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Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal

“Worst pedals I've had!”


The Good: Errr colours

The Bad: Bearings wore out quicker than any pedals I've had before. Axles constantly became loose (nearly every ride) and eventually after about 3 months would not tighten up. Grip from the platform was also poor compared to the pedals i have on my other bikes possibley due to the steped design.

Overall Review: Do not buy a set of these pedals. I have DX flats, Burgtec penthouse flats and DMR Vaults these are all far superior to the Crank Brothers and are a simalar price and far more durable and much grippier.

Specialized Pitch Comp Bike

“Ride it all bike”


The Good: It compensates well for a rider lacking finesse! Confident. More than the sum of its parts. Great fun.

The Bad: It can't work miracles! Suspension has workman like damping and control.

Overall Review: It climbs up steep mountain passes, descends like a demon, handles rock strewn trails, bogs, drops, slabs and a fair few knocks. If you haven't for 4 grand for a 4 grand bike and can accept some compromises this will do everything the same. Slack head is great for the drops and the seat tube is steep enough for the climbs. The kit isn't fancy but incremental upgrades will only improve it. I've had mine almost a year and the bottom bracket, hubs and freewheel have succumb to bogs, rivers, rain and mud. Its showing some battle scars but the finish is holding up well.

Chromag Ranger Stem

“better than anything I've chosen”


The Good: light, stiff, looks good, nice detail

The Bad: the price, was ALOT

Overall Review: best stem I've ever purchased

Banshee Bikes Rampant Frame

“purchased a raw from Joyride cycles”


The Good: EVERYTHING....it pedals great, I think it's easier to whip than my hardtail, it's light, stable, easy to manual. looks great. corners amazingly I know this isnt a review for that but Joyride has great customer service. I was very pleased to get my frame through them.

The Bad: nothing I have realized yet

Overall Review: honestly, the best bike i've ever owned. Hands down

Specialized Pitch Comp Bike



The Good: everything, it climbs like a monkey, comes down like a ball<br /> geometry is spot on!

The Bad: forks!! ok if your 12stone or below but i'm a big lad and they bobbed a lot, <br /> upgraded to marzzochi 55's 150mm travel and its much better,

Overall Review: a brilliant ride that wont empty your wallet, i'm sure there's a lot more exspesive bikes to be bought but wont perform to the level this bike does, a dry run in a shop wont do this justice you need to try it on the trails and jumps etc tip if you see a one at your trail center take it off him (or her) and have a blast!! if he'll let you and you'll throw your £5000 in the ditch i promise ;-)

Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe

“great shoe”


The Good: Sticks to pedals really good, the look cool to

The Bad: nothing bad so far, had them for three weeks and ive raced, wore them to school, and rode everyday on them

Overall Review: i like them, good shoe

Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe

“Best Skate Style Bike Shoe”


The Good: Amazing grip- nothing beats 5.10 stealth rubber for traction. Lighter and more breathable than the 5.10 Impact or Karver.

The Bad: Durability. The sole delaminates too soon. The new model comes with a new sole construction.

Overall Review: Five Ten makes the best flat pedal shoe on the market. The Freerider is perfect for the guy who wants a casual, more breathable, less bulky, less stiff shoe than the 5.10 Impact.

Five Ten Freerider Flat Pedal Shoe

“Best Mountainbike Shoes!”


The Good: These shoes have an incredible amount of grip on flat pedals.

The Bad: The rubber around the main sole comes open easily and stones start to get stuck inside. Not much grip walking in mud.

Overall Review: These shoes are perfect for mountainbiking! If they ever broke I would get the impact or Sam Hill shoes next.

Commencal Meta 4x Frame

“Simply brilliant”


The Good: Brilliant linkage system, light, brilliant shock, headtube sleeve accomodates wide range of riding.

The Bad: Once headset cups are in place its hard to see what angle the headtube sleeve is at.

Overall Review: Brilliant frame, it can be nippy and quick when you want it too and the linkage system makes it feel like it has more than 4 inches of travel when you need it. Taking this bike to Les Gets this year with rock shox pikes at the front and dont doubt it for a second. Good for trail riding although it is very low down so its just about pedalable with the seat post at its max. Havent used it for 4X yet but i feel that for todays 4X tracks you would be better off with a hardtail at the moment. 4X wasnt what i bought it for and it probably wont see much of it. I bought it as an all rounder as i cant afford multiple bikes and it hasnt failed to impress! Fantastic frame.

Morewood Bicycles Makulu Frame

Featured Review

“First Impressions of the 2011 Morewood Makulu”


The Good: Perfect for race and aggressive downhill applications<br /> Lives in the stable of long low slack downhill geometry bikes<br /> MSRP of $3199 is ballpark and competitive for a high end race bike with Double Barrel shock, axle, rear fender, and seatpost clamp<br /> Natural well balanced ride<br /> No significant suspension dysfunction or weird feedback such as brake jack or squat<br /> Excels and thrives at high speed in rough terrain<br /> Requires an aggressive riding position<br /> Very efficient machine<br /> Very stiff frame with excellent traction<br /> Build quality is excellent<br /> Subtle understated design

The Bad: Double Barrel can be difficult to tune requiring patience, time and effort, but it gets the best from the low leverage suspension design<br /> Price, if you're on a budget

Overall Review: Rider Overview I'm an intermediate-aggressive DH rider coming into my fifth full season. The...