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Royal 2014 Matrix Jacket

“Perfect jacket”


The Good:

Love this jacket! Quality design and features...lightweight and breathable. Two things that I like when putting in miles prepping for enduro season. This jacket doesn't get in the way and is good looking to boot. The high pocket entries ensure that whatever you put in them won't fall out if you happen to leave the pocket unzipped.

The Bad:

Be careful with the inside headphone port as it is stitched into the mesh material and can come out if you tug hard on it. (might have been just mine)

Overall Review: Royal is always stepping up their product offerings year by year and this is again another great jacket. I love the color choices, I went with blue, and the overall style of the jacket. It works well on the bike which is the most important function of this jacket. I don't think I'll ever use the headphone port but that needs a little reinforcing.
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Vital MTB member gerrycreighton
6553 gerrycreighton,6553/all 01/31/11 5 4 40 4,6553/setup 1 4 4 50 2

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey

“Plain. Simple. Perfect.”


The Good:

I bought this kit due it its plain black look that i really liked, the jersey is a combination of mesh and normal material its a really good jersey for summer riding and racing (especially in Aus!)

The Bad:

Watch out the sizing is a bit whack i had an 09 TLD jersey in medium so i instantly bought the medium in the 2013 sprint jersey but when i got the jersey in the mail the medium was larger then my old medium TLD jersey, which isn't a worry for me because it still fits great but if you are looking for the right size and a certain fit i woud try one on first. Other then that i have found no problems with the sprint jersey.

Overall Review: A great DH jersey for racing and riding though the summer months, really light weigh and great fit perfect for any racer looking for a good race jersey without the crazy color's and patterns. Plain. Simple. Perfect.
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Vital MTB member D.HILL
4420 D.HILL,4420/all 09/09/10 13,4420/setup 1 21 4

Royal 2016 Alpine Soft Shell Jacket

“Feature-loaded jacket”


The Good:

Spot-on fit, roomy hood, High quality materials

The Bad:

No local dealers close to me

Overall Review: I ordered my jacket direct from Royal Racing USA as there didn't seem to be any local dealers near me, and their customer service was excellent. I must say, this jacket is definitely well constructed- I plan on this lasting for quite a few seasons. The fit is pretty spot-on as I wear a large in all of the jerseys I own from Royal, but I was right on the cusp of fitting into this (I'm 6'3"), and the sleeves are just a tad short when I reach out at full extension. I'm happy to stick with a large as the rest of the jacket fits very well. The insulation doesn't look like it will do any good, but it really is a step Read More »
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Vital MTB member benitosbro
18491 benitosbro,18491/all 09/14/12,18491/setup 2 1

KS LEV Adjustable Seatpost

Vital Review

“Tested: KS LEV Adjustable Seatpost - Best in Class”

by Brandon Turman In May of this year we were first introduced to the KS LEV Adjustable Seatpost. An impressive package on paper, it was poised above the rest with up to 150mm of infinite adjustability, fixed cable routing, a very sleek remote lever, and a smart mix of cable actuation and hydraulic/air sprung internals. If you're unfamiliar with the post, take a moment to browse the 'First Look' feature we created for a more in-depth overview: If you couldn't tell, we were very impressed by our first ride, even at the pre-production stage. Shortly after that ride we began testing a production version. We'll preface this Read More »
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Vital MTB member bturman
109 bturman,109/all 08/01/09 1156 92 5810 1055,109/setup 252 1090 2070 123 40

e*thirteen LG1+ Chainguide

“Functions well”


The Good:

looks good, relatively easy to install

The Bad:

seems pricey for what it is

Overall Review: The LG1+ provides both bash protection and chain retention for a single ring setup. It has worked without problems on my bike park rig for over a season. Since I replaced the one that came with it (which was complete garbage), it really makes me appreciate a system that doesn't drop chains and that keeps your chain ring safe from the occasional rock bash. I like the smooth plate facing the chain ring on this device as it doesn't collect mud and debris. Speaking of nasty conditions, if you ride in heavy mud, watch out for the pulley getting jammed up. I guess this is why many of the newer models are going to a Read More »
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Vital MTB member SaddleRags
8938 SaddleRags,8938/all 06/10/11,8938/setup 14 81 48

Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti Fork

“Solid fork for your 6 inch bike”


The Good:

strong, Titanium coil spring!

