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Latest Product Reviews


Mavic DeeMax Ultimate Complete Wheelset

“great wheelset with hidden problems”


The Good: - comparably light
- good looking (in my eyes)
- tubeless rims

The Bad: - price
- if something's broken it's super expensive to repair!
- front hub bearings

Overall Review: The main reason for me to buy these was because of their looks and the weight ( the Deemax set is about 300g lighter than my previous wheelset). The first impression was, that they feel quite stiff and steering felt more direct, but I don't know how objective that is, as my old wheelset had taken some massive beats and wasn't in the best of shapes! I first had some problems changing tires, because the rim is very tight and the sidewalls are very high, but with a bit of practice and better tools it's no problem anymore! I've been riding them from February to July and they took some big hits! I also spent a weekend riding Read More »

Nema Digi Gloves

Featured Review

“In the market for a pair of summer mittens? Read on...”


The Good: Lightweight;
Cool and breathable;
Good fit;
Good feel;
Great value for money;
Color choice and nice styling

The Bad: Not much protection on offer, but they are minimalist, summer gloves.

Overall Review: Anyone who has ever ridden gloveless knows the great, "in control" feel you get from having your hands directly in contact with the grips, and one of the hardest things I've come across in my years of riding is to find a pair that can replicate just that. Sadly, I've yet to find such a thing, but the Nema Digi aren't that long a way from it.Right out of the box, they feel light as anything and look the beez knees. Once put on, provided that you get the right size, they fit like a glove, if you pardon the pun. The cuffless design works great, since they stay in place ever since I got them, quite a few months ago. Out on Read More »

Shimano XT Disc Brake M785

“amazing brakes!”


The Good: price
ceramic pistons
lever feel

The Bad: cooling fins are useless 90% of the time

Overall Review: wow! very impressive braking system. really powerful even with 180mm rotors and they feel so good. factory bleed was great and is still lasting well. the modulation and overall feel is better than anything i've tried. they are sharp but you can still dab them and they don't lock up straigh away. you can always bleed them to your perferance. speaking of bleeding, this is very easily done as with any shimano brake and takes no time at all. problem i find with a lot of brakes is the pistons seize up. so shimano nw have ceramic pistons which means a reduced risk of seizing up and lighter action. all that Read More »

SDG Aliso Cro-Mo Saddle

“pretty good especially for the price”


The Good: price

The Bad: rail popped out from a light crash
not that comfortable

Overall Review: for the price it's a decent saddle but i don't really like it. i had a crash and hit a tree quite lightly at a fairly low speed and one of the rails popped out. trying to get it back in was really difficult and now the saddle is not quite perfect. also, i don't find it that comfortable which may be due to the shape rather than the padding. however, the kevlar sides mean the saddle won't rip if you crash which i like as it's something that happens to most saddles. also it's a great price for a saddle from SDG

Chromag Fubar OSX Handlebar

“great handlebar”


The Good: looks

The Bad: price - but you pay for what you get

Overall Review: had these for a while now and they are awesome! really suit me and got them because they felt nice on my friend's bike. they look amazing and come in various colours to suit any build. the finish is high quality and won't come off that easily compared to most bars. mine have a few marks from crashes as expected. they are also pretty light but are quite expensive, but in my opinion this is the bar to get if you want to ride anything from dirt jumps to DH

Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts

“TLD moto shorts”


The Good: Sizing, Adjustability, Pockets, Strength

The Bad: Maybe a bit heavy duty for more AM/XC type riding

Overall Review: I am very impressed with these shorts. They have survived multiple crashes into trees/rocks/roots/other riders with no sign of any wear or tear. In fact, they almost look new still after over a year of use! There are two things I love about these shorts. The pockets. Yeah, pretty simple but I am always surprised to see how many MTB shorts have pockets without zips! Zips are vital (no pun intended) if you are mountain biking in my opinion! Luckily the TLD ones have three such pockets, one on each leg and another (that I have never actually used) at the back. Each pocket also has a flap that is secured Read More »

Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar

Featured Review

“Answer Pro taper”


The Good: Weight, Strength, Stiffness, Feel

The Bad: Finish/anodizing

Overall Review: The bars I have on my current bike are 25mm rise. To mirror one of the comments below, the vast majority of bars of this price seem similar in build quality. No doubt there are a few manufactures that produce bars that are either exceptionally heavy or too weak, however, the answer pro tapers certainly do not fall into either category. In over a years use their performance has been flawless. They are very comfortable, with nice up and back sweep angles. The bars have markings/guidelines to enable the user to shorten the bars from their original 780mm length. I personally found this very useful, having now settled on Read More »

Renthal Strata Duo MTB Stem

Featured Review

“Renthal Stem Review”


The Good: Light; Looks great; Strength

The Bad: Pain to put on and take off; twists easily

Overall Review: I had quite high expectations of this stem before buying it. It looks great and the attention to detail in the machining is superb. However, it really is ahassleto attach to the bike and to the handlebars due to its two piece design. This would not be a problem if you never need to remove the stem, although packaging the bike for going on holiday in a bike bag highlights that a normal stem is infinitely easier to remove from the bike. The other downside to this stem is that it seems to twist on the steerer far too easily. Having tightened it to the suggested torque initially, I have since had to tighten it a Read More »

Morewood Bicycles Kalula Frame

Featured Review

“Morewood Kalula”


The Good: Agility, Cornering, Jumping, Fun-factor, Suspension design, Stiffness and longevity

The Bad: Cable routing, Shock spring rub, Rear axle requires both 10mm and 12mm alan key

Overall Review: I have owned this bike for around a year now. It has been taken to the Alps, many local DH trails in my home country of Scotland and has been raced. In fact, I even took it on a number of xc rides before getting a dedicated XC/AM bike. Here are my thoughts of the kalula so far: Background: When I first bought this bike, I decided it was going to be with me for a long time and that I didn't really want to go changing parts often. So I built it up with a pretty dream spec and intend to leave it that way until parts wear out/break. Initially expensive but I hope it pays in the long run.To give you an idea of the build, it Read More »