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Latest Product Reviews


2013 Lapierre Rapt 2.1 Bike

“Wild ugly setup”


The Good: The good news is that nobody in brooklyn ever going to show up at the trails with this ugly bike.

The Bad: Worst looking stock hardtail ever!

Overall Review: Probably a great bike but that oreo setup going to get old real quick.

2012 Giant STP

“Full suspension????”


The Good: Besides that full suspension typo this new frame for the stp looking sweet. Sure its light and hydro formed all over. Do yourself a favor and just buy the frame and build your own spec. The stock giant stp setup going to be heavy. You can spend a little more and save money and time in the long run.

The Bad: Clunky looking heavy stock parts

Overall Review: Great value and geometry for the stp frame, the parts are ???? stock parts not going to give full potential of this frame. Awesome looking frame for a custom build.

2011 Specialized P.1 Bike

“P series is legendary”


The Good: This is alot of bike for a small price, very upgradable. Jumping straight out of the box.

The Bad: bottom bracket a bit low and getting lower every year. Next year you going to be scraping chain on the ground.

Overall Review: If you looking for a street sweeper and don't want to pay 2g's on a custom setup this is the bike for you.

2011 Cove Hooker Bike

“Cove Hooker is a bobo looking frame”


The Good: Fun name for people that don't see Hookers every day.

The Bad: Bad name for people that see Hookers every day

Overall Review: Heavy, redicilous price tag, minimal travel and trail use. STUPID name created by trust fund babies that never even seen a real hooker.

2012 Transition Trail or Park Bike

“Great Geometry”


The Good: Like I said above, great geometry. It's a fun bike to ride and exceeds my expectations.

The Bad: The Spanish BB is not ideal but if it fits in the BMX world, why not bring it over to MTB?

Overall Review: I look forward to riding this frame for years to come.

2012 Transition Double Bike

“Transition Double”


The Good: good"do it all bike" even though no bike can...
handles great,
jumps great
kills it at bike parks.. super smooth even though its just a 4" bike cycles through travel good

The Bad: a little on the heavy side
compresses on steep lips some..

Overall Review: if you want a bike that you can shred trails,jumps, slope style and freeride on, then defiantly look at the double.. very comfortable everywhere..

Five Ten Impact Low 2 Flat Pedal Shoe

“Gotta love the grip”


The Good: Stiff sole, great traction, and they last. The stiff sole is so nice behind a shovel too.

The Bad: run a bit big in the width, but thats a personal fit issue. New model is "action leather" you mean pleather? Ya, they run a bit hotter than the OG model.

Overall Review: I have had the original Inpacts since 07 and they are in great shape. I put down 2K plus XC,DH, DJ, Digging and trials miles a year for the last 4 years and they are still looking good. I got a new pair from Santa and was disappointed to find out they are all Pleather now ( original were a swede leather) I just hope they last like my last pair( that I still rock on the days I do more digging than riding. I would love to see a velcro top like the Minars to help keep the laces and shoe tight but not like the moon boot Karver. Great shoe!

Specialized Enduro Expert Bike



The Good: Climbing, descending, jumping, everything

The Bad: None. This is a rad bike

Overall Review: Rode this in Moab, UT. It is super confidence inspiring. I felt like I could do anything on this bike. Climbs amazingly well and is a blast coming down in any type of terrain. 5' drop to flat and lots of rocks with absolutely no complaints. This is an awesome bike. It is a little slower than my stumpy EVO on flats and long climbs, but one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden

Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals

“Great pedal for your knees”


The Good: Great amount of float. Easy to get in and out.

The Bad: Durability

Overall Review: These pedals have been great for the last year. I had a bad knee and this has helped a lot. They have a lot of float, but they only lasted me a year. CB will warranty it, but I have to send them in for them to fix the problem. That means weeks without a pedal... Four stars for performance. 2 stars for durability

Giro Phase Helmet



The Good: FIts well and it is comfortable

The Bad: Styling is fine, but nothing special

Overall Review: Never crashed in it yet, but it is lightweigt, comfortable, good ventilation. Styling isn't anything special, but good for trail riding.