The Bad:

oil level was a little off from the factory

Overall Review: Let's be honest, price is a concern for most of us when making a bike purchase. The fact that this fork was much less than the competition when I bought it (online blowout a couple of years ago) was a big factor in me choosing it over other brands. Having said that, I was really impressed with it once it was installed on the bike. The strong 35mm stanctions were enough to keep things from being noodly in rough terrain and the feel of the coil spring was nice and buttery smooth. The weight of a coil fork is usually a bit of a penalty, but in this case Marzocchi has done a good job of keeping it relatively close to other Read More »
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Vital MTB member SaddleRags
8938 SaddleRags,8938/all 06/10/11,8938/setup 14 81 48

Canfield Brothers 2015 Jedi Frame

“amazing frame”


The Good:

jumps very well, plows through rocky sections, very stable feeling, rearward travel

The Bad:

weight, pedaling

Overall Review: this is easily my favorite frame that I have ridden. it plows through the rough stuff like nothing i've ever owned yet it jumps incredibly well. this is due to that rearward travel. this frame design is a double edged sword though. what you gain in stability and jumping you sacrifice dearly in pedaling. frame is also a bit heavy. i would highly recommend this frame who doesn't have too many pedaly courses
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Vital MTB member shredwhiteandblue
11862 shredwhiteandblue /images/default/avatar/c50.png,11862/all 11/26/11,11862/setup 1 1 2 1

Trek Session 8 Frame

“The best Downhill frame I have ever owned.”


The Good:

Light, Nimble, No brake jack, Bottomless feel, Quiet, it just plows like a dirt bike.

The Bad:

Trek does not sell The Frame Only

Overall Review: This bike rides just like its younger brother carbon version its amazing!!!!!! the combination of the Full Floater (allows the full rear linkage to move without sinking into the travel of the shock, when you come into corner's leaving your full travel for the brakes pumps ahead), with ABP Active Braking Pivot (rear linkage bearings are concentric with the axle of the wheel, it feels like the rear wheel wants to sink into the ground when you brake instead of the annoying brake jack). This bike its a machine that eats holes, rocks and roots for breakfast any day. I have my 2012 Session 8 build at 36 pounds. If your are thinking about it, do it. You will not be disappointed ask Aaron Gwin & Tracey Mosley.
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Vital MTB member ElVenezuelan
7066 ElVenezuelan,7066/all 03/05/11 1 25 4

SixSixOne Sub Gear SS Shirt

“Good idea that doesn't go far enough”


The Good:

not bulky or hot

The Bad:

not that great of protection

Overall Review: This sub gear shirt does a good job of adding a little extra protection, mostly for the shoulders, without getting too hot or cumbersome. Notes about the fit:while it does loosen up over time the fit out of the box is rather tight. I guess that's just part of how compression gear works and how protection in general fits, but it takes a little getting used to if you are accustomed to riding in a loose t-shirt or jersey. I really like the idea of having some protection for the chest and shoulders that fits nicely under a jersey and that doesn't restrict movement but I hope that future iterations of this product Read More »
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Vital MTB member SaddleRags
8938 SaddleRags,8938/all 06/10/11,8938/setup 14 81 48

Shimano XT PD-M785 Clipless Pedals

“Great clipless pedal”


The Good:

tough, long lasting pedal at a reasonable price

The Bad:

jams in heavy mud

Overall Review: If you ride clipless pedals and do the Shimano thing, these are where it's at! Like many Shimano products, nearly the same quality and durability found in the highest level pedals (XTR) is also incorporated here in a more economical version. Overall you get great function and years of solid use with the XT trail pedals. From previous years, they haveadded a cage around the pedal to increase contact area with the shoe and allow for more security in times when you want to ride clipped-out. This also adds long-term durability, as the cage helps protect the pedals from smashing rocks, etc. I have found Read More »
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Vital MTB member SaddleRags
8938 SaddleRags,8938/all 06/10/11,8938/setup 14 81 48

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