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2012 Trek Superfly AL Bike

“Amazing bike for the price!”


The Good:

Fox Fork, Great Components, Very Fast and Super Responsive

The Bad:

Weak Tires, Grips Slip off bar, Wheels seem a bit weak

Overall Review: I have had my Superfly AL for about a month now and I must say that I have been trying to kill it. Fell in about 2 feet of mud the other day and it still finished the additional 3 miles of my ride with hardly any hiccups.   The chain has only come off once, but I blame myself since I shifted way too fast while pedaling.  Have gone off a couple of high jumps at high speed and have no evidence of damage.  I love the Fox shocks, which have been removed from the 2013 version and replaced with the RockShox.  I see it as a mistake, but the higher ups at Trek know their stuff.  So overall.  I would buy it again.

SRAM X.9 Rear Derailleur

“crisp, reliable shifting”


The Good:

positive, reliable and crisp shifting. value

The Bad:

bulky footprint compared to shimano saint, xt and zee rear derailluers

Overall Review: I have a x9 short cage 9 speed rear derailluer that has survived three seasons of heavy duty bike park use. It's beat up and slightly bent  but the shifting is still crisp and reliable.  I personally love the postive feel of sram shifting versus Shimano. The only gripe I would have about the x9 rear derailluer is the bulky profile of the component.  It's much bigger than Saint, Zee and XT rear derailluers.

Lizard Skins Lock On Grips Bonus Pack

“Northshore Grips”


The Good:

Padded, grippy, feel great without gloves, you can customize your clamp color and lettering if you oder through Lizard Skins!

The Bad:

Tear easily

Overall Review: These grips are absolutely amazing if you have bigger hands (or like thicker grips) and like to wear no gloves (it's not like you can't wear gloves with these grips). I don't wear gloves when I ride and it's really hard to find a comfortable grip that doesn't hurt your hands without gloves! Then I finally found these and was very impressed. These grips are thick so they offer really good padding. The soft compound helps absorb the shock from bumps and don't wear down. If you crash, the grips might tear due to it being a softer grip. Another huge plus for me is that you can call lizard skins and they let you choose your clamp color and add your own lettering for no extra cost. I got these with gold clamps and the name of the shop I worked at and they are super rad. I'll definitely be buying these grips again

Continental Trail King Tire

“Awesome Grip, Awesome Price (29x2.4)”


The Good:

Predictable always there grip, wide footprint, black chili rubber

The Bad:

No UST or Protection casings in 29er sizes

Overall Review: I am loving this tire right now. A bit on the heavy side but what 2.4" 29er tire with a descent sidewall isn't? The grip is always there, it leans very nicely, and works well in every condition I have tried it in (basically everything but deep mud). Continental's "black chili" rubber compound is great too! Sticky and durable. Can't ask for more than that.  All this in a tire that costs $30-40!!! I will be hard pressed to buy another $80 dollar tire again after riding Trail Kings.  Did I mention, the conventional tire sets up tubeless easily? Win win win for Conti and the new Trail King

MRP Mini G2 SL Chainguide

“Solid guide, Made in USA”


The Good:

Set it and forget it reliability. Strong bash plate, Silent operation, Light

The Bad:

Non-replaceable bash plate (addressed on new G3 that was just released)

Overall Review: I am running this chainguide on a 1x10 drivetrain with an MRP Bling Ring (awesome spiderless conversion, BTW) and haveabsolutely no complaints. It was easy to set-up and I haven't dropped a chain since it went on. Outstanding product that is made and assembled in Colorado!

X-Fusion 2011 Hilo Seatpost

“Buy a KS or Reverb. This is Crap”


The Good:

Customer Service?

The Bad:

Only lasts about 5 rides before it needs to be sent back to the factory for a rebuild

Overall Review: I rode this post for a month and half. Within that month and a half I sent it back to be serviced because it was pucking oil a total of 3 times. Granted the boys at X-fusion were prompt with their service but the level of reliability is unacceptable, IMO. Don't waste your time or money, buy a KS or Reverb. X-fusion may make some cool forks and shocks but their seatpost sucks.

FOX 34 Float 29 140 RLC Fit Fork

Featured Review

“Best Long Travel 29er Fork on the Market (Non-CTD)”


The Good:

Great dampening, good adjustability, buttery smooooth action

The Bad:

Could be stiffer, seals wear out quickly

Overall Review: This fork is incredible! Very linear feel through the first 2/3 of travel with a nice progressive ramp at the end of the stroke. This makes for a very supple feel from small bumps up through bigger hits into the upper-mid stroke while retaining good bottom out resistance at the end. The same fork settings that feel supportive yet supple on an XC hammerfest maintains it's composure on 6' stepdowns and 4' hucks-to-flat. This is the first 29er fork that I have ridden that can claim those traits. The fork is very easy to tune to your liking with a low speed compression adjustment to take out the Read More »

Fox Racing Ultimatum Shorts 2011



The Good:

Durable construction, they have pockets!!! (most TLD stuff doesn't), goggle/sunglasses shammy included, adjustable waist strap, great zipper; it hasn't gotten caught once, longer shorts so they cover a lot, well ventilated

The Bad:

Don't machine dry these!! Mine are permanently warped because I forgot and dried them in a machine, could be too long for some riders, not cheap but you get what you pay for with fox.

Overall Review: I waited a long time for a pair of these to go on sale but they never did so I just caved and bought them at full retail, fox stuff usually never goes on sale and I think it is because they are a well known company and feel that for what you get its a fair price and they don't want to compromise. I use these for DH and park riding only since they are heavy duty, long in length and are all black so they can get a little hot in the summer but they are well ventilated. They fit great but they are a longer pair of shorts so they do catch on my knee pads sometimes which can get annoying. I have crashed while Read More »

Avid Elixir 9 Disc Brake

“LOUD Comfortable Stoppers”


The Good:

Easy reach and pad contact adjustment, lots of power modulation, 2012 model has better reliability than previous years

The Bad:

Unstoppable squeal that gets almost unbearable when wet. Power modulation isn't for everyone

Overall Review: I have really mixed feelings about these brakes. On the one hand, the feel at the lever is awesome. The pull is buttery smooth and the pad contact and lever reach adjustments let you easily dial in your ideal setup. These brakes also hold up very well to sustained steep descents. I have discolored the rotors on a couple of occasions and felt very little fade in the process. The power is there with these stoppers but youdefinitelyhave to pull on the levers to feel it. Certainly not an on/off brake like the new Shimano offerings. On the other hand, I have never owned a set of brakes that make as much noise Read More »

Deity Blacklabel Handlebar

“Bomber Bar from a Baller Brand”


The Good:

Dialed bend and sweep. Good weight. Good strength

The Bad:

Finish scratches easily

Overall Review: This bar is tits! I put one on my TR Bandit 29 this spring as I wanted a Deity bar but also wanted a super low-rise to keep the front end of the wagon wheeler low. Debated for a while about going with a lesser bar for my trail bike but in the end, the weight is very respectable and this bar gives me the confidence to charge into the unknown without fear of breaking a bar and ending up in a broken heap of hurt. After a season of trying to find mine and the Bandit's limits, this bar has never once left me wanting for anything else. Pros- Support for the most rider focused and customer serviced focused brand in the business! Read More »