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Latest Product Reviews


Giro DJ Gloves

“Poorly manufactured glove”


The Good: Decent palm materials and padding

The Bad: The construction and seams kill this glove

Overall Review: I would not recommend this glove because the glove is not comfortable and feels cheap. You can feel almost every seam on the glove. Giro, let's simplify the design and rework the stitching so it's comfortable. Not worth $34 or even $24.

Loaded Precision X-lite Titanium Stem

“Great looking bling for my 2 wheeled friend!”


The Good: Light weight, super easy to install, looks great

The Bad: None at the moment

Overall Review: While this is my first stem upgrade, the color alone makes the silver bike I have stand out! I got the blue color for my Specialized XC Pro & also got the blue seat post collar as well as the skewers. Everything seems to be good quality & the customer service by David was excellent. I'm a newbie at upgrades & he helped me without making me feel silly about my "newbie" questions. Loaded rocks!!!

Deity Cryptkeeper Frame

“the ride of your dreams”


The Good: very natual feeling with this bike. i hopped on and could blast the trails! very strong cromo is always solid.

The Bad: i havent found anything yet

Overall Review: i dont ever want to part ways with this bike. manuals very well. this bike is very fun to trick and whip.

Deity Villain III 2010 Handlebar

“Dope Ass Bars”


The Good: Light weight, good geo.

The Bad: Slipped in my stem at first, but I'm currently using 25.4 to 31.8 adapters, so that could be why. I also tightened my stem bolts down real tight and they haven't slipped since.

Overall Review: I love these bars. I had been thinking of switching from low rise to 3" rise for a while and decided to go for it. So glad I did. I feel much more in control on dirt jumps and manuals are much easier. They may not work for everyone, but I'm hooked.

Deity Emblem DJ Saddle

“Best Saddle I Ever Owned...”


The Good: Tough & looks good.

The Bad: I've got nothing bad to say about it..

Overall Review: Well constructed, takes a beating like a trooper & the graphics set it apart from the rest.

Deity Cryptkeeper Frame

“Best thing I have ever put in between my legs.”


The Good: Everything. Spinning popping boosting and just general ass kicking

The Bad: The bike is a panty dropper. Jk. But really though...

Overall Review: Buy one. Like now. It's the best riding HT I have ever owned.

Burgtec Penthouse Flats Mk3 Pedal with Ti Axle

“The best DH/Heavy duty”


The Good: These are the best pedals I have ever had for DH. Big platform and good size/number of pins means your feet do not come off even without 510's. Very reliable and come in probably the widest range of colours.

The Bad: Nothing at all

Overall Review: The Price sounds alot but when I think about how good they are and how long they have lasted compared to other pedals I have had then it doesn't seem so much. I have had my burgtec's 4 yrs now and they have had a hard life. for comparrison I had a set of Crank Brothers 50/50s and they lasted 3 months and weren't ridden anywhere near as hard.

Shimano PD-MX30 Flat Pedal

“Standard Shimano”


The Good: Reliable, easy to service and reasonable weight. Good size platform with plenty of grip once the pins have been swapped out for the long ones which are suplied with the pedal.

The Bad: Nothing really bad I did snap an axcel on my first set but that was after 1 and a half years of DH and some big huck to flats. Perhaps a little thick for some and they come with the short pins in and have to swap them out for the long ones which are provided in the box.

Overall Review: Excellent when you consider the price, Standard shimano product really not the lightest but very durable and works exactly as it should.

Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal

“Worst pedals I've had!”


The Good: Errr colours

The Bad: Bearings wore out quicker than any pedals I've had before. Axles constantly became loose (nearly every ride) and eventually after about 3 months would not tighten up. Grip from the platform was also poor compared to the pedals i have on my other bikes possibley due to the steped design.

Overall Review: Do not buy a set of these pedals. I have DX flats, Burgtec penthouse flats and DMR Vaults these are all far superior to the Crank Brothers and are a simalar price and far more durable and much grippier.

Specialized Pitch Comp Bike

“Ride it all bike”


The Good: It compensates well for a rider lacking finesse! Confident. More than the sum of its parts. Great fun.

The Bad: It can't work miracles! Suspension has workman like damping and control.

Overall Review: It climbs up steep mountain passes, descends like a demon, handles rock strewn trails, bogs, drops, slabs and a fair few knocks. If you haven't for 4 grand for a 4 grand bike and can accept some compromises this will do everything the same. Slack head is great for the drops and the seat tube is steep enough for the climbs. The kit isn't fancy but incremental upgrades will only improve it. I've had mine almost a year and the bottom bracket, hubs and freewheel have succumb to bogs, rivers, rain and mud. Its showing some battle scars but the finish is holding up well.