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Latest Product Reviews


2012 Transition TR450 1 Bike

“tr450 review”


The Good: The parts ar totally hi-end. Frame travel feels like never ending yet not very soft and very well controllable.

The Bad: The weight. Smth around 18kg.

Overall Review: Excellent DH race bike when you care how your bike will perform in longer time. Overall feel of the bike is very ergonomic because all that you need is right there by you. Avid brakes, sram shifters, fox suspension - everything all together combined with transitions great geometry.

2011 Specialized Demo 8 2 Bike

“Great Dh rig”


The Good: Nimble, light (38lbs out the box) smooth, stable and freaking fun to ride

The Bad: at high speed over chatter bumps or square edge hits the suspension is a little rough. Maybe that is something i can fix with fine tuning my shock. This is a race bike with a super lower bottom bracket I have smacked it several times on the gnarly terrain of south mountain in phoenix az

Overall Review: Great bike, I would recommend it to anyone.

2013 Lapierre Rapt 2.1 Bike

“Wild ugly setup”


The Good: The good news is that nobody in brooklyn ever going to show up at the trails with this ugly bike.

The Bad: Worst looking stock hardtail ever!

Overall Review: Probably a great bike but that oreo setup going to get old real quick.

2012 Giant STP

“Full suspension????”


The Good: Besides that full suspension typo this new frame for the stp looking sweet. Sure its light and hydro formed all over. Do yourself a favor and just buy the frame and build your own spec. The stock giant stp setup going to be heavy. You can spend a little more and save money and time in the long run.

The Bad: Clunky looking heavy stock parts

Overall Review: Great value and geometry for the stp frame, the parts are ???? stock parts not going to give full potential of this frame. Awesome looking frame for a custom build.

2011 Specialized P.1 Bike

“P series is legendary”


The Good: This is alot of bike for a small price, very upgradable. Jumping straight out of the box.

The Bad: bottom bracket a bit low and getting lower every year. Next year you going to be scraping chain on the ground.

Overall Review: If you looking for a street sweeper and don't want to pay 2g's on a custom setup this is the bike for you.

2011 Cove Hooker Bike

“Cove Hooker is a bobo looking frame”


The Good: Fun name for people that don't see Hookers every day.

The Bad: Bad name for people that see Hookers every day

Overall Review: Heavy, redicilous price tag, minimal travel and trail use. STUPID name created by trust fund babies that never even seen a real hooker.

2012 Transition Trail or Park Bike

“Great Geometry”


The Good: Like I said above, great geometry. It's a fun bike to ride and exceeds my expectations.

The Bad: The Spanish BB is not ideal but if it fits in the BMX world, why not bring it over to MTB?

Overall Review: I look forward to riding this frame for years to come.

2012 Transition Double Bike

“Transition Double”


The Good: good"do it all bike" even though no bike can...
handles great,
jumps great
kills it at bike parks.. super smooth even though its just a 4" bike cycles through travel good

The Bad: a little on the heavy side
compresses on steep lips some..

Overall Review: if you want a bike that you can shred trails,jumps, slope style and freeride on, then defiantly look at the double.. very comfortable everywhere..

Five Ten Impact Low 2 Flat Pedal Shoe

“Gotta love the grip”


The Good: Stiff sole, great traction, and they last. The stiff sole is so nice behind a shovel too.

The Bad: run a bit big in the width, but thats a personal fit issue. New model is "action leather" you mean pleather? Ya, they run a bit hotter than the OG model.

Overall Review: I have had the original Inpacts since 07 and they are in great shape. I put down 2K plus XC,DH, DJ, Digging and trials miles a year for the last 4 years and they are still looking good. I got a new pair from Santa and was disappointed to find out they are all Pleather now ( original were a swede leather) I just hope they last like my last pair( that I still rock on the days I do more digging than riding. I would love to see a velcro top like the Minars to help keep the laces and shoe tight but not like the moon boot Karver. Great shoe!

Specialized Enduro Expert Bike



The Good: Climbing, descending, jumping, everything

The Bad: None. This is a rad bike

Overall Review: Rode this in Moab, UT. It is super confidence inspiring. I felt like I could do anything on this bike. Climbs amazingly well and is a blast coming down in any type of terrain. 5' drop to flat and lots of rocks with absolutely no complaints. This is an awesome bike. It is a little slower than my stumpy EVO on flats and long climbs, but one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden