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Matrix Concepts M31 Worx Toolbox

Vital Review

“Tested: Matrix Concepts M31 Worx Toolbox”

As a rider, you often take your box of tools for granted. You get the tools as and when you need them, throw them in the box and expect them to be there when duty calls. I've worked out of many different toolboxes in my day, but my bike tools have lived in the same Craftsman box I got for Christmas the year I started riding and generally obsessing over bikes. I haven't put much thought into it since then, it works fine and has been going for more years than I care to remember. But when the opportunity arose to try a similarly sized toolbox from Matrix Concepts that apparently had some design Read More »

2015 YT Capra Comp 1 Bike

“YT Capra Comp1”


The Good: Fantastic value for money. A brilliant ride.

The Bad: Long waiting times for delivery.

Overall Review: I went for the Comp1 and not the Pro. One I don't like white bikes but two the Boss forks and shock are not easy to set up and also service centres are few in the UK. The Pike forks and Monarch shock work sweetly. Sizing is a problem buying online. As mentioned this bike is a game-changer.

2014 Jamis Dakar AMT 650 Comp Bike

Featured Review

“Solid All-Mountain Rig”


The Good: This bike has a very stable geometry and feels in control when descending. The more affordable COMP version comes with a solid set of components, most notable the FOX suspension.

The Bad: HEAVY. Also, rear suspension geometry isn't the most sophisticated, so pedal bob is always a threat

Overall Review: This is a very solid all mountain setup. It was my first 650b, as well as my first bike with over 120mm of travel. The COMP version comes with a reliable group of components. Shimano Deore all around gets the job done, and is not soul-crushing expensive should you knock off the derailleur in a rock garden. Pros: The bike feels at home on rough terrain. The 650b wheels fit really well with the geometry, Jamis has been doing the mid-size wheel for some time now. Though the head tube isn't as slack as other enduro or all mountain setups, this one finds a happy medium between the ups and descents, allowing you to climb some Read More »

Mavic Alpine XL Clipless Shoe

Featured Review

“Might this be the best non-Italian shoe for your feet? Well...minus a stormtrooper mistaken appearance.”


The Good: Fit, weight, flex, price, grip, support

The Bad: Look, neoprene boot practically useless, pressure points up top

Overall Review: So, I had been rocking XC shoes since back in the day where I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of SPDs. Mashing the pedals on the slippers is great because they're stiff as a 4x8 but because of the top section of my foot they were constantly falling asleep. Why? Well...because they were essentially being smashed against a 4x8 super stiff carbon board. I wasn't quite ready to dive into the world of flat pedals as I've gotten nice and used to the laziness of floating my feet around. Besides, my aging knees creak and moan at the mention of flat pedals. Fair enough. What would be the compromise? I wanted a Read More »

DVO Diamond Fork

Vital Review

“First Ride: 2015 DVO Diamond Fork”

Review by Brandon Turman // Photos by Dave Trumpore We first caught a glimpse of DVO’s Diamond fork over a year ago in prototype form. Since that time the company has been tweaking and tuning their first single crown fork, and they’ve been very open about the entire development process. For those biding their time, the wait is nearly over and the fork is currently in production. Like the Emerald DH fork that came before it, the Diamond makes use of DVO’s Off The Top (OTT) external negative spring adjustment and has an easily removable and tunable compression loader. The Diamond does have a few new tricks of its own, though, like a Read More »

2014 Evil Bikes Uprising

“One of the best on the market”


The Good: Amazing Pedaling, Very comfortable cockpit, Descending is just amazing. You become one with the bike immediately

The Bad: Needs more room for the back wheel.

Overall Review: This is the best all-mountain bike I've ever owned. I also own a Transition Bandit 27.5 with the exact same build(1x11, pike, dropper) and I usually end up taking the uprising even though it has more travel and is supposed to be less of a climber. I have not found that to be true. Especially with the Fox Climb mode, it climbs like a goat. The bike comes alive when you get to the top and switch it to descend. I have my sag set at 33% and it feels very linear up until the end of the travel when it becomes very progressive. The bike is so comfortable. This bike is so agile and the suspension system works perfect. I just wish there was more room in the rear triangle for mud and rocks. That should be remedied. I haven't had any other problems besides that.

Magura MT7 Disc Brakes

Vital Review

“Tested: Magura MT7 Disc Brakes”

Review by Johan Hjord // Photos by Tal Rozow and Johan Hjord Magura has been making brakes for a very long time – the company’s roots go back 120 years, and much of their experience has to do with brakes for two-wheeled applications. They also have almost 10 years’ experience of making disc brakes for mountain bikes, their original Gustav brake long a reference among gravity riders in regards to braking power. For 2014, Magura has completely renewed its entire line up of mountain bike brakes, and we laid our hands on the 4-piston MT7 to see what they have managed to come up with. Magura MT7 Highlights Carbotecture SL Read More »

Reynolds Black Label 27.5 AM Wheels

Vital Review

“Tested: Reynolds Black Label 27.5AM Wheelset”

by Nick Zuzelski Reynolds has been around in the wheel game for some time, and with the recent release of the premium Black Label wheelsets, they bring their MR5 carbon rims paired with quality hubs and spokes to the market to offer a family of very high level wheelset builds. Available in 4 different models, 27.5" AM, 27.5" XC, 29" XC and 29" Trail, each Black Label offering has been specifically designed with a unique rim profile and carbon layup to cater to each intended use. We hit the trails with the 27.5" AM version to see what $2400 worth of wheels will get you these days. Black Label 27.5 AM Wheel Spec Read More »

Kore Durox Complete Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: Kore Durox Wheelset”

by Kevin Shiramizu Kore is making a push towards getting their name back on bikes with decent parts for decent prices and that effort is appreciated in this time of astronomical price tags. After riding their bars and stem last year, I was glad to see them coming out with more offerings. There’s a lot more to a wheelset than a stem however, so I hoped they had done their homework with the Durox. Kore Durox Wheelset Highlights UST Tubeless Compatible 26", 29" And 650B Welded High Strength AL6061-T6 Durox Rims KORE Stainless Butted Black Spokes With Alloy Nipples Durox Sealed BearingISO 6 Bolt Disc Hubs Alloy Sealed Bearing Read More »

2014 Intense 951 EVO

“951evo is stellar”


The Good: suspension

The Bad: fork bumpers

Overall Review: I tried a 951 evo as a rental bike up at Silver Star Bike Park and was super impressed. Very easy to ride, fast, handles and jumps well - overall awesome. My previous bike was a V10c that I spend 3 seasons riding and tuning and changing parts to get it just right. The 951 evo was better on the first ride, so I went and bought one. GREAT BIKE !