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2014 Cannondale Jekyll 3 Bike

“Cannondale Jekyll 3”


The Good:

Stiff, Rails corners, Bombs Downhill

The Bad:

Slightly Heavy, Steepish Head angle

Overall Review: Let me start off by saying this is a very good enduro/trail bike. I have owned and ridden other bikes like the commencal meta and the trek remedy, this is a better bike than both. I was able to take this bike to Sedona, AZ and put it on the roughest trails the area has to offer and it seemed to never flex and absorb a lot of the challenging terrain. It holds its line very well but I would say it requires more rider input, than other bikes, to get the bike to hook up. Some people seem to worry about the pull shock reliability but from my personal experience it has been bullet proof. I have owned the bike for over a year and Read More »
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Vital MTB member Dro13
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Fox Racing Rampage Full Face Helmet

“Comfy bulk”


The Good:

It is quite comfortable. Goggles, at least my smith ones fit well with it. It is not too hot, and it looks great! I will also add that it is INCREDIBLY protective.

The Bad:

The visor does not go high enough, but that is not really important. I just like to only see the very tip of my visor, but in the end, It's just fashion. Also, it is a tad bit heavy, but completely worth it for the amount of protection.

Overall Review: Definately a sturdy helmet. Its very comfy, and looks great. One tip would be to go up a size higher than you think you need, because in my opinion, it is sized a bit small. If you are looking for an ultralight lid, then you might want to check out something else, but if you don't mind a little extra weight and want to have a comfy head, then check this out. It is highly affordable, and looks great! Also, it is very safe. I recently had a crash that shattered my collarbone and sent me cartwheeling several yards, but I hardly felt anything on my head. A couple week later I was looking at my gear from the Read More »
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Vital MTB member Betterthanyou
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Bell Drop Full Face Helmet

“Best option for riders on a budget”


The Good:

Awesome protection, good looking, low weight, price

The Bad:

The regulations of the visor are too short

Overall Review: The drop is a helmet with a very good fit, the padding is confortable and easily removable to wash. The weight is very low for a composite helmet, and it's easy to forget that you have your helmet on after a few minutes. A good helmet overall if you don't want to spend a lot of money in an expensier one
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Vital MTB member nehuen93
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Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet

“Great helmet”


The Good:

Looks sweet, fits perfect, nice features, light weight

The Bad:

Kinda pricy, but you pay for what you get

Overall Review: Buy it, it's worth it its a super nice helmet also you get a sweet helmet bag too
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Vital MTB member ericdiehl
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SixSixOne Comp II Full Face Helmet

“Great Budget Lid”


The Good:

Very good value, very light and comfortable, not bad looking, good for a first full face.

The Bad:

Feels less protective than more expensive helmets and therefore less confidence inspiring.

Overall Review: This is a good helmet for someone who doesn't ride downhill a lot or is just getting into it and doesn't want to spend a fortune right off the bat. When you build up skills and speed and start doing bigger jumps/drops it starts to feel a little inadequate however. I had this helmet for nearly a year and then changed to a D3.
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Vital MTB member blinddannyjohnson
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T.H.E. T2 Composite Full Face Helmet

“Good DH lid.”


The Good:

Reasonably light for composite, good price for the quality of product, removable inner padding for washing, really really good looking.

The Bad:

Could have bigger, or maybe a few more vents, gets quite hot.

Overall Review: Best fully I've owned. Much lighter than previous fullys I've had. Can get a bit hot though... Makes a good change from all the guys wearing D2's & D3's, and is just as good I'd say.
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Vital MTB member The Shark
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Royal 2014 Domain Pants

Vital Review

“Tested: Royal Racing Domain Pant - For When Conditions Get Gnarly”

by AJ Barlas Jeans for biking? Let's start with a confession: I wear jeans almost religiously. I have no idea how it started, but pretty much on a daily basis I rock denim. Denim to lounge in, work in, dig in, when riding the pumptrack, dirt jumps and cruising the streets. When it gets warm I rock cut jeans. Simply put, I'm not at all adverse to donning the material in order to cover my legs. So why not ride downhill (or freeride) in a pair of jeans? To be honest, even though I'm clearly a big fan, I never thought jeans had a place in the woods on the bike. Curious about the Royal Racing Domain Pant—a waterproof, Read More »
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Vital MTB member ardor
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SixSixOne Comp II Full Face Helmet

“Affordable protection that works”


The Good:

Great bang for the buck. Nice lid for the guy just starting out in the freeride/dh world. Pretty light and fits really well. Oakley goggles fit great with it.

The Bad:

You get what you pay for. After my few first runs, the visor adjustment screw came off and the visor kept flopping around, basically blinding me at times. Duct taped it back into place and it works better now than it did. Venting isn't all that great and I'm not too fond of the D-ring set up, plus it would be nice to have removable cheek pads to wash. I'm not overly fond of the huge 661 logo on the side, but that's just personal preference. These features don't come at this price point.

Overall Review: Overall, this helmet is great for the price and the guy that doesn't want to drop his shorts for a full face. It does what it says it will and it'll leave you money for beer after those shuttle runs.
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Vital MTB member Dr.B
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Giro Remedy CF Full Face Helmet

“Excellent Helmet, poor sizing”


The Good:

Has all you need, for a good price.

The Bad:

What if your not small medium or large?

Overall Review: I am a bit of a baller on a budget, and after riding non carbon for 4 years i decided to upgrade, and immediately decided on the Remedy because of its iconic image. So many people have ridden the remedy and for good reason, its light, durable, and breathes quite well. I have had some long days with this on my head, and its the type of helmet you dont feel the need to take off going up every run. Also for me, the clip is much better than the D loop, i find that a hassle and the clip is all you need to keep it on. Also great fit for a wide range of goggles. The only issue i have with this helmet is the Read More »
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Vital MTB member PaulsBikeFlies
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2013 Giant Trance X 29er 2 Bike

“Climbing and decending machine”


The Good:

Climbs like a beast, descends like beast, comfortable geometry, solid stock tires, cheap price point.

The Bad:

stock wheels are heavy, x7 front derailleur is shit and x5 rear isn't much better

Overall Review: I want to start off by saying that if you are looking for a bike that will do everything at under $2000 this is the bike for you. I have had this bike for 7 months now and have about 600 hard miles on it. I have had only one issue and that was the x7 front derailleur getting so out of whack it had to be replaced, but sram sent me a new upgraded x7 model for free and I haven't had a problem since. As for the riding experience this bike provides, it will do equally as well on a long steep climb as it will on a easier DH trail. I have ridden everything from the slick rock of Sedona and Moab to the high alpine trails of Read More »
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Vital MTB member FlagAZrider
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