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Latest Product Reviews


Loaded Precision AmXC Threadless Headset Headset

“sick headsets!”


The Good: LIGHT, STRENGTH, AND LOOKS! It is damn light and has held up to the test of time thus far.

The Bad: I was skeptical of the hexagon shape, but once installed, it looked awesome!

Overall Review: Been smashing this headset on my 4x bike for almost a year. No ovalized cups, no play in the bearings, pretty stoked!

Loaded Precision AmX Handlebar

“AMX Handle Bar”


The Good: Comfortable bar, tough, light weight and looks trick!

The Bad: Looks unreal with all the other bits Loaded offers...

Overall Review: Light, wide, trick, and tough enough to be called a race ready bar. Abused them all season, and they have held up!

Loaded Precision AmX Handlebar

“AMX Handlebars”


The Good: Really comfortable bar, the amount of rise and sweep give it a really good feel. Really durable to, can definatly take a beating and hold up to it

The Bad: Honestly cant think of anything bad about them

Overall Review: Feel great, awesome colour selection, tough and durable, overall very worthwhile purchase!

Loaded Precision Spacers Headset



The Good: Great colour range, light and great value

The Bad: would like 2x5mm, but I'm just moaning now

Overall Review: breaks up the all black look and just adds a bit more attention to detail when combining it as a highlight of colour ... say add it to a seat clamp, or ring bolts or mix and match with the bars, post etc etc ... nice one Loaded

2013 Kona Abra Cadabra Bike

“Magical ride”


The Good: I love my 2011 Ab Cab... IT JUST READS MY MIND..its fast, agile, climbs like a fiend and decsends with authority, Low maintenance so far ~ 6-7 months old.

The Bad: 2012's get 143mm-12mm rear treatment. Doesnt bunnyhop as intuitively as you would like. The FOX Fork has no compression adjustment but does lock out.

Overall Review: SICK BIKE...Im constantly impressed with it.

2012 Rocky Mountain Flatline World Cup Full Suspension Bike

“2011 flatline pro”


The Good: bike is a great do everything bike. huck off stuff, race it i even did a super d and finished well!

The Bad: stock rocky hubs on the pro will develop play if you're a hard rider, and the elixer 5's never had a great feel, even after lots of bleeds

Overall Review: Fun bike, ended up changing everysingle part on the bike, ie vivid air boxxer wc, elixer cr mags, e13 cranks loaded components every where and really enjoyed the bike.. still rode some what like out of the box. would recommend and get again!

Loaded Precision X-Lite Seatpost

“Loaded seatpost”


The Good: Good colours, light, zero issues all season on a dh bike.

The Bad: must use conventional seatpost only.. but i beams and pivotal posts/seats are lame anyways

Overall Review: This replaced my last fav. seatpost.. thompson elite/masterpiece they're similar in they are well refined.. but i think loaded's are taken a touch further... plus all the colours make it that much better (they do come in black too tho!)

Loaded Precision Spacers Headset

“AMX headset spacer”


The Good: Bling, matches other loaded stuff really well. Tough... lighter then the carbon ones i had in.

The Bad: Makes you want to run a longer steer, to use more of em.

Overall Review: Great little touch of colour on the rig, if you have a problem with needing your bike to look good, you'll want these.

Loaded Precision AmXC QR Binder Clamps Seatpost Collar

“Loaded seat clamp”


The Good: Lever, has tones of leverage, getting your post nice and snug is easy. and you can undo it with out needing to be hulk.

The Bad: i've had no issues with mine, and i use the non qr version on my dh bike too. light weight lil bit of bling.

Overall Review: If you want to raise and lower your seat get the QR (use it on my DJ bike to pedal around) if you want to set it and forget it, get the bolt on one (use it on my dh bike)

Loaded Precision AmX Handlebar

“AMX Handlebar”


The Good: so many rad colours, most comfortable bar i've ridden.. matches up great with other loaded goodies

The Bad: will want to make you buy more loaded to match... bar measures closer to 1 1/4" but i feel more like sam hill with em that wide

Overall Review: Great feel, super tough raced and crased them all season. get em!