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Latest Product Reviews


Gamut P40 Chainguide

“Awsome peice of kit”


The Good: Simple and effective.

The Bad: Only thing i can think of is the two screws that hold the top guide on are a little long if you don't use the spacers which could cause clearance issues with some frames. I'm running a tr450 and its fine though.

Overall Review: Well been running it for a year and a half without a single issue. Its been superb. Was the simplest chain device i've ever fitted which was brilliant. Overall, couldn't be happier, and to get it at the price i did i'm still smiling about it. :D

e*thirteen LS1 Chainguide

“Good, but...”


The Good: Keeps the chain on your ring, most of the time! Installation is easy.

The Bad: The steel backplate. For serious riding you should opt for the more expensive version with the aluminum backplate. The steel one is not stiff enough. When you hit sth with the guide it tends to fley so much that everything gets out of shape.

Overall Review: This chainguide is good value if you are on a budget. I changed the backplate for an aluminum one and it works so much better in rough times.

e*thirteen LG1+ Chainguide

“Great for AM bike”


The Good: Lightweight
Easy to install
Low maintenance

The Bad: Too noisy for AM bikes but you can solve that by putting some duct tape (or velcro) inside the upper guide
Like the other E.13 guides I had, it cracks in the first couple months of use, but the cracks never get bigger and the guide works like a charm.

Overall Review: E.13 always makes some good guides and this is no exception. I'm running the guide in my AM bike and it is working pretty well. Never had a chain slip or any kind of issues with this guide. The adjustments to fit the chainring are so easy that even a monkey could install it. Cleaning is the only maintenance that is required for this guide, the roller has a sealed bearing and sometimes might be useful to grease it.

e*thirteen SRS+ Chainguide

“Reliable and simple”


The Good: - Keeps the chain in place
- Easy to install (despite some adjustments)
- Reliable
- The N-R-W adjustments (for adjusting the guide according to your chainring) makes the installation much more easy than other models that you have a sliding adjustment (like the older models or MRP G2)

The Bad: My chain guide cracked in several places in the first couple months of use, but the cracks never got bigger. Despite the cracks the chain guide works like a charm and after almost 2 years of use the it was still going strong.
The pulley worn out and I couldn't find a replacement anywhere near me.

Overall Review: Definitely worth the money. Works like a charm even in disgusting mud conditions. At first I have thought that the guide would break really soon because of the cracks, but it never happened. I can't talk about the bash guard quality, because I was using a race face bash, but I suppose the bash is tough like the guide.

Gamut P30 Chainguide

Featured Review

“Simplicity at its finest”


The Good: Light, good looking, easy to install, bombproof, reliable and maintenance free. Not China crap.

The Bad: It's not the most silent guide out there.

Overall Review: The main thing that I like in this chain guide is that it's simple. Simple to install, simple to adjust and basically maintenance free. Unless you manage to break some part it will last a loooong time. Never had any trouble with it. The bash guard also takes a beating. The only thing I noticed is that the nylon parts wears pretty quick in the beginning but stabilizes after some use. One thing that I really appreciate is that is exclusive for 35-36t chainring, it provides a exact fit without any adjustments

MRP G2 SL Chainguide

“It Works, but it is not reliable”


The Good: Keeps the chain in place, lightweight and a nice look. The taco is thick and probably handles pretty well hard impacts.

The Bad: Like every other guide that has range adjustments could be a pain in the arse to install properly. The roller shell just disintegrated after a month of use without notice, screwing my weekend rides. Bolts come loose often aswell. The roller attracts to much debris and it's very hard to clean properly without disassembly of the whole guide.

Overall Review: In my opinion the guide didn't last 10% that it was supposed to last. It's not cheap and the replacement parts could be hard to find depending where you live. Having a part that just breaks without notice is such a bummer, and if there's one thing that pisses me off when riding its when a bike part fails. I definitely will not spend my money again in this kind of guide. There are better options out there.

MRP G2 SL Chainguide

“Works perfect”


The Good: Support, easy to set-up, USA aluminum machining baby! Bash is burley. Colors! RELIABILITY

The Bad: It is louder than my Straitline but whatever.

Overall Review: I have used Gamut, E.13, Truvativ, Straitline, Black Spire, and others. My MRP's have never failed me. As a tech I have found that most issues came for improper set-up. Stop by the iXS Morewood tent for MRP support at any event that we are at. I have run this guide on single pivots, four bars, VPP's, hartails, etc. They have worked right in every situation. Going to try the 2x guide this next year on the Sukuma.

MRP G2 SL Chainguide

“Better Choices Available”


The Good: It easily mounted to the bike, no alignment issues.

The Bad: Not worth the purchase price. The plastic is cheap and upper and lower guides break constantly. I went through 3 upper guides and 4 lowers before I decided to switch to an E13 LG1

Overall Review: There are much better choices out there. Don't waste your money, but an E13. E13 makes a much better product. I've had 2 MRP guides that didn't last a season of riding. I've had e13's that I've used on multiple bikes.

Gamut P30 Chainguide

“Not bad chainguide”


The Good: - light
- works well

The Bad: - price
- only for 36t ring
- no metal inserts for screws in bashguard (gets cracked very easily)

Overall Review: It would be nice to have adjustable plates to use this chainguide with 32-36t chainring. Bashgurd takes the beating very well, but the screws often get loose. After tightening them I found crack in the bashguard, so some sort of metal inserts would be very nice. Also bottom roller gets loose, so the first ride use loctite everywhere. On positive side, it worked well, just sometimes (1-2x per year) the chain drops, but I'm not sure if it's the chainguide fault.