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Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

“Best pedals I've used”


The Good: Very strong, light, and durable. With a concave, thin platform this pedal keeps your foot in place and really makes it feel connected to the bike.

The Bad: Makes the pedals on my other bike feel crappy

Overall Review: At first I didn't like the bearing bump but after trying three other brands of pedals I realized that I liked how the bearing bump put my foot just a little ways out from the crank arm. So now I see it as the bearing bump putting my foot in the perfect spot. I Have used them winter, spring, summer, and fall for almost two years and they just barely needed a bearing replacement. They are concave and you can't feel the axle under foot. The thin pins really grip your shoe. Best pedal I've put my foot on. Worth the price.

Specialized Big Hit 1 Bike

“Outstanding bike!”


The Good: Light, durable, can take a beating, easy to handle

The Bad: I got this bike used, only things i can find, are shifting can be awkward(easy fix) and front shocks make a cracking noise.

Overall Review: Amazing bike, won my first race with, i recommend it to anyone from beginner, to expert. I love this bike

Burgtec Penthouse Flats Mk3 Pedal with Ti Axle

“The next best thing to actually having a penthouse.”


The Good: Top-notch quality. They come with a British accent. Traction is like a Stage 5 Clinger. You instantly go faster, just like, BAM. Pretty sure they are made from asteroid metal because they are tougher than Thor. If you want to feel planted and STURDY LIKE A MIGHTY OAK TREE (yell from atop a mountain), then these are probably for you.

The Bad: If you have an "adult job", then these will cost you about 1-2 days pay. But you without a doubt get what you pay for.

Overall Review: It should be noted that the customer service they provide is unlike any other company in the industry - it is so, soooo good...like the truffles at your rich cousin's wedding (delicious). I digress:  I encountered a bizarre and unheard of issue, one so extreme the employee on the other end of the line asked my to repeat what I said, but once the problem was established, the problem was taken care of without hesitation.  The pedals and the company should be the set standard for what quality and service are like with any and all industries.  Big fan over here, if you couldn't tell.

Shimano PD-M545 Clipless Pedal

“they could do better”


The Good: Better than the plastic cage version

The Bad: the top screw bolt (the one with the yellow logo) is too easy too loose it. It still works anyway but there's no more functional support

Overall Review: If you want something better, buy Shimano DX clipless pedals, they're just great and way more resistant.

Five Ten Cyclone Freeride Shoes

Featured Review

“Looking for substance over style? Don't need to make a choice here.”


The Good: Very comfy shoes; grippy sole around the cleat area; no problems whatsoever clipping in and out; little cleat interference when walking; even though looks are always relative, these beauties look the beez knees.

The Bad: Pushy price tag; quite heavy; won't help your feet feel cool in hot days.

Overall Review: When you wear Shimano DX shoes for two years, you get used to a feeling of practicality and stiffness on your feet and sort of forget about the comfort area. Having that said, it's no surprise that I was blown away when I first tried on the Five Ten Cyclones: you immediately feel your feet cushioned by it's inside, to a point where you almost forget that you have a piece of metal under a plastic plack under them. The annoying clicking sound and slippyness are much less noticeable than with many other shoes, even if it is still there. Once you get out on the trails, you feel absolutely confident that the Read More »

2012 Specialized Camber Comp 29 Bike

“Faster than your friends....”


The Good: great components package, fox shocks all the way....overall speed went up 3-4mph vs my fsr 26", fyi.

The Bad: needs a chain tensioner, every damn bike should have a chain tensioner! wtf?

Overall Review: I enjoy MTBing from XC to DH (multiple bikes of course),this bike is a goat, climbs hills with ease, 110mm is plenty for XC and rock gardens, great day trip bike.

2012 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Bike

“Just got the charcoal and gold version in the mail, light weight, nimble, nice to look at.”


The Good: AUTOSAG kicks butt....plush ride all the way around. corners quite well ....

The Bad: none...buy one....

Overall Review: get the command post and put your other bikes away, this one will be doing most of the riding now....

Novik T.E.C. Gloves

Vital Review

“Tested: Novik T.E.C. Gloves - From Motocross to MTB”

by Brandon Turman Who the heck is Novik Gloves, and why is Vital telling me about them? Well, they're probably the biggest little glove company you've never heard of. Or maybe you have. Novik has been killing it on the motocross scene for a few years and started making a push into MTB this spring when they signed a number of riders, including Mike Montgomery. Curious what all the fuss from the moto world was about, I picked up a pair of T.E.C. (short for "That's Even Cooler") gloves from the Novik crew this past February and have been riding with them ever since. It seems like the life expectancy of gloves varies greatly from Read More »

2013 KHS DH300 Team Bike

“Almost perfect!”


The Good: Corners on rails, smooth over all bumps, built like a tank

The Bad: a little heavy, bearings too exposed creating a lot of issues in wet weather, not all shocks fit, needs to come in an extra large, not the best peddler

Overall Review: Lets get the bad out of the way, not the best in wet weather would benefit from better bearings(Enduro), the Roco air will not fit in the frame, and it bobs a bit during pedaling, but don't let that fool you it is still the BEST bike I've ever ridden, it will out corner any bike on the market, and is insanely smooth over bumps, not to mention its practically bombproof. Really wish it came in an extra large though, I'm 6'2 and even though I'm not really cramped i just don't have the confidence to plow a section like on my old frame which was almost another inch longer.

SixSixOne Veggie Knee Guards

“good all around pads”


The Good: Lightweight, soft, somewhat breathable in hot weather, easy to carry or strap to a pack, good for trail use

The Bad: Straps and velcro can work loose during a ride, and it takes a LONG time to break these in to your shape. It took me a few weeks of good riding until they really felt confortable. You have to take your shoes off to put them on or remove them.

Overall Review: I ride a lot of XC in rocky NH ( the granite state!) and wnated something to protect me on some really technical rocky stuff after a skiing injury left spme big scars on my knees. After the break in period, they are soft and confortable enough to wear for a few hour XC/trail ride even in the summer. Once in a while the velcro strap will catch on something and come loose, but the pads do stay in place well. If you are willing to invest the time to break them in, you will be rewarded with a light knee pad that could save your keens from some rock damage!