change them after about 2 months of use because one of them got ripped, but not something to worry about.

Overall Review: A bike that will get you through every obstacle that the mountain has, I feel very confident in this bike, great price for a great bike, works perfectly going downhill really fast, comfortable, kind of slow (not that good) going uphill. I really recommend this bike for people who are starting to go mtb and for people who want a tough bike that will let them go to their limits, but again, not a pro's bike. Its a fun bike, worth riding it.