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Giro Remedy CF Full Face Helmet

“Protective - will take hits”


The Good:

Strong, protective

The Bad:

Need to make an XS size

Overall Review: See the review on the FLY Racing Default Helmet. I bought the Fly helmet to replace this one as an inexpensive one for doing training and practice. The Fly failed in less than 24 hours resulting in a fractured jaw. The Giro helmet protected my son with much bigger hits that the Fly and he walked away completely fine. Buying this one again! Protect you head, protect your face - buy this helmet.

Fly Racing Default Full Face Helmet

“Poor materials - 8 year old fractured jaw at low speed - Best sold @ Toys r Us”


The Good:

I suppose you could say the looks (from a distance)

The Bad:

Poor quality, Strength, Protection, Value. Will take you straight to A&E in a crash.

Overall Review: My son, weighs in at 20kgs and is aged 8. He had a full face impact (nothing unusual here as he has had many whilst BMX racing). The impact resulted in the Chin Bar cracking and folding back into his face, causing his jaw to fracture and suffer concussion. The Chin Bar is not certified for Downhill usage (make a note of that)! In fact the helmet is only certified at the most basic level for head protection. Not worth the risk.

Urge 2013 EndurOmatic Helmet

Vital Review

“Tested: Urge EndurOmatic Helmet”

by AJ Barlas There are some crazy and great things going on in the world of helmet technology right now, seemingly coinciding with the recent popularity of Enduro racing. Maybe the fact that riders want more coverage from a lid has been a large part of the shift, though to be honest I think more coverage is a good thing no matter what style of riding. For far too long we as mountain bikers were stuck with helmets designed for road but had a visor thrown on and labeled a "mountain bike helmet." A number of years ago there was a shift when companies like Giro began to add helmets to their line that moved away from Read More »
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Vital MTB member ardor
19406 ardor,19406/all 10/30/12 5 3 312 4,19406/setup 2 24 1 92 31 4

2012 Norco Havoc Bike

“good frame! but....”


The Good:

great size, feels nice in between your legs.

The Bad:

its pretty heavy as a stock bike. chain stay could be a little further away from the tyre, 26x2.5 are they thickest tyre you can run on this frame, brakes are really squeaky after a while, and the grips could be a little better, they kept peeling off my bars.

Overall Review: this is a great bike to hit the jumps or the trails with. it feels nice and feels smooth to ride.
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Vital MTB member jakelemin53
24902 jakelemin53,24902/all 06/03/13 18 1

Cove Foreplay MX Frame

“THe best frame ever!”


The Good:

evything! i love the green color i got it in. awesome geometry, very stable, and very strong. whips around soo great! love it for trails! wanting a new frame thats stable, light, but strong? this is the frame!

The Bad:

scratching the green paint

Overall Review: great! amazing frame, really great geometry, very comfortable, worth every penny!
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Vital MTB member giantmtber
14852 giantmtber,14852/all 04/14/12 9,14852/setup 22 5

X-Fusion Vector Air HLR Rear Shock



The Good:

Everything - No fade - No initial stroke stickyness - Can be buttered up in the garage in 15 minutes - I've been shredding it for over a year with no issues whatsoever - It will make you way faster - Straight outta Santa Cruz son!

The Bad:

Yeah righttt buddy! Mike D. is a grand master wizard.

Overall Review: Confucius Say -Women and rocks are very much alike. We skip the flat ones.
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Vital MTB member Iggz
200 Iggz,200/all 08/01/09 9 20 13,200/setup 4 48 246 3 1

Shimano XT M772 Shadow 9-Speed Rear Derailleur

“Smooth Operator”


The Good:

Clean shifts, reduced chain slap, different cage lengths

The Bad:

No clutch, no barrel adjuster

Overall Review: This derailleur showed up as an OE part, but the XT name is always appreciated when looking into Shimano parts. This derailleur is a good mid to mid-high level 9-speed derailleur option. On the trail the derailleur is very quiet and smooth. The Shadow Tech does a really good job of limiting chain slap, I only really hear noise over the really rough stuff. This shifter also moves very well. If you have it set up properly you won't find this derailleur under shifting or over shifting. One complaint would be the lack of a clutch, found on the Shadow+ derailleurs. I know you can get the Read More »
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Vital MTB member awol12
502 awol12,502/all 08/12/09,502/setup 2 20 33

Shimano SLX SL-M660 Shifter Pod

Featured Member Review

“Mid-Level Awesomeness”


The Good:

Two way shifting (push/pull), custom side to side positioning, crisp index shift, easy to use cable port

The Bad:

All plastic casing, no shift level adjustment, no I-Spec compatibility

Overall Review: The SLX shifters came as OE on my bike, but I have been really impressed with what Shimano has done with them. They are a very good choice for a mid-level shifter. My shifters are a 2x9 set up with no gear display. Shifters have a nice crisp index shift, that isn't too hard or too soft. Once you are in a gear you know, and it's definitely not a shifter that will allow you to be in between two gears. Do wish they came with a lever reach adjustment, but this is a feature that you'll find on more expensive shifters. These shifters do have one really nice custom adjustment feature. The SLX shifter pod and handle Read More »
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Vital MTB member awol12
502 awol12,502/all 08/12/09,502/setup 2 20 33

ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips

“Good Feeling Grip, Some Lock-On Ring Concerns”


The Good:

Knurled/diamond pattern, thin grip, great feel, plenty of grip space, no hand slippage

The Bad:

Lock-on bolts strip easily, thinness causes quicker wear, bar end caps pop off

Overall Review: Switched from the ODI Rogue to the Ruffian for more feeling, which the Ruffian definitely offers. The Ruffian still sticks with ODIs' tradition of strong grips with great sticky rubber. The Ruffian is a thinner grip pattern that offers a lot of bar feeling, but you don't feel like you are ever going to lose your grip. Also with some thinner grips you feel like to have to hold on tighter since there is less material, but this isn't the case with the Ruffians. I have had these for a year and haven't seen a whole lot of wear, but imagine with less material there will be less life. One big complaint I do have is in the lock-on Read More »
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Vital MTB member awol12
502 awol12,502/all 08/12/09,502/setup 2 20 33

Sunline V3 Handlebar

“Great Bar for a Really Good Price (If you can find them)”


The Good:

28" width, good weight at 323g, clean logos, low and high rise

The Bad:

9 degree back sweep, paint/finish scratches easy

Overall Review: Picked these up last year to get something a little wider than what I had, but wasn't sure if I wanted to go all the way to 29"+. Got this bar real cheap on clearance, since Sunline stopped their MTB division, but I am still glad I got them and impressed overall. At 28" the bars are wide, without being too wide. The weight is all not bad at all and strength is really good. I have felt very little flex in the bars when going over or off stuff. This definitely are not a DH bar, but work for light All-Mountain or more aggressive XC. I was also happy with the choice on rise height, 1" or 2", I have the 1" rise. Sunline Read More »
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Vital MTB member awol12
502 awol12,502/all 08/12/09,502/setup 2 20 33

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