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Latest Product Reviews


Park Tool Magnetic Parts Bowl

“Good but expensive”


The Good: These things are super handy. Keeps you from doing a repair then searching over your crowded bench for that bolt you just cant seem to find. Saves a whole lot of time.

The Bad: It's a bit more expensive then other generic versions, but hey, it's Park. The dish itself is nice but for 1/3 the price you can pick up the same thing at an auto parts or hardware store.

Overall Review: Great product, keeps people like me from loosing things. You can stick it anywhere; on the bench, on the stand, side of the tool box. But it's just expensive would rather buy 3 others in silver for the same price, but the Park will match all your other tools.

Park Tool Portable Wheel Dishing Guage

“Get's the job done”


The Good: I got this for my home workshop since it was cheaper than a shop quality one. It does the job it's described to do

The Bad: The tip that contactins the hub could be a bit better. And the adjustment is a little slow you have to hand turn it where others will just slide or even have a built in spring.

Overall Review: It's good for a portable one and works fine. Just not really up to shop quality, and how often do you need a portable dishing gauge anyways??

Park Tool Professional Cable And Housing Cutter

“Pretty bad”


The Good: Look nice, I guess

The Bad: These are pretty bad cutters. We ordered a batch for our shop. about half wouldn't cut all the way through a cable and housing right out of the box. When we called park, they said it was our fault for not adjusting them before use- which seemed a little ridiculous to me. The half that worked out of the box wore out within a few months.

Overall Review: I expected better out of park. Most of their tools are OK but these were bad and it was horrible for them to say we need to adjust their cable cutters. Stick with Felco or really anything else.

POC Joint VPD 2.0 Knee Pads

“Good all round pads.”


The Good: Extremely protective, fairly comfortable, with good movement.

The Bad: Get warm after you have been riding for a considerable length of time or in hot conditions.

Overall Review: Some of the best pads I have used, great all round, but maybe too much for some people and some riding.

2011 Airborne Marauder Bike

“Whole lot of bike, not a whole lot of money!”


The Good: This is a 6" travel bike for under $700. It is speced, for the most part, with decent componets, it is a blast to ride. It comes with a SRAM X-7 rear derailluer and X-5 shifters, Tektro Novela Sprot disk brakes with 208mm rotor, thats right 208mm of stopping power, the wheel set is tough as nails and the Kenda Kinetics tires stick like glue. Nice bash guard to save your chain rings.

The Bad: The FSA crankset sucks, it has the power drive bottom bracket, it is FSA's bottom of the line. My bottom bracket lasted only two months, but it was replaced with a more capable FSA bottom bracket and have had no problems since. The only other think that people may worry about is the weight, this bike is heavy, but I personaly don't have an issue with this.

Overall Review: Bottom line that this is one sick ride for very little money. I ride every thing from xc to full on down hill on this bike and it has serve me well. The frame is burly, but heavy. The bike loves all types of gravity riding, it flies down hill and is stable in the air, but you can still climb. All in all I love this bike.

Park Tool Hacksaw

“Great Saw--Buy It”


The Good: Hard to screw up something as simple as a hacksaw. Works very well. Affordable. Easy to change the blade

The Bad: I can't think of any thing bad to saw....It's a hacksaw for peet's sake! Should come with an extra blade--preferable a "high tooth count" for fine work like cutting carbon.

Overall Review: A must have! Buy it! Every mechanics toolbox and work bench should have a hacksaw and why wouldn't you want one that is Park Tools BLUE. Remember that if you're using this to cut carbon...like hacking down those new 800mm wide ENVE carbon bars you just got...to make sure you are using a "high tooth count" saw blade. I don't believe the stock blade is "fine" enough to cut carbon with a clean result.

Park Tool Professional Cable And Housing Cutter

“Anything else is better!”


The Good: Solid feel in your hand....otherwise nothing!

The Bad: Everything. As a professional bike mechanic for years my work benches have always been primarily PARK TOOLS (including my home work bench) because PARK makes the best version of most bike tools out there. PARK cable cutters are the exception! Most other brands are superior to the park cable cutters. They get dull; they bend the housing; fray cables when cutting; plastic handles slide off over time, and basically just SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Dykes work better in most cases.

Overall Review: Ice tools, Pedros, Spin Doctor, any other generic brand of cable cutters are better than these!

Kali Protectives Aazis Soft Knee Pad

“awesome pad. keeps your knees cool”


The Good: VENTILATION IS GREAT. They don't slide or bunch. Protection is adequate. Slim fit and comfortable.

The Bad: Have to take your shoes off to put em on.

Overall Review: They've kept my knees safe and cool in 105 degree F weather in humid south texas. They don't slide around or bunch up. When they get stinky I just throw em in the wash and let em air dry. Had em for about 8 months now and they've been put to the ground many a time. Not even a torn stitch. When you measure your legs for sizing make sure you do so in an athletic stance like you're on your bike. I measured my legs while straight and my pads are a little snug. But even though they are tight they are still comfortable and I can barely tell they're there. BUY THEM BEFORE YOU CRACK YOUR KNEECAP LIKE I DID BEFORE I BOUGHT THESE.

2012 Cannondale Flash Alloy 29'er 3 Bike

“Great Bike, Lightweight and Responsive”


The Good: Responsive, frame geometry, paint job is slick, handles really well

The Bad: Haven't had a chance to find any bad it in yet.

Overall Review: I felt really confident on my first time out on the single tracks here in the Las Vegas desert with this bike. It handles well, shifts like butter and had great responsiveness. I love it!

SixSixOne Kyle Strait Knee Pads

“rad knee pads!!”


The Good: no slip, durable, good padding placement, light, not too bulky

The Bad: cant put on/ take off with shoes on

Overall Review: these knee pads are great! i decided to buy them after i had a crash that left my knees raw for about two weeks, and have never regretted buying them. they are used mostly for dirt jumping and a little DH, but work for trail rides as well. i even used them on a 25 mile trail ride when i forgot leg warmers one day, and they worked flawlessly! They are also very durable, a rarity for soft face knee pads. even after multiple hard crashes all that shows is a little tear on the side of one pad! These are great, 661 knocked it out of the park with the Kyle Strait!