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Latest Product Reviews


Kenda Small Block 8 Tire

“best tire for dirt jumping!!!”


The Good: grips amazingly and is great on street

The Bad: cant think of anything yet

Overall Review: Amazing tire for dirt jump and street, and its not to pricy

Maxxis Ardent Tire

“Pro Racing's Honesty”


The Good: Rolls Fast
Super tough Sidewalls (DH Casing)
Tons of grip if you can dig in
Lean it and GRIP

The Bad: Transitional knobs don't exists...
No grip on hard pack trails with small marble like dust when initiating cornering

Overall Review: I have run through two sets of these tires. I run the DH casing 60a. The 60a compound lasts incredibly well and still gives tons of grip. These tires won't benefit much from a softer compound because their specialty is digging in and getting bite. They roll super well and will have you keeping up with wierwolf clad XCers. As long as you can lean your bike over and dig into the terrain you're riding on these are going to be some of the best tires you could possibly ever run. However, if you can't dig into the soil and you're on hardpack summer condition trails with no loam or duff or gravel these aren't the tires for you. If you Read More »

iXS Sinister II BC Elite Jacket

Featured Review

“IXS Sinister”


The Good: Waterproof, windproof and breathable; Looks great; Price; Lightweight; Packs up small

The Bad: Occasionally breathability, especially on the arms; Smallish hood

Overall Review: First of all, this is my only jacket. Therefore, it has to do everything, from its primary use in mountain biking, to going to the pub, the occasional cold or wet road ride, walking, trail building and nipping to the shops if its pissing with rain. I own the black version and it actually looks really smart, a lot nicer than the brown one appears in the picture above. I set out to buy a soft-shell, as I dislike the feel of a hard shell and prefer to be able to wear a jacket over a t-shirt, a bit more like a jersey than an outdoor garment. It needed to not only work in a mountain environment, where Read More »

SRAM X.0 Rear Derailleur

“Carbon/metal goodness”


The Good: Light, flawless shifting, looks amazing

The Bad: Price but you get what you pay for

Overall Review: After years of riding Shimano derailleurs I had the opportunity to finally ride a SRAM unit as it came on my slope bike. Simply looking at this derailleur you can see the quality and beautiful craftsmanship; this is almost more a piece of art than a bicycle component. There is something about that metal open cage and the carbon together that come together to create an amazing looking and performing derailleur. I ran a 1x9 configuration and have no issues once it was setup, the shifting was flawless in all types of conditions, it didn’t matter if the derailleur was covered in dust or full of mud and even snow, it shifted Read More »

WTB LaserDisc Super Duty Rear Hub

Featured Review

“No frills hubs that get the job done”


The Good: Durable and strong

The Bad: Hub engagement is not as instant as with some of the higher end hubs such as Industry Nine, King...etc

Overall Review: There seems to be some mixed reviews about these hubs but I’ve had mine for over two years now and they still work like new with no real maintenance being done on them this whole time. Some of the negative feedback is surrounding the play that can sometimes start within the axle/bearings but mine are still smooth with no friction and no play. I’ve used these in variable conditions including mud and snow and there has been no impact to performance. These came stock on my bike and although I do admit they would not have been my first choice for hubs they have not caused any issues so there is no reason to Read More »

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey

“TLD and it doesn't look like pijamas”


The Good: TLD Quality, the jersey breathes really well for a long sleeve

The Bad: Nothing so far

Overall Review: I’ve been a fan of TLD gear for a long time but it seems lately that a lot of their kits are crazy flashy or looks like pyjama outfits. Luckily TLD have the Sprint Jersey, still has all the quality and features of the TLD lineup but without all the piercing colors. The jersey is really well constructed and offers a micro mesh on arms and lower body which you can really notice on the warm days. The logos on the jersey are also rubberized which means they will last ride after ride and after numerous washings. Overall a  jersey is a jersey but this one looks cool and breathes really well, you get the TLD quality minus the color explosion of some of the other kits in the line up.

Troy Lee Designs D2 Carbon Full Face Helmet

“Quality and Stylish Lid”


The Good: Quality, Styling....the carbon looks sweet

The Bad: Is a bit pricey, can get a bit hot on warm days

Overall Review: With the introduction of the D3 helmet, the D2 has kind of gone into the shadows and it’s easy to forget that for a long time this was THE helmet to beat. The nice thing about the D2 is that is still comes with the TLD quality and styling but a lot cheap than the newer D3. I purchased the carbon D2 right before the D3 was released and for the past couple of years the helmet has treated me well. The first thing I noticed about the carbon D2 was how light it is and the stylish graphics on the lid. I like the addition of the helmet bag that comes with the lid, if you’re spending this much money on the Read More »

Maxxis Ardent Tire

“Great DH/Freeride Tire”


The Good: Price, works well in most conditions and less rolling resistance than most DH tires

The Bad: Kind of sketchy in the mud but that could just be my lack of skill

Overall Review: After a couple of seasons of using the Maxxis Minions I thought I would try something new, the reason for the change was mostly due to price of the Minions and also how quickly the sticky rubber wore out. Don’t get me wrong, the Minions are a great DH tire especially if you are a racer but for me I wanted something a little more durable and less expensive. I stumbled upon the Adrents at JensonUSA and they were on clearance for $20, couldn’t go wrong with that price and after riding on them for a couple of months now I can say that they were a sweet deal for a great all around performing tire. I purchased the 2.6 size which I was a Read More »

Shimano Saint Hydraulic Disc Brake

Featured Review

“Powerful and consistent stoppers”


The Good: Powerful in all conditions, durable and quality built. Bleeding them is a breeze

The Bad: Perhaps weight compared to some of the new SRAM stuff especially with the carbon levers and they are pricey ( but you get what you pay for)

Overall Review: I've been running the Saint brakes for 2 seasons now and have had no issues whatsoever. As most reviews mention, these brakes have a crap load of power and I totally agree. These brakes definitely give you a bit extra confidence coming into corners fast or letting off the brakes on steep sections as you can be confident that when you dab the brake the stopping power will be there. This extra power also helps a lot with arm pump, by only needing one finger to use the brake it really reduces the amount of arm pump – at least it does for me. I’ve ridden Whistler on Hayes brakes and then on the Saints and the difference Read More »

FOX 40 FIT RC2 Fork

Featured Review

“The Staple DH Fork”


The Good: 1)Stiffness
2)Highly Adjustable
4)Race Support

The Bad: 1)Spring rattle
2)You will cry when you scratch your Kashima coated stanchion.

Overall Review: Good: 1)The 40 is the stiffest of the DH forks available. This can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your weight, riding style, etc. Personally, I find this as an advantage. You can throw this fork where you want it in rocks. There is no noticeable flex. The fork does not wallow from side to side thru "gnar rox" like a Boxxer does. The stiffness can create a disadvantage in corners where you would want a little bit of flex to stop the front wheel from sliding out, but I don't notice it. I have heard some of my friends comment on this, however. 2)The 40 is extremely adjustable. I think a lot of people Read More »