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Latest Product Reviews


Shimano Saint SL-M810 9-Speed Shifter

“Burly shifter”


The Good: Compact, durable with flawless performance

The Bad: None so far

Overall Review: So I am realizing that writing a review about a shifter is kind of tricky. I mean what do you say about a shifter, it either works well or it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t work well is it really the shifter itself or perhaps the cable is loose or housing is gunked up or maybe the derailleur is bent or broken. Let’s start with the look and feel. In the looks department the saint shifter looks like most other shifters, this one does have that Saint flat black stealth look along with the trick looking gold adjusters. The triggers feel ergonomic like most other triggers do but these have a nice stout solid Read More »

Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves

“Excellent minimalist glove”


The Good: Thin without being flimsy, breathable, comfortable. Great for cross-country or trail riding if you don't like thick, bulky gloves.

The Bad: Wrist closure is a bit large

Overall Review: I've always preferred thinner gloves because they provide a better feel for the bar. My favorite pair of Fox Digits wore out after three seasons and I picked up these TLDs as a replacement. I've been stoked on them ever since. They're thin enough to give me a good grip on the bar, but tough enough to keep my hands from getting torn up when I hit the ground. I've crashed in them, and they've saved me from any major scrapes or cuts. They allow enough air in to keep my hands relatively cool even on hot climbs. After months of racing, riding, and crashing, I have yet to see a loose stitch. The wrist closure is larger than I'd like, but that's probably only an issue for me. These are solid gloves, and I'll get another pair if I manage to wear these out.

Spank Spoon~762 Handlebar

“Spoon Barz”


The Good: Wide and cool graphics pretty light

The Bad: don't like the back sweeps but ill get used to it

Overall Review: Have then on my dj bike, spins like a boss! 40mm rise 29 long gonna get some for my slope style bike!

Giro Remedy CF Full Face Helmet

“Burly Helmet”


The Good: Nice ventilation, washable pads, fits my Smith goggles well. Fits my big head. has survived a number of big hits.

The Bad: Not quite as light as other CF helmets. Some of the color/Graphics sets are a bit much.

Overall Review: My 2010 model did everything I could have asked it to, it held up to a number of big hits on rocks. There was abrasion to the shell down to the Carbon Fiber,  but it is still structurally intact.  I got this to replace my fiberglass Giro that had done it's tour of duty and survived. Good ventilation and fits all the goggles I have ever tried with it. I will happily be replacing this one with another shortly.

Giro Remedy Full Face Helmet

“Fits my FAT head great.”


The Good: Great price, fits my weird head and survived a few heavy hits. Nice ventilation. Removable/Washable pads

The Bad: Nothing to say, it did it's job.

Overall Review: I am reviewing one from '09. I purchased this based on price and the fact that it fits my head which is BIG and long front to back. Most other XL helmets press on my forehead quite a bit, if they even fit over my head. I had a couple of big wrecks with this helmet where it took big hits.  I retired it as a precaution, but the shell was still intact, and the foam seemed fine.  I demolished the visor, and had some serious abrasions on the outside, but came away fine, with the chinbar fully intact. This helmet did everything I could have asked it too, and at a great price.

Continental Baron Mountain Tire

“a solid tire”


The Good: Grip. open tread, sticky compound and good life

The Bad: squirrly in hardpack dry.

Overall Review: A good "enduro" or in between tire. Beefier than my XC tires, but lighter and with a softer sidewall than a real DH tire.  In soft, muddy terrain this tire is badass, but if the going gets dry and hardpacked the long lugs with the soft Black Chili compound get squirmy when really pushing in the corners.  A great tire to have in your arsenal, but possibly not your "do-everything" tire.

FOX 36 Van 180 RC2 Fit Fork

“Worth every penny”


The Good: Best handling fork I have ever ridden.

The Bad: Maybe the price, but it is worth it!

Overall Review: This replaced the Domain R on my Kona Entourage, and it completely changed a good bike into a GREAT bike. It took all of about 100ft down the trail to fall in love with this fork.  Plush over small and large bumps, but ramps up nicely and you never feel the bottom even though I have been there a number of times.

2013 Kona Entourage Bike

“Great bike for short money”


The Good: Short stays, a great flickable park bike.

The Bad: Fork, pedals and tires.

Overall Review: For a base model bike, it is a great value. nice part spec aside from the fork and pedals, I was also sad to see thin sidewalled non-full DH tires. Good place to start, with room for upgrades you would likely make anyway.

2011 Santa Cruz Nickel All Mountain Bike

“Awesome Trail Bike”


The Good: Tapered Head tube,
Best Bang for your Buck,

The Bad: Apparently Santa Cruz will no longer be making this frame.

Overall Review: I'm reviewing the 2012 model although I don't think there is anything different from the 2011 model, other than a different colored Santa Cruz logo. I have been currently riding this bike for 6 months and I do not have any major complaints. In fact, I don't have any complaints. This bike is incredibly fun to ride. The best thing about this bike is it has the trail bike geometry without loads of travel. At only 120mm of travel this bike can still pedal with the best XC bikes but can out descend them all. I wanted a flowy, jumpy, pedally xc bike and this is all that and more. This bike does everything from a XC ride Read More »

Park Tool GP-2C Glueless Patch Kit

Featured Review

“The best self-adhesive patch on the market”


The Good: Sticks well, doesn't slide or leak. Lasts as long as a traditional patch. Fast and easy to apply.

The Bad: Only one size available (as far as I'm aware)

Overall Review: Everybody should have a package of these in their saddlebag or backpack. They're far faster than a traditional vulcanizing patch, and they last just as long. I have tried other brands of glueless patches with poor results (one brand almost left me stranded) but Park Tool's patches have never failed me. The box is tiny, and if you suffer multiple flats on the same ride, it could get you home. This patch kit is one of my essential items for any ride.