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Latest Product Reviews


Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

“sexy good performance”


The Good: Very large platform, low profile for better clearance, durable pins that are easy to replace, light, durable body that takes hits well.

The Bad: Expensive-but worth it.

Overall Review: These pedals paired with FiveTen shoes perform amazing and just inspire confidence. You never give the pedals a second thought, they just work.

WTB Prowler MX Tire

“Keen tire, a bit thin...”


The Good: I was rolling the widest version on some semi-rocky terrain in Durango. They grip nicely in actual dirt, or on slickrock. For me, they didn't so well on gravelly surfaces.

The Bad: Version I had was a bit thin in the skin. Suffered a couple flats from rock punctures and a catctus. To be fair, the cactus flat would have done any tire in.

Overall Review: For dirt = this tire is money. For mixed surfaces, not my favorite.

2011 Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon All Mountain Bike

“Awesome. This is the one bike that you do need.”


The Good: Stiff, responsive, durable. This bike is a machine and will do it all.

The Bad: None. I have not found any bad things with this bike in the year and a half that I have been riding it.

Overall Review: If you can only have or only want one bike, then this is it. This bike is so very stiff and responsive. It climbs great and also does the same on the downhill. It is very durable and Santa Cruz has done an excellent job with this bike. You will not find a stiffer 6" travel bike on the market. I also like that Santa Cruz makes this and their other bikes very user serviceable. I love this bike and will stick with it for a very long time.

Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe

Featured Review

“Durable, light, not stiff enough”


The Good: These shoes have been a great substitution for nike skate shoes as my every day shoe. Stylish, long lasting sole, and as always the stealth rubber is a huge win. They were also used for the odd dirt jump session.

The Bad: Tendency to heat up quickly in the sun. Bit to flexible for my liking (I'm used to riding in Carvers)

Overall Review: Very good shoe, perfect for someone who likes a shoe with a bit more flex, or for anyone looking for a casual shoe.

Specialized Pitch Pro Bike

“Awesome (2011 version)”


The Good: Climbs extremely well, Propedal works very efficiently with the FSR suspension, Decends incredibly, ISCG tabs, the fork can be internally lowered to 140 or 130. Has cable guides for a dropper post. The XL weighs in at 31.25lbs. Despite what I expected with white grips, they clean very well.

The Bad: Not really much, comes with X5 shifters which I promptly replaced with some X7's, but only because I had some extras. I'm sure the X.5s would've handled fine

Overall Review: Climbs well. This is the most underrated bike out there. I'd put this up against any 3-4 grand bike any day. Since my riding style caters more to the downhills, The 90mm stem was a bit awkward when I wanted to manual or jump so I put a 40mm on it and now it's perfect. Upgrades so far: X7 shifters 40mm Hussefelt Stem Funn Fatboy Bar (same dimensions as the Specialized one, but it's stronger and lighter despite it being a freeride bar)

Wellgo MG-1 Flat Pedal

“Great for cheap pedals”


The Good: Light with great grip, inexpensive.

The Bad: Can be damaged on rock hits, thin pedals are all the rage right now and these are not as thin as others.

Overall Review: I have two pair of these pedals, got first pair for the XC bike when to poor to buy new clipless and was surprised by how much I liked them. Bought a send pair for my DJ bike that came with 50/50's, I found that the 50/50's were twice as heavy and had less grip ! The MG1's survived 70 days of indoor MTB park riding this winter doing the jump lines all day with a 200 lbs rider. Will not be switch back to clipless anytime soon, love the MG-1's.

Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe

“Great shoe for everyone”


The Good: Grips well, fairly durable, and much more protection that regular trainers

The Bad: A bit bulky, seams get split and rubber wears down. Maybe a little expensive

Overall Review: These take a year of regular abuse and then start to die, but the shoe is so good that it is worth it

WTB Prowler MX Tire

“An excellent grippy tire for XC and trail hardpack”


The Good: Super grippy, fairly puncture resistant, and fairly fast rolling too

The Bad: Not enough volume, seems a bit narrow for size, gets ripped to shreds on rocks

Overall Review: A great dirt tire which excels in hard-pack and loose over, wow you can lean over on this thing at it just keeps biting. But for AM and abve it doesn't have enough volume to absorb hard hits or enough strength to deal with sharp rocks

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake

Featured Review

“Not the best brake, but the most reliable and user friendly.”


The Good: Easy to set up, easy to find parts, good power, good modulation, can be even better with better rotors and pads.

The Bad: The stock roundagon rotors are not that great. Get the CS2s.

Overall Review: IMO a much smarter buy than medium range or low range hydro brakes, especially if you ride a great deal. Changing a cable is much preferable to bleeding a brake system, but really top end hydros like Avid Codes and Hayes Stroker Ace will always have more power.

Wellgo MG-1 Flat Pedal

“Fine for XC and light trail work.”


The Good: Very light, very grippy, good bearings, good pins.

The Bad: Magnesium gets damaged easily.

Overall Review: These pedals are ideal for XC, trail and light AM, and I would use them for road commuting and street too. However for AM/FR/DH especially in rocky terrain they can get damaged easily as magnesium is very soft