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2013 Lapierre Rapt 2.1 Bike

“Why have gears on a DJ?”


The Good: The color is a style thing, to each there own.....

The Bad: Bash guard, Gear cassette? Why? Its a DJ......

Overall Review: Make it a single speed and they might have something.....

2012 GT La Bomba Bike

“Sweet Jump 4X bike”


The Good: Dialled geometry, great spec for the money and GT's breeding

The Bad: I would have liked a heavy spring.

Overall Review: This bike is sweet. It has great geometry and is pretty light for an off the peg bike. It feels solid under me (I'm 230 pound) and rails bmx and 4x tracks..

2011 Specialized Demo 8 2 Bike

“No A/C and trailerhitch at this pricepoint? Really Mr.Spec..”


The Good: Colorscheme? Shorter than average wheelbase. Not as short and as low as a Voltage but close enough. Glad to see that more MiniDH formfactor is in the marketplace.

The Bad: 6 chainstays? 2 beeing pushrods and not adding strenght...Its like not really an unequal length parallelogram and you end up with an ellipsoid travel curve that does just something strange that the shock and the driver has to straighten out.
343 mm BB is not really low. 310 is low and practical with 180mm of simple and quality arc travel. So this bike is yesteryear and not really uptodate

Overall Review: Big Hit III was right on, Status II is nice. This one is a styling excercise and needlessly complicated to justify 100% pricejerk.

Manitou Circus Comp Fork

“Fing sweet!!”


The Good: love this fork would recommend to anyone!

The Bad: the only thing i hate is that i did not get the white one

Overall Review: great all around street, park, or dirt! easy adjusting love the drop outs very safe feeling!

2013 Giant XTC 29er 2 Bike

“No clowning around with this fast 29er!!”


The Good: This bike is great for singletrack, XC racing and just cruising down the bike path.. The roadies give me funny looks when I pass them up. This bike is surprisingly light too. I may try a Century this summer, 30-50 milers every weekend with no complaints..
The bike is really fast and since i have broad shoulders i love the wide handlebars. I weigh 235lbs at 5'10" I do alot of weightlifting and I wanted a fitness bike, however after researching things and numerous test rides I went with the 2012 XTC 29er 2. I added some Straightline flat pedals with a pair of Five Tens I have no problems no being clipped in... I love the versatility of this bike with the bigger ring you can really fly and I am a little stretched out on my medium frame.. It was funny because my brother has a Trek FX and he said were are you going to ride it. I just said it is a Mountain Bike! Anywhere. Well we do have a great trail 15 minutes away in Crosby, Mn. called Cuyuna MTB trail that is a blast...

The Bad: I haven't found any weakness in this bike and would recommend it to any friend.

Overall Review: After getting this 29er and riding it I no longer desire a road bike... It's just too much fun off road!!

2012 Diamondback Sortie Black Bike

“Nicely Done and Performed well! Dont knock it til you try it!”


The Good: Fox Float Adaptive Logic, RP23 w/ Kashima Coat (Very Nice)
Knuckle Box Technology
Easton 24h EA90 XC, 26" Clincher - UST
Easton 24h EA90 XC Wheels
KENDA Slant 6 26x2.1 120tpi folding
Full XTR with ICE brakes

The Bad: Not much that I was able to find riding it for the 2 days i had the chance, but it does get dirty and loves to kick up dust quite a bit. LOL

Overall Review: Rode this exact bike at Bootleg Canyon, NV the 1st week of Feb 2012. The bike was nicely spec'd with top notch parts! The Knuckle Box performed very well and was plush when it needed to be even when braking in chatter bumps! Climbing was very good and with very little bob if any. Rear shock just got better as you climbed prob due to the Adaptive Logic RP23. Cornering was great and tracked very well! FOX suspension with Kashima and full XTR 10spd along with the Easton goods just added to the complete performance of this bike. The bike felt light and nimble! I would consider this bike for sure as a serious contender in the Read More »

2011 Cove Hooker Bike



The Good: Niiice bike, frame is really good...landed a bunch and crashed even more on this bike.

The Bad: The stock seat, I didnt really like it but youn can spend 50 bucks to get a new seat, really worth it.

Overall Review: I highly recommend this bike, more of an intermediate than a beginner bike though.

2011 Snafu Crenshaw Bike

“my first dirt jump bike( carl )”


The Good: the bike is very light, strong and trickable( 28.5 pounds). the tires have amazing traction which gives good performance on the trails.

The Bad: for pros, the bars could have been a bit wider and the gyro lead you to the loss of braking power. I took off my gyro after a little, and the brakes worked a lot better. then i had to lower my seat. I replaced my grips for the deity classics and they gave me more confidence on the trails.Also the fork, once i used it, was very loose

Overall Review: overall, the bike is great, i recommend it to anyone looking for a nice decent looking ride who is looking forward to a hard hitting dirt jumper. i recommend taking the gyro off because you get better braking power on the trails. This is my first dirt jump bike so i cant compare this to anything, besides my specialized hardrock.

2011 Specialized Demo 8 2 Bike

Featured Review

“Lower, Slacker, Faster”


The Good: - Plush and active suspension
- Slacker geometry
- Low BB, very stable in the turns
- Compact frame, lower center of gravity
- Short chainstays
- Looks great

The Bad: - A bit inefficient in the pedaling category

Overall Review: I had a 2011 Giant Faith 0 before this bike and a 2011 Giant Glory 01 before that and in the suspension category they are comparable to the Demo 8 but for me what sets this bike apart is the geometry. With the lower BB height, compact frame, and slacker head tube angle I found myself carrying more speed and leaning harder in the corners than I ever have before. Another aspect of the bike's geometry that stands out is the chainstay length which is about an inch shorter than most DH bikes. This allows the bike to manual and bunny hop easier than any other bike I've ridden which suits my riding style quite well. Despite the Read More »