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2014 Specialized S-Works Enduro 29 Bike

“one bad ass machine”


The Good: its fast, ready to go out the door

The Bad: price, not all carbon

Overall Review: What can I say this is an enduro machine! Just like all the forums out there and a reviews the 29er wheels roll fast and they are harder to turn so you really have to trust your bike which you can do with this thing. It eats up anything you can throw at it. You can jump, drop, crash, go fast and get ladies on this thing. If your a strava king then this is your bike since it can do it all. I thought the front end would try to move away from you but it doesnt. The engineers really put some thought into this one and the build specs are just fine to where you should not need to change anything from the stock build. Read More »

2011 Trek Remedy 8 Bike

“need a little remedy remedy”


The Good: well rounded bike

The Bad: could use some better stock components

Overall Review: I have the 2013 remedy 8 and so I think the geo is all the same from 2011 up but Trek just had different color schemes. What I really like about the bike is how it pedals up just fine but it descends like a champ. I have rode this bike all over the place and different types of terrain from Moab, desert, hard pack, rooty, and a lot of rocky mtn terrain. It has taken on anything ive thrown at it. I do like running a stiffer fork than the 32 that came on it but the drcv technology really does have a small bump sensitivity to where you feel like there is endless travel and keeps your wheels on the ground. I have ridden many bikes from Read More »

DVO Emerald DH 203mm Inverted Suspension Fork

“Stiff, plush, super tune-able”


The Good: Stiff, good looks, ease of tuning and range of tuning

The Bad: The color if you don't like green. Weight is a little higher than a boxxer world cup.

Overall Review: MY favorite part about this fork, besides the amazing looks and intricate details, is the amount of adjustabilty available. I can run it real stiff and responsive for racing, or plush and forgiving for throwing whips at the bike park. The inverted design really is superior to a conventional Mtb fork. Less un-sprung weight makes it super smooth over braking bumps. The OTT and easily accesible shim stack really gives it a level of tuning simply not available in other forks. Also being able to add or remove a few PSI is sooo easy compared to having to change a coil.

Fly Racing Freestone Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: Fly Racing Freestone Helmet”

by Nick Zuzelski With today's all-capable, aggressive trail bikes, it is becoming more common to leave the DH bike back at home while getting our adrenaline fix on similar terrain at high speeds with these shorter travel steeds and open face helmets. For your head, this means you should probably be looking to maximize the amount of protection offered by your trail lid, as a simple XC helmet may easily be overwhelmed in case of a big crash. Fly Racing has recently entered the MTB game and have now brought the Freestone helmet to the table. Lightweight and breathable, with a long list of features like extended Read More »

Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless Shoe

Vital Review

“Tested: Five Ten Impact VXi Clipless Shoe”

by Nick Ducharme Five Ten are just about the most popular DH and trail mountain bike shoes for platform pedals. Their Mi6 Stealth Rubber (designed to help rock climbers walk up vertical surfaces, I believe) claims to hold your platform pedals like a clip in shoe/pedal system or like you holding your thunder buddy during a lightning storm. Well for those of us that appreciate actually being clipped in, Five Ten offers the Impact VXi Clipless shoe as seen on the fast feet of World Cup hero, Greg Minnaar. This newest shoe worn by the course scorching South African claims lighter weight, better fit, more protection and Read More »

X-Fusion Vengeance HLR Fork

“out for revenge”


The Good: stiffness, 20mm axle, smoothness

The Bad: weight and color options

Overall Review: This has all the benefits of the fox 36 but has the hold up from the dive. Stiffness is there, the 20mm axle everyone seems love but i did find the fork was a little porky. Personally I dont mind that i had to use an allen wrench to loosen the fork when needed but I only had to take it off a couple of times in one whole season (early April - later October) being that I ran a tubless set up with no hiccups. I did rebuild the fork once to and that was a breeze. This fork could use some more color choices but they are on the right track. I rode this in Utah where we have terrain from rock like Moab to smooth hard pack dirt up north. It holds up well and felt great in the rooty and loose stuff to.

RockShox Pike RCT3 Fork

“rock the shox pike”


The Good: weight, color, abilities, damper, stiffness

The Bad: could offer a 20mm version or conversion with future models

Overall Review: I have read and read and read about this fork and finally got a chance to test all the greatness, praise or whatever kudos someone gives it on my own. First thing i noticed is how this thing does what is supposed to and that was eat up the real world terrain. I rode this from smooth to loose trials here in Utah. I then took it for a spin in some chunder woods again it ate it up. This was the solo I was riding with and the stiffness was fine imo. Yeah a 20mm can be that much more of a benefit to some at a small weight loss so why not offer it to the crow that wants it. As the review states it holds through turns, burms and Read More »

Avid X0 Trail Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

“its like an ex-gf”


The Good: if its the only thing you know they are good

The Bad: once you try others you will want to switch

Overall Review: When owning these they seemed like they work just fine, the longer levers were cool and the match making system was simple. Well that was all fine and dandy but once you start a new relationship you look back and say ehh. These brakes did the job with the common braking and modulation you hear about. In my experience they seemed to fade, not all to easy to maintenance and they were temperamental. They were light enough and the 4 piston is a positive as to where people rock these on their trail bikes but imo there are far better brakes out there. I personally prefer shimano and now have 4 other friends that jumped Read More »

Easton Havoc Carbon Bars

“wreaking havoc”


The Good: light, stiff, ok price

The Bad: wish there were more width options

Overall Review: I tried these and the 750 sounds wide but I have long goofy arms so I felt they could offer more lengths since my preferred is 780 min. However; these are some great bars at a decent price for carbon. They are stiff, wide for most people, easton quality = durability. They grip well to the stem with no turning and the lock on grips did not slide or turn. I would suggest giving these a try if  you want more turning stability if you have anything narrower or looking to shed a few grams from aluminum. I have now gone to answer pro taper carbons for the width but these are great bars still.

Easton Haven Stem

“one stiff stem”


The Good: light enough, good looking, quality

The Bad: more color options needed

Overall Review: I bought this at the end of last season in the all black 55mm and it is a perfect size. This thing is stiff, hasnt moved yet, holds my carbon bars with carbon past crap with no movement and light weight enough. It comes in multiple sizes so you should be able to find the length you like. Easy to install as well.