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Latest Product Reviews


Morewood Bicycles Izimu with XPI Pivot Frame

“MoreWood IZIMU”


The Good: handled better then i thought it would.love the paint job.like the axle works and the nut to deraller hanger mount.i like the rear adjustablity iv been in the "B'' Seting witch is slacked out and back witch i like

The Bad: let see bad? huh cant say too much.....il get back to you on that

Overall Review: i just got the bike less then a month and so far i love it.. i didnt try to make it light but i am @ 38.4 pounds i could probly shave another pound if i wanted too. other then that it works well over everything..

2012 Turner DHR Bike

“DHR Review”


The Good: Good pedaling platform, neutral feeling, head angle is spot on, fast and stable. Definitely a different bike from the previous DHR.

The Bad: None i can think of so far after ridden the bike for a year now. Maybe i will find one when i try to install the CCDB Air Shock later down the road.

Overall Review: Definitely a great frame even though a little pricy but worth every penny.

Specialized Enduro Expert Bike

“Game Changer”


The Good: Everything

The Bad: The cable routing and rear shock could be better at aggressive speeds.

Overall Review: I got the s-works carbon 2011 and built with existing parts. Fox 36 RC2, Crossmax SX's etc. Tough and aggressive build but around 30lb. It NEEDS a Great fork as this bike is SO fast and encouraging and just Dangerous. Truly rides has a performance of a DH bike but doesn't feel slow and sluggish everywhere else. Pedals like a madman, playful and stable. I have found my soulmate! I would like to run my sag at 30+% as it feels incredible but when you sreally start to get aggressive (which is easy) it starts bottoming out. Would like more progression. Maybe an EVO install? So I run it at 25% and its all good.

Specialized Enduro Expert Bike

“Fast and Fun”


The Good: Super tough, pedals amazing, super plush, goes ANYWHERE

The Bad: Talas up front might be cool

Overall Review: Bike is perfect. It does everything it was intended for exactly as you expect it to. It pedals phenomenally with the RP23 pro pedal and 2x10. When you get to the top, it descends any line even the wrong one. Its the perfect balance for a do absolutely everything bike.

Maxxis High Roller Tire

“Old technology, and a poor front tire. Edit: not that bad, but still prefer Minions”


The Good: Nice upright braking traction, fairly reasonable climbing, good volume for rocky AM/FR/DH

The Bad: Minimal edit: 'sketchy leaning grip if you lean in gradually' and thorn protection also minimal

Overall Review: The 2.35 version of the High Rollers I have are similar to Kenda Nevegal 2.35s, although faster...

Truvativ Hussefelt 1.1 DH Crank

“Reliable lead boat-anchors.”


The Good: Cheap, very robust, Howitzer BB is compatible with many chain guides

The Bad: Heavy, Saints and Hozfellers are better

Overall Review: If you need a cheap crank-set where weight isn't really a problem these are ideal, especially if you live somewhere rainy or are likely to power wash your bike after a ride. If weight is a problem, a Stylo might be a good option

SRAM PC991 Cross Step Chain

“A slick fast chain that works well with other Sram components”


The Good: Power-link, light weight, price, works very well with other Sram/Truvativ components

The Bad: Some people complain they break, but I haven't noticed the problem

Overall Review: I've noticed the Sram chains available in Europe are made in Portugal. These I've noticed are better than their similar Asian cousins, that are made in China. I've noticed that with a mostly Sram (rear derailleur and cassette) drive-train are really slick but that Shimano chains jump around a fair bit, so better to stick with the same manufacturer here as the rest of your drive-train. Power-link rocks and is easy to use and better than KMC missing links.

Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

“Godly Grip”


The Good: Best-pedals-ever. 5.10s stick to them like glue, they're tough as nails and the bearings last.

The Bad: None whatsoever

Overall Review: If the bearing bulge is an issue for you than you simply have some whack-ass foot placement

Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

“Wanted to like them”


The Good: Narrow profile, light, beautifully made.

The Bad: Could not stand the bearing bulge at the pedal/crank interface. I like my feet as close to the crank arm as possible. I could ride these without feeling the bulge through my shoe. It bothered me.<br /> <br /> Very expensive

Overall Review: I give it a 3 because of the bulge and price.

Crank Brothers 5050 X Flat Pedal

“Heavy and Bulky but they do their job”


The Good: They are flat pedals, and have good grip, they cant stand the hits (I do hit them a lot, perhaps I should shorten my crankarms). so far no mechanical problems with them.

The Bad: quite heavy and bulky , pricey for around 20 bucks more you can find slimmer flat pedals.

Overall Review: Nothing extraordinary but they do their job as they are supposed to.