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TIME Z Clipless Pedal



The Good: Strong, reliable, easy to clip in & unclip, don't unexpectedly unclip, shed mud well, cheaper than crank brother crap.

The Bad: Maybe a bit heavy

Overall Review: After having owned crank brother pedals in the past 3 years, these were head and shoulders above those in terms of reliability and durability. Very similar clip feel to CB.

2011 Intense M9 Fro Bike

“Amazingly fast and stable”


The Good: Looks amazing, paint job is of high quality
Picks up speed like no other bike I have ridden
Suspension action is very smooth
Great through corners and rough technical sections
Adjustments are a great feature (especially wheelbase/chainstay length I find)

The Bad: Not the greatest bike for popping of every dirt mound and playing around (sure it can be set up to be however)
A little expensive
Angleset can make noises (took a little while to fix)

Overall Review: This bike has vastly improved my confidence and speed through fast and rough sections where I used to suffer.It excels on fast rough tracks and I cannot wait to get over to Canada and some tracks with more elevation to really get it in its element. Although its fairly expensive for a frame you get an amazing looking bike which is obviously of high quality. Even when injured this bike is great, just looking at it makes you happy and more eager to ride it again.

Avid Code Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

Featured Review

“The buck stops here”


The Good: Awesome power, great modulation and feel, easy to set up, top-loading pads, lever shape, looks.

The Bad: Can get a little inconsistent when pads are worn. They require DOT 4 or 5.1 (non-mineral) oil which is a little bit less straightforward to manipulate (requires gloves etc). Bite point adjustment gets sticky after a while.

Overall Review: The previous (first)generation Code brake was known for its power, but also had quite a few problems. They were hard to bleed right, and many developed issues like stuck pistons over time. The caps sealing the fluid reservoir were dodgy, leading to fluid seepage which eventually ate away at the finish of the lever body. The 2011 version under review here has addressed all of those problems, and added some new features as well, in a complete overhaul of the whole system. Starting with the looks, the lever body has been reshaped and now integrates the fluid reservoir in the body itself. It looks sleeker on the bar now. Read More »

NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame

“NS Majesty Park”


The Good: Sick frame supper light and tight. Easy to spin as my bmx. the geo is spot on and makes you feel in control.

The Bad: nothing yet

Overall Review: If your looking for a new frame this is da one!!!!

2013 Kona Supreme Operator Bike

“just awesome”


The Good: every thing is good.

The Bad: nothing bad at all about this bike.

Overall Review: i have this bike and it just rocks it handels any you can throw at it,and downhill really brings this bike in to the light,highly recommended.

SixSixOne EVO Glove

“Great for the Money”


The Good: Price: For $37, these are pretty well-constructed gloves. Temperature: They're thin up top to keep your paws cool. Finger tips: Index and middle fingers are coated for solid braking (even when wet). Materials: High quality materials mean they'll last at least a full season.

The Bad: Size: They run small, so go up a size from your norm. Closure: The velcro strip is small and has a tendency to open up mid-ride. Padding: Could use just a LITTLE more, but this shouldn't be a turn-off for control freaks. They're still pretty comfy.

Overall Review: See "The Good" and "The Bad". Honestly, for the money, these are some pretty strong gloves.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite Helmet

Vital Review

“First Look: 2013 Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmets”

by Brandon Turman When you hear the words "Troy Lee Designs," what do you think of? We think of smooth lines, classic looks and killer style. Hands down, they make the most sought after gear, which is why we were pumped when they contacted us about doing a review of the D3 helmet. Our review is still a few months out (we need to crash more to really test them out), but in the meantime, here's a quick overview of what's rad about the D3. From left to right, the 2013 Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet lineup includes the carbon fiber Mirage in red/yellow, the composite Mirage in blue, and a new edition of the Read More »

Mavic DeeMax Ultimate Complete Wheelset

“great wheelset with hidden problems”


The Good: - comparably light
- good looking (in my eyes)
- tubeless rims

The Bad: - price
- if something's broken it's super expensive to repair!
- front hub bearings

Overall Review: The main reason for me to buy these was because of their looks and the weight ( the Deemax set is about 300g lighter than my previous wheelset). The first impression was, that they feel quite stiff and steering felt more direct, but I don't know how objective that is, as my old wheelset had taken some massive beats and wasn't in the best of shapes! I first had some problems changing tires, because the rim is very tight and the sidewalls are very high, but with a bit of practice and better tools it's no problem anymore! I've been riding them from February to July and they took some big hits! I also spent a weekend riding Read More »

Nema Digi Gloves

Featured Review

“In the market for a pair of summer mittens? Read on...”


The Good: Lightweight;
Cool and breathable;
Good fit;
Good feel;
Great value for money;
Color choice and nice styling

The Bad: Not much protection on offer, but they are minimalist, summer gloves.

Overall Review: Anyone who has ever ridden gloveless knows the great, "in control" feel you get from having your hands directly in contact with the grips, and one of the hardest things I've come across in my years of riding is to find a pair that can replicate just that. Sadly, I've yet to find such a thing, but the Nema Digi aren't that long a way from it.Right out of the box, they feel light as anything and look the beez knees. Once put on, provided that you get the right size, they fit like a glove, if you pardon the pun. The cuffless design works great, since they stay in place ever since I got them, quite a few months ago. Out on Read More